Dante's Inferno Walkthrough

5. Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell is an arena where you have to face 50 waves of enemies, who increase in difficulty. Play this once you've completed your Holy and Unholy Paths, so you have everything at maximum level. Below are a list of pointers to help with completing it effectively.

  • You start off with 5 minutes.
  • Play on Classic difficulty, there's no need to play on anything higher.
  • Equip the following relics:
    -Tristan's Desire
    -Ciacco's Bile (These 2 improve magic use.)
    -Lord's Blessing
    -Medusa's Call (These 2 improve cross use.)
  • These, along with the Holy upgrade "Holy Devastation", make your cross powerful. Use the "Sins of the Father" magic as soon as each wave starts, and then spam cn_B for massive amounts of damage.
  • Use your Scythe for disposing Heretics, as they're the only enemy who can't be taken out effectively with your cross.
  • If you die, you will have to start from the beginning.
  • You'll receive time bonuses for doing the following things:
    - Complete a wave: 30 seconds.
    - Do not get hit during a wave: 15 seconds.
    - Absolve/Punish an enemy: 5 seconds.

I found that I was able to finish the Gates of Hell arena with more than 10 minutes by the end of it, but it's possible to end with even more time on the clock.

Gates of Hell

Defeat all enemy waves in the Gates of Hell Arena

Gates of Hell
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