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Xbox Game Pass losing five more games soon

It's that time again — bid a fond farewell to the latest batch of games set to leave Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks, including Dark Alliance, Limbo, Greedfall, and Darkest Dungeon.

Posted 3 months ago by Luke Albigés

All Xbox Game Pass games with Xbox Touch Controls

When Xbox Cloud Gaming launched last year, Microsoft announced Xbox Touch Controls for Minecraft Dungeons. Now, over 80 titles can be played without a controller. Here is the full list of games that support Xbox Touch Controls.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Red Hook Studios Announce Sequel To Darkest Dungeon

With sales of the original over two million, it should come as little surprise that Darkest Dungeon developer Red Hook Studios have just announced a sequel to the challenging turn-based tactical title.

Posted 3 years ago by Andy Mills

The Best ID@Xbox Games Available in 2019

The number of ID@Xbox games available on the Xbox One is growing at a rapid rate. To help make sure that you're not missing out on any of the hidden gems, here's our list of the best ID@Xbox available to play now.

Posted 3 years ago by Dave Horobin

The Best Reviewed Games on TrueAchievements in 2018 - Part One

Yesterday, we opened up the voting for this year's TA Game of the Year, and we thought we'd try and help with your decisions by looking back at some of the highest scoring games from this year's official site reviews.

Posted 4 years ago by Dave Horobin

The Best Xbox Turn-Based Combat Games Available in 2018

We've compiled the best turn-based combat games you can find on Xbox right now in 2018. If you're a fan of such strategic games and you've missed anything from this list, now's the time to play, before more genre hits arrive.

Posted 4 years ago by Mark Delaney

Darkest Dungeon Review

To say Darkest Dungeon is a challenging and satisfying RPG doesn't seem like nearly enough praise. The sheer amount of customization makes for a highly involved, appetizingly deep adventure.

Posted 4 years ago by Kelly Packard

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