1. Dark Arcana: The Carnival Walkthrough overview

Dark Arcana: The Carnival is a point-and-click adventure from Artifex Mundi.

The puzzles in the game generally come in two forms. You explore the world looking for items to pick up and places to use them as is common in many such puzzle games. There are also hidden picture scenes where you have to find a set of items hidden in a complicated and cluttered scene. Every hidden picture scene can be bypassed by playing a game of Monaco instead.

To gather all of the achievements will require two full playthroughs as you have to complete every game of Monaco as well as completing the hidden picture puzzles.

There are also achievements which require you to finish Monaco and hidden object puzzles in less than a minute, solving puzzles without skipping or using hints, finding collectibles, and playing on the hardest difficulty (which really just limits the number of in-game hints and assistance you get).

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