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    Dante's Inferno is based on the Divine Comedy written by the 13th century poet Dante Alighieri. The poem itself is studied in many schools worldwide and is the perfect breeding ground for an epic adventure like the one of Inferno. So is the tale of Dante diving into hell after his beloved Betrice actually as cool as it sounds?

    - Contains Minor Spoilers -

    Story -
    Based on the story of Inferno from the Divine Comedy the game already had a well received literary notoriety and doesn't need much introduction. With the story of Inferno having actually invented the modern idea of Hell it is a surprise that no one has attempted to take this on as a premise before. It must be pointed out that many elements of the game have taken artistic license adding characters not mentioned within Inferno itself but in general remains true to the 14th century poem. At the beginning of the game there are breasts, sex and violence around every corner with a 50 foot topless Cleopatra giving birth to unbaptised babies from her right nipple... It is at this point you know your in for an awesome ride.
    As you journey through the circles of hell what was a very scattered story turns into a very well constructed story with cut scenes into 80's style cartoons explaining why this is Dante's version of hell. The story really begins to tie itself together towards the end as what you previously thought to be random mentions suddenly have a place in the well constructed tale of woe.
    Throughout the tale as you find sinners you find yourself drawn into their back stories to a point for many it will mean a decent read on Wikipedia just to get some more light on the influential people of the world before the 14th century and their sins.
    In the end it is a story that doesn't draw you in until the end where it ties up neatly and the just want the sequel, which if The Divine Comedy is anything to go by we will see at least 2 more.

    Game play -
    The game play is very similar to that of the God of War series, almost too much so. It is a button masher in every sense of the word. You have a choice to go on a Holy or Unholy path with no moral consequence with either side you choose to go to, maxing out either side will grant you an achievement meaning at least 2 playthroughs for 100%. Difficulty wise there is no consequence to play on easy achievement wise so you can settle in for a very easy journey from the beginning if your more after the achievement points.
    At the very beginning of the game you have control of both your weapons, scythe stolen from Death and a Cross from Betrice. The cross is a projectile weapon and while seemingly useless to those hack and slashers if you take the good path it becomes so powerful the scythe is rendered next to useless.
    The game is very linear and you cannot really head off the beaten track in anyway, doors close behind you pushing you ever forward, and a checkpoint system that not only doesn't punish you but in fact heals you back to full health and mana if you die more than 3 times.
    Replay wise there is a bit here for a second play through. If you miss some of those collector achievements it isn't a case of breaking down because the game offers a New Game+ style system where you can start a new game retaining all your stats and items meaning it will be an absolute breeze on your second time through. On your first play your looking at about 8 hours and on your second about 3 hours, so about 11 hours for 100% on your achievements.

    Sound -
    The music and effects of Dante's Inferno blend so well you don't miss a beat. The musical score constantly sets a heavy tone for the game not once taking away from the story in a jovial fashion. Without changing the settings though at times you will have the voices drained out by sound effects and miss what little dialogue the game has. Overall on a surround sound system the game responds well but doesn't utilize the rear speakers much and at times in cut scenes the front speaker can be quite low in volume meaning if you don't have subtitles on your looking at missing out on lines in the dialogue.

    Graphics -
    Graphically Dantes Inferno delivers while it's still hot. The first cut scene and the subsequent hi def cut scenes are awe inspiring bringing to feel a sense of real actors. The characters are all captured by motion suits, and after beating the game you can see a little video on how the motion capture was used for the controversial unbaptised baby. There are really no moments in Dantes Inferno where you look at it and scoff at a poor attempt of graphical display.
    Colour and contrast wise it is kept dark and bright red with the flames of hell constantly burning. Each circle of Hell is given it's own tone and really gives you a sense of each one without detracting from the others.

    Overall -
    The tale of Dante trying to rescue his beloved from the hands of Lucifer is a thrill ride you won't really want to put down. If you are a fan of the God of War series you will love this from start to end. Achievement wise your not looking at a very hard task, just a little patience but hopefully an enjoyable one, not just grinding for points. With a new multi player system also heading for the game at the end of April 2010 it may breath some life into the game and boost it that little bit more. It is a enjoyable game from start to end with everything a hot blooded male (and some females) like. All I can recommend is giving the Inferno a quick read over if you think you can enjoy a poem from the 14th century and you may be able to have a laugh at a few things you may overlook like Lucifer frozen in a lake of his own tears.

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    14 Feb 2010 07 Apr 2011
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    -Spoiler Free-

    Have you ever wanted to play God of War, but, for whatever reason, didn't? Perhaps you were short on cash, or you're a fanboy who hates Sony. Well, now you can play a clone that lacks the polish and general finesse of the God of War series. I shouldn't have to tell you that this game is *Loosely* based on the book, or rather, poem, the Divine Comedy. But that's enough about that, if you want an accurate telling of the book, read it, or have someone read it to you.

