Darksiders III Reviews

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    20 Aug 2021 25 Aug 2021
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    During the review I will not go deeper into storylines or tips and tricks. In my opinion it will spoil the fun factor of the game. If you really want to know all-in and outs, you can always look at the achievements & walkthrough section.
    In order to give a well-argued opinion of the game, I decided to test it against five basic criteria. I weigh each criteria on the basis of 3 options. 0 star, 0.5 star or 1 star. All of this combined will be my total of stars. The idea behind these chosen criteria is that you can objectively judge a game. It is based on all points the game offers rather than it strengths or weaknesses.

    Darksiders III is a departure from the previous Darksiders games, borrowing structure and gameplay elements from other games like Metroidvania and the Dark Souls series. The game is viewed as a mashup of elements of previous games and a new direction. Players take control of Fury, sister of War and Death (Playable characters from the previous games), two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It plays from a third-person perspective, Fury a mage who is described as the most unpredictable and enigmatic of the Four, relies on whips, swords, flails, daggers and magic in combat. Fury can take on multiple different elemental forms in order to enhance her combat capabilities by granting her new weapons, attacks and traversal abilities.

    The combat is described as more methodical and straight forward, not focusing on large crowds of enemies like the previous games and removing the hit counter. Enemies are stronger than in previous installments, but appear in smaller numbers during encounters, so as to make battles feel more personal and intense. Some enemies from previous games return, while other foes are new. Gated combat is not a feature, in an attempt to make everything within the setting contextualized and interconnected like the soul series.

    Darksiders III focuses on its leveling system in which Fury’s damage, health and arcane damage can be upgraded. The threats of the game’s world will grow stronger as the player progresses through the story. Similar to War, yet dissimilar to Death, Fury collects souls from enemies and from objects in the invironment, as a form of currency or an expendable resource. The player can attach Enhancements to Fury’s weapons for different perks and damage boosts.

    The game takes place in a continious environment where exploration plays a large role in gathering more lurchers and materials to upgrade Fury herself and her arsenal. While exploring, Fury must solve simple puzzles and overcome platforming obstacles, some of which make use of her whip. Such puzzles include using bombs to blow up obstructed pathways or Fury’s Forms to interact with the environment.

    Playtime... 0,5/1 star
    Between 20 and 50 hours of playtime

    Darksiders ensures that you have at least 30 hours of playing time to complete the campaign mode 100%. The DLC provides another 5 to 6 hours of playtime. You hack and slash your way through standard enemies, bosses and the so-called 'Chosens' there are 5 to find in each playthrough. These are a kind of side quest bosses who protect a highly sought after item.

    You need the 'Essence of a Chosen' to 'balance' your weapon enchantment. To be able to do this you will have to upgrade different weapons with so-called Artifacts before you start. You have to choose a certain side first. (Demon or Angel, which have a passive improvement and one for when you use the weapon) a balanced weapon gives both upgrades (good thing, too)

    This coupled with all the different adamentine and enchantments that can be found is all you need to pump up your arsenal to divine powers and to be victorious.

    In addition to the weapon improvements, it is also possible to improve the character Fury in the form of HP, Damage and Arcane Damage as well. Through the infinite options to start a New Game + after completing the main campaign, transferring everything you've collected. (except the hollow powers) To do this, you must surrender Souls to the merchant Vulgrim (an old friend!?). Souls can be collected by slaughtering beