Dark Souls

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Dark Souls Achievements

Most Earned

Enkindle15 (15)Light bonfire flame.
Estus Flask16 (15)Acquire Estus Flask.
Reach Lordran17 (15)Arrive in Lordran.
Covenant: Way of White21 (15)Discover Way of White covenant.

Least Earned

The Dark Soul181 (50)All achievements completed. Congratulations!
Knight's Honor89 (25)Acquire all rare weapons.
Prayer of a Maiden87 (25)Acquire all miracles.
Bond of a Pyromancer79 (25)Acquire all pyromancies.
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TA Playlist Podcast Episode 6 - Dark Souls

Our month of dying in Dark Souls has come to an end, and that means our latest episode of the TA Playlist Podcast is now ready for downloading or streaming. Click through to hear our thoughts -- and yours -- on the brutal game.

Posted 1 month ago by Mark Delaney, 19 comments

TA Playlist for September 2017, Dark Souls, Has Begun

Dark Souls won the September Playlist poll quite handily. It seems our community is either heroically unafraid or laughably naive. Either case should be fun. Come join us this month as we prepare to die together as a community.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 87 comments

TA Playlist Game for September 2017 Announced

Another poll has closed, and with it comes a new record for winning vote share among Playlist contenders. From Software's famously hard action-RPG, Dark Souls, is the star of September's community event. Prepare to die.

Posted 3 months ago by Mark Delaney, 142 comments

Vote Now for September 2017's TA Playlist Game

As we hit the midway point in our discussion regarding Life is Strange, it's time to look ahead to September. After lots of debate, here are the next four games from which the community can choose the next TA Playlist game.

Posted 3 months ago by Mark Delaney, 200 comments

How Hard is Hard?

Plenty of gamers aren't in pursuit of a challenge when it comes to their gaming, but for those who are, where do they find that challenge? Is there a universal understanding of difficulty that spans across all games?

Posted 9 months ago by Marc Hollinshead, 189 comments

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