    Almost everything about this game is ripped directly from the God of War series. From the magic to the combat to the quick time events. All function and feel like God of War. Now, if you copy everything about a great game, chances are, you'll have a decent game. This is the case for Dante's Inferno. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for by way of gameplay.

    That's not to say that everything about this title unoriginal. Hell - And it's wicked denizens - are all designed quite well. Some are disturbing, some are incredibly disturbing(I'm looking at you, Lust.) Hell looks the way you'd expect Hell to look. It is easily my favorite interpretation of Hell thus far. Unfortunately, exploring Hell is quite a bit less fun. There were numerous platforming sections in the game where the camera was the death of me. Yes, this game suffers from that age old classic that has made gamers want to pull their hair out from the start - Terrible, uncontrollable camera. Namely, at one point, I was forced to swing from a pillar to a rope surrounded by nothing but air. The camera was back, upwards, and behind my shoulder, making depth perception the bane of my existence. I failed this miserable part so many times, and unfortunately, any changes you make, including collecting collectibles prior to dying, will be lost. So this little bit which should've taken a total of 2 minutes, took roughly 20.

    The gameplay - As ripped from God of War - is, as you'd expect, good. But as I said, it does lack polish. I never noticed any framerate drops, and everything is quite fluid. You can choose to level up Dante by punishing your foes, or absolving them of their sins. Each time you punish or absolve a foe, you will gain unholy experience or holy experience respectively. The holy tree focuses on attacks with Dante's cross, while the Unholy tree strengthens Dante's Scythe. Unfortunately, no matter which way you level up, you'll get one or two powers that are quite overpowered, and you'll end up exclusively using these powers for the rest of the game. This eliminates any form of strategy to be had. At least, on the lower difficulties. If you want strategy, you've gotta play on the hardest difficulty. This isn't a slight enemy damage increase, either, the game goes from treacherously easy to "The only reason I'm playing this game is for the achievement." And by the way, there are no difficulty related achievements.

    The boss fights, like God of War, mix visceral quick time events with non-stop action. Also like God of War, the boss fights are very good. Most of them require interesting strategies, but you're not gonna be wracking your brain trying to figure out how to kill one. The monstrous size of the bosses and unique strategies for killing them, coupled with the magnificent art design, make them the best thing about this game.

    In addition to be able to level up your holy and unholy powers, across your journey through Hell, you'll find relics. Relics can modify Dante's abilities in interesting ways, from simply strengthening his scythe or powering up his cross, to turning your evade into an attack, or giving you passive mana regeneration.. And that brings us to the magic. The magic, again, works exactly like God of War. As you play, you'll unlock new magic, but these suffer from the same things that hold the combat back - Polish. Most magic, when you get it, is completely worthless until you level it up. It just wastes your mana. Upon leveling it up, it'll kill everything on screen in a single hit. There's no middle ground here, if you want that, you've gotta play on the higher difficulties.

    The graphics look good, from far away, at least. Nothing to write home about, but they're certainly not bad. When the game's camera zooms in, or a cutscene takes place, the graphics get noticeably worse. The game, however, does make heavy use of CGI - Like a certain other action adventure game - this makes the storytelling a bit more interesting, and far less ugly.

    The achievements are pretty straightforward in this game. Almost all of them can be earned in a single playthrough, but there are some collectible achievements. I can't speak for any other achievement than the Virgil commentaries, but if you miss even a single one of those, you've gotta play the entire game over again to get the achievement. The rest of the achievements are pretty easy.

    All in all, the game is fun, but it won't last you long, and there's really nothing there to make you want to playthrough again, except for the possible missed achievement. If you're the type of person that doesn't give two s***s about achievements, you'll play it, finish it in roughly eight or so hours, and move on.
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    18 Feb 2010
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    Dante's Inferno was born from what is considered to be one of the greatest pieces of world literature, a 14th century poem called the Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri. It depicts the medieval world view of hell, the place you will descend to for eternity should you commit these sins in your mortal life. And what a beautifully crafed and disturbing hell it is.

    The game is a hack n slash. Not by any means my favourite genre as often they tend to become repetitive and boring. This however, is the best hack and slash I have played. It is a very short game but keeps up a stunning pace throughout as you descend into hell. The first few levels are outstanding, visually delightful and pleasingly disturbing. This game is an 18 all the way and I was actually shocked by some of the scenes in the level lush(in a good way!). An excellent interpretation of hell and as dark as it comes. Each circle of hell is individually defined and feels different. Most have excellent boss battles and looks so good in HD.

