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Vote Now for June 2019's TA Playlist Game

We're halfway through May, so it's time for our next TA Playlist poll. We're going back to series we already saw in the game club and picking our preferred sequel. Which story do you want to continue?

Posted 3 years ago by Mark Delaney

TA Top Five: Swansongs

One of the nice things about writing for the site is that more often than not we get to report exciting and good news. We eagerly cover highly anticipated titles, wax lyrical over screenshots and tra

Posted 8 years ago by Andrew Ogley

Retail Releases: Week of March 24th, 2014

It's a bit of a mixed bag this week. Each region sees completely different releases so it's all over the place. Two franchises get a special edition, while Australia receives a couple of late release

Posted 8 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

Darksiders II Achievement Restored

Since the servers closed for Darksiders II, the following achievement became discontinued: Pay It Forward in Darksiders II Another achievement was partly discontinued due to the server closures as we

Posted 8 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

Darksiders Collection Confirmed

Last year, THQ had to sell their assets due to filing for bankruptcy the year before. Nordic Games bought Darksiders and many more of those assets. Now, they are releasing a Darksiders Collection. Th

Posted 8 years ago by Zinn Gravey

Results Of The Second THQ Auction Are In

When THQ filed for bankruptcy late last year, the United States Bankruptcy Court of Delaware ordered the company to place their assets up for auction. The first auction resulted in new homes for the

Posted 9 years ago by Dog of Thunder

Business of Gaming: Closures, Layoffs and More THQ

Today we're going to go over industry news that did not deserve their own articles but are still worth being discussed in a public forum. It's that awkward grey zone of news that matters, but is not

Posted 9 years ago by Dog of Thunder

DLC Roundup: January 29th, 2013

This week sees DLC releases for 11 Xbox 360 retail games and one Xbox LIVE Arcade game. Two of the games add extra achievements to their list and two of the games have region exclusive DLC. Any XBLA

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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