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Title Screen

Introducing “Dark Grim Mariupolis”, a point'n'click adventure game set in a world, combining noir, Greek mythology, magic, mysticism, hopeless entourage of Greco-Roman Age of Decadence and stifling everyday routine. Encourage yourself and step into darkness… Enter Mariupolis, a dark place accompanied with confusing, strange music of no visible source. You are some sort of a detective, and therefore you need to investigate, but why? That’s the thing you’re going to find out… or, maybe not. Everything depends on you and the sudden whims of Pentaculus, a grim god stretching its hands out over the whole city. Investigate and solve puzzles, while resisting the dark and obscure grasp of Mariupolis, where the only things guarding you against its baneful influence are sarcasm and arrogance. And be aware – your hero might actually die.

-Credit goes to Microsoft for its lovely description.

The game is developed by Team Mariupolis and published by Xitilon. It was released on October 9, 2020. This game was part of the games that Microsoft forced Xitilon to revert the achievements back to the originals, so those of you that already played it, will likely need to play it again for the TUs. If you haven't played it before, you should be able to do just 1 playthrough and get all achievements in less than 1 hour.

A little bit about me - This is my first walkthrough. I played the 'easy' version of the base game, so if something doesn't seem right, shoot me a message on here, or Discord at Kaiteh#2266. I welcome constructive criticism.

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