Dark Souls II Walkthrough

14. The Gutter

The Gutter


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It is not necessary to loot this area. There is a Hex, but it is at the bottom of this area, before smashing the heart-shaped jars. If you would prefer to skip this area, scroll to the bottom of this page for a video guide to quickly pass through. If you would like to see all of the possible loot so that you can decide, click here.

Note that while Havel's Set is here, we cannot actually get it until we clear some of the next area.

If you're using a torch, make sure to light as many braziers as you can. These will light the area up and help with seeing.

Cross the first bridge, stick to the right or you'll fall into a room. As we approach the second bridge an enemy will be waiting- kill it and then continue along the ramp on your right. You'll be attacked by several hollows, so kill those and follow the next ramp. Look right about half-way up to see a hollow with a torch. Jump over to him and kill him.

Kill any other enemies that come at you, and then smash the nearby urn to find a corpse. Head to the opposite side of this platform to find a stone ldge just below. Drop down onto it, and then drop down onto the dirt platform below. Climb the ladder that's outside of this wooden structure. Look left and jump across to find a chest.

As you approach the chest you'll be invaded. She spawns on a wooden platform that you came from earlier. he can't reach us here, so loot the chest for a Soul Protect ring.

Look left, towards the structure we jumped from, to see a small ledge. Drop in and loot it for some Twinkling Titanite! Climb back up the ladder and you'll see the NPC across from you. Snipe her. Jump over to the chest, drop down to the dirt platform from earlier. Head toward the brazier (where we dropped down) and you'll see a wooden platform. Follow it along, smash the urns for a lifegem, and then drop off the end to find the bonfire we started at.

Rest if you need to, then head back across the bridge, kill the dog if it's there. Drop off at the end opposite of this bridge (there will be a brazier right next to a bridge). Be careful when you drop as there will be two poison statues behind you.

If you have a torch out you'll get a number of hollows come at you, and one exploder from the bridge.

Cross the bridge and head up the ladder to your left. Kill the two hollows and loot the chest. Go back down the ladder and deal with any remaining enemies and then head to the corner opposite of the bridge we crossed. Look down and you'll see a small ledge. Drop down.

There'll be a hollow just below you, so kill him and then drop again. Follow the wall around to the right and you'll be able to smash the urns inside. Loot the corpse that dropped out for Titanite.

Head back around to where we just dropped and enter the building. you'll land next to a hollow- so kill it. Loot the urns at the other side of the room, then drop onto the dirt ledge. You'll have a few hollows climb up at this point, so deal with them.

Follow the ledge up to find a ladder. Just beyond it is a chest with a Ring of the Evil Eye. Climb the ladder. At the top you will find two hollows and an exploder. Deal with them and then loot all the corpse-urns up here.

Climb up the next ladder to reach a zip-line. Grab hold and tilt your cn_LSu. On the other side will be a building. Drop into it carefully. Climb down both ladders, killing the enemies as we go. When you reach the bottom, head out the opening and look left. Loot the urns for a Dark Pyromancy Flame- this gets stronger the more hollowed you are.

Now head back into the room, up the ladders- all the way to the top. Drop down to the platform next to this one to find yourself at the bridge from earlier. Now cross it, and this time cross to the right. Climb the ladder and cross the bridge ahead.

Cross the next bridge, and then head into the cave. There will be a few hollows and a metal chest. Kill them and loot the chest. Exit, turn left, and drop down. Traverse the mist, take a few steps and head right. Ignore these three ladders and look right again to find some pots in the corner. There's a ladder there- so take that one.

Drop down the platforms until you find a chest. Loot it for a great club (also good with lightning infusion- better than the last club). Climb down the ladder on this platform to reach the floor.

Speed running? Click the spoiler! Stop when you reach the area with the heart shaped urns. That is where this guide finishes off.

Thanks to MMH for that speedrun.

With this ladder to your back, smash the urns that are over to your right for 20 lifegems. Head around the edge of the room until you reach some heart shaped urns, and continue past them. Smash the normal urns for a hex, then break the heart urns- be careful, as the goop inside damages your equipment.

Now continue through the gap, loot the corpse for a Fragrant Branch, and then carry on through the fog to enter Black Gulch.

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