    The game has a levelling up system in which you can choose a holy or unholy path. There are several 'shades' in the game who you can punish or absolve. I enjoyed this part as in my first play though I made my own moral judgement or whether these souls deserved to be saved or not. They are all real historic people who have committed sins and are therefore found on your path through hell. The path doesn't effect any part of the game though, just the moves you have and both paths are easily maxed giving you a few new combo's. Real time action sequences are used often and to good effect. This game concentrated on visuals rather than game play but the game play is still very good and remained fun throughout with just enough variety to it. Any game where you can shoot crosses through demons or rip them a part with death's scythe can't be bad can it?

    You can also equip relics you find along the way to customise your powers which is a nice touch but not used much by me as found the game easy. I used them mainly to help with maximising my experience for achievements.

    The voice acting is good and overall sound really makes you feel like you have descended to hell. Throughout the game you will constantly hear the screams of the damned souls who lie in hell, and constant visions of ongoing torture, impaled bodies and trapped souls in demon walls. It was perfect to play on valentines day smile.

    The game has very easy achievements, a bit too easy in my opinion and this shortened it's lifespan for me. All can be done on easy and they lack imagination. beat the game and all you have left is collectables or possibly levelling up if you haven't maxed out your character. There is nothing very challenging about getting the whole 1,000 game score and took me 2 plays and about 13 hours in all.

    This is not a game you will keep coming back to and you are unlikely to be playing it for more than a few weeks. It's still very much worth trying, though I'd say rent as it is a good short story and keeps you entertained why it lasts, . I didn't feel like I've had enough of this game until I had just finished it so from that view it is a good length.

    Awesome..... while it lasts
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    Hey Smokin' Gamer back again with another (Somewhat) Quick Review. Now I review each game in six parts: STORY, GAMEPLAY, MUSIC/SOUND, GRAPHICS, REPLAY VALUE, and PRICE VALUE. I grade each area on a 1-10 scale (10=masterpiece, 5=average as average can be, 1=horrendous/unplayable).

    ]DANTE'S INFERNO: EA is without a doubt one of the biggest publishers in gaming. They own countless successful franchises. They also got a reputation of being shallow-don't-give-a-crap-about-the-gamer company. That was until recently when they started releasing critically acclaimed and even groundbreaking games like Mass Effect, Spore, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, and the Battlefield: Bad Company series. They have also gone with the mentality "if you can't buy them, rip them off". That is the case with Dante's Inferno, an obvious God of War clone. But is that a bad thing? Let's find out as we hack n' slash our way through God of W...I'm mean Dante's Inferno (obvious joke).

    STORY: Now in all my reviews, I never talk about any spoilers from the games story, but here are the basics. Dante was a soldier in the Crusades and when he returned home he found his whole family murdered including his lover Beatrice. We he approaches her, her soul is taken by...well...the Devil and he drags her down Hell. Of course Dante follows and now he has to go through the different layers of Hell to get her back. I did like how each sin had different enemies that related to that sin. But the story all together was very so-so. There is going to be a lot of comparisons to God of War (which is almost impossible not to) so get ready. It really was like they took God of War's story, change the characters and setting, but saved the same type of plot twist. I didn't hate the story, but it was a little lacking. Now I do believe very few games have what I would call a great story and I find it just a-ok if all the story really does is to set up the gameplay. In short, the story is decent, but you won't be blown away like you where while playing Mass Effect or Bioshock.

    (STORY: 7.5/10)

    GAMEPLAY: It's just like God of War...let me repeat myself...it's just like God of War. Now this is not a bad thing. Back in 2008 E.A. released another "rip-off" game called Dead Space. Long story short, the gameplay was Resident Evil 4 (or 5), but with "run n' gun". And you know what? Dead Space was my favorite game of 2008 (yea I liked it better than Fallout 3…until I REALLY started playing Fallout 3 and…well that’s another story). My point is, if a game is going to "rip-off" another game, than they better do a good job of it. With Dante, the gameplay seems somewhat unbalanced. It seems there can be a bit too long platforming sections with a little bit of combat thrown in. Now this only really seems to happen in the middle of the game, but to me that's where things should be starting to pick up. As for the rest of the gameplay, it's your regular hack n' slash game with combo upgrades, special abilities, quick time events, and good size boss fights (but is it just me or was the last boss kind of...lame). I know I may sound like I'm trashing this game, but I actually had a really good time playing it. All together, the game does offer some very fun gameplay, but can get a tad dull at times
    (GAMEPLAY: 8/10)

    GRAPHICS: In this game, Hell looks pretty good. All the damned souls moving in the wall was impressive and of course there were some nice gory visuals. By the way, what was up with those Lust demons? Were those spike thingys really coming out of their evil “baby shooters”? Of course the cut scenes have the best graphics (and they actually look really good) and the gameplay looks nice and runs pretty smooth. However there was an outcry of gamers who felt the game’s T.V. advertisement was misleading with the graphical representation. I never thought of this as an issue. The game looks great for the most part, but there was some times where I thought "looks good, but I think God of War (the original Ps2 version, not the updated HD version) looks just as good". The game does look better than most games on the market, but not by too much.

    (GRAPHICS: 7.5/10)

    SOUND/MUSIC: Once again, having 5.1 optical audio really does enhance the experience. It was pretty cool hearing all the moans and crying coming out of all the different speakers. The soundtrack does its job and that's pretty much it. Once again nothing really stands out as "epic", but it was all done very well.

    (SOUND/MUSIC: 8/10)

    REPLAY VALUE: Well this is a one player game with no multiplayer, so the replay value is a little lacking. It's a somewhat short game being anywhere from a 7-9 hour campaign. Achievements most of the time help in this type of situation, but there's no achievements for playing the game on higher difficulties. Pretty much playing the game on easy would unlock the same exact achievements as playing the game on the hardest setting. There is DLC available, Dark Forest Pack, for 400ms points. It's a very short prequel level with a "Disco Inferno" costume, but I think it's still worth the $5. There are some achieveos that you more than likely won't get on your first play through, but you'll be close to the full 1000gs before having to play a third time. The developers did release a multiplayer/create-your-own arena DLC, but to be honest I don't think I would ever use it.

    (REPLAY VALUE: 6/10)

    PRICE VALUE: This game is barely two months old, so you will be paying the usual $60 for a new copy or around $50 for a used. Is it worth it? Well to be honest, this game was a birthday present for me so I paid $0. But IF I had paid $50-$60 for it, I would be a little upset. The game, like so many others, would be just fine for the $30-$40 price mark (and sell more copies). Mark my words, before the end of summer, this game will be $40 or under. Remember Mirror's Edge (another very good, but not good enough for $60 game)? So if you can find it under the $40 mark I would say go for it. But anything more than that I would say buyer beware!!! UPDATE: The game has gone way down in price ($15-$20 new, $10 used). I do believe the game is worth that price.

    (PRICE VALUE: 6.5/10)

    (Overall: 7.5/10)

    Well that's it for Dante's Inferno. If you liked this review be sure to check out my other ones: Resident Evil 5, Grand Theft Auto 4, Bioshock 2 (plus DLC), Mega Man 10, Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Terminator: Salvation, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, Call of Duty 3, and The Walking Dead.
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    I have tormented for days on whether to write a review for this game. There is so much that can be said about this game but to start of I will just say a good start.

    I have read comments and reviews from other sites comparing this game to God of War I am not naive to the similarities but if we are to judge a game based on another then why would we ever play sequels. If this is the sole sticking point to a game why play God of War 2. Why play any game because they are all in essence a reiteration of something else. Every few millenium comes a truly new game experience. Lets not forget the arguement that why would a 360 owner care if Dante's Inferno is similiar to God of War-it is not available on 360 and no self respecting 360 owner would have a P3(feel free to give positive vote after reading that line).

    What was good -
    Seriously though, the combat is great and down right fun. Some of the character animation are disgustingly good to see(Lucifer aside). The story is captivating and shows some promise. Dante's combinations are sick. I like the powerups that he is given. Without giving away to much there were a few point in the combat and cut scenes that had me say "Wow". The mirrors were cool. Game that let me choose what to do always get a push in the ratings column

    What needs improving -
    The story seems to be somewhat disjointed and the game seems to never really develop. On the other side of that it seems as if the developer ended the game before they intended. Could use some more puzzles. Choices dont effect the overall game.

    What I hated -
    Really do I need to see Lucifer in all his masculine glory. That was a bit much for me to deal with. On this point I could elaborate to no end. This just seemed so random and not necessary. This maybe a small sticking point but this was for sure the thing I hated the most about this game.

    Bottom Line -
    Good rental or gamefly if you have it. I would not suggest buying this title unless you are a big fan of creating your own levels to play with and share with your friends. But as of time of this review this option is not available yet.
    15 Feb 2010
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    Buen juego, la calidad de los graficos estan justo donde deberian estar en cuanto al control muy responsibo y la capacidad de hacer combos le da mucha mas gracia y movimiento.

    Se incluye tambien las reliquias y los movimientos especiales, los cuales logran mayor apertura a la hora de ejecutar los combos.

    Tal vez no sea tan largo y bueno como el god of war pero la verdad es que es un aire fresco dentro de tantos juegos en la XBOX 360.

    Cosas Positivas

    -Buen Control
    - Reliquias y Combos
    - Buenos graficos y sonido
    - Simplicidad

    Cosas Negativas

    - Duracion (muy corto)
    - Solo tiene la guadaña como arma

    Recomiendo este juego grandemente.