1. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition Walkthrough Overview

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Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for Dandara, a unique Metroidvania by the indie developer Long Hat House.

In Dandara, the floor is glue. You cannot freely move and instead travel through the world by "leaping" to specific sections of ground without the effects of gravity.

There are 20 achievements in this single-player game that require completing the game over multiple playthroughs with the following conditions:

  • having opened all chests and fully explored the map
  • having explored less than 75% of the map
  • having opened fewer than 35% of the chests
  • in less than 1h 17m

The bulk of the walkthrough is a comprehensive playthrough where you do everything - open all chests, explore the whole map, and then complete the game. Subsequent playthroughs can be handled as you see fit, but I suggest doing a minimal playthrough where you only take the required path through the game (exploring less than 75% of the map and opening fewer than 35% of the chests), then work on the speedrun which may take multiple attempts as you iron out kinks in an optimized, shortened path through the game.

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