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    Danger zone is a game inspired by classic burnout crash modes. Created by developers who have previously worked on the burnout franchise, this idea of a ‘crash mode’ game would be a terrific idea. To take control of a vehicle and cause as much mayhem in a well populated area is a fun game idea. So that was why i was inclined to purchase it.

    Now before i will get deep into with review, i would like to point out that i will be comparing this to previous burnout crash modes as the game was marketed as a “Classic burnout crash mode”, banking on the nostalgia factor. Now with that out of the way lets dig in!

    Now the basis of this game is to drive a vehicle into a junction and cause as much damage as possible as a dollar value. Pretty basic. The more damage you cause the more you can use the smashbreaker ability which allows you to explode causing more damage. The game takes this idea and plays with it, which is fun. Exploding from one side to another, picking up more smashbreaker tokens. The game relies on you using this ability to bounce and control the car in the air to push yourself to a closer intersection or to collect extra money pickups.

    Each level is different, ranging from 4 tiers, each with 8 levels plus a bonus tier of 8. As for variety of vehicles to choose from, well you get none. There are a total of 6 vehicles that the game offers. Each level has a predetermined car for it, no choice at all. Which is a shame and hinders the experience. The stages become more interesting as you proceed through the levels but it only gets creative towards the end. Burnout revenge offers more than this shell of a game.

    One thing i did take note of was the setting and overall theme of being a simulation. This theme is a good idea for a game about crashing cars. But I did find it rather annoying that falling off the roads resulted in a instant fail. The amount of times i would have an excellent run, only to be pushed off the edge of a road making me fail due to something out of my control.

    One of the biggest things this game is lacking of, is crash physics. Burnout 3 came out in 2004 and still has better physics. That’s a bold statement but considering this game came out in 2017 and has no crash physics whatsoever. Its a game about crashing cars! Now this may be a personally pet peeve but when GTA 3 is more satisfying to crash vehicles, than a game solely based on it, its kinda sad and lacklustre. I can acknowledge that budget may have been an issue but with out it, the game is not satisfying at all. All you do is bounce from one vehicle to another. Maybe it will change its texture to an exploded car, thats about it. Now the graphics are fine, I personally dont believe graphics make a better game (Better graphics do however compliment a game).

    Overall this game is fun for what it is and will give you the sense of nostalgia when playing it. But the game falls short of what it really is trying to achieve, especially without proper crash physics or variety of vehicles to choose from. It has so much potential to be something better. It would benefit greatly from communal content like being able to create and share crash junctions. I would recommend it, only if it goes a on sale.
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