Dante's Inferno Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Hints and Tips.

Below is a list of bullet points that summarise the previous page.

  • Make sure you download the Free Soul Pack from the Downloadable Content section of the Main Menu. You gain 500 Souls to start off with.
  • Save often, and in different slots. I personally saved in a different slot upon entering every circle of hell and that way I was able to reload if I got to the end of the circle and found I'd missed a collectable.
  • Play on Classic, unless you want a challenge.
  • Keep a record of all the Shades, Judas Coins, Beatrice Stones and Relics you collect, just so you can make sure you've got everything.
  • When it comes to absolving a Shade, you’ll play a mini-game that will make you collect sins, prompting certain buttons to be pressed when sins pass over them. You will be granted bonus souls depending on how many sins are captured. If you don’t catch any sins, the absolution will fail and the shade will disintegrate. This will invalidate the achievement The Damned (shown below) and you will have to reload an earlier save.

The Damned

Punish or absolve all 27 shades of The Inferno

The Damned
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  • Level up Dante as you wish, even if it is recommended to focus on one path per playthrough. The game won't penalise you for playing how you want to.
  • You will need 2 playthroughs as stated before, in order to max out the Holy/Unholy paths. If you can absolve/punish as many enemies as possible, you'll progress a lot quicker. In order to absolve/punish an enemy, you must grab them with your scythe by pressing cn_RT and then you can Absolve cn_X or Punish cn_B accordingly. You will not take damage while you are absolving/punishing enemies. There are some enemies you cannot punish, and you'll learn soon enough which ones they are. You cannot absolve/punish any of the bosses.
  • In regards to the Holy/Unholy paths, I will not be telling you what to purchase in the trees as you progress. There is a page dedicated to the paths so you can decide what would be best to purchase before other abilities. Either way, you need to purchase all abilities on both paths for 100% completion.
  • Save playing Gates of Hell until you are fully maxed out in the Holy and Unholy paths. Even though you can complete it without having both maxed out, you'll find it easier in the long run.
  • As with the story, play Gates of Hell and Dark Forest DLC on Classic. Difficulty does not matter, and you'll complete it quicker.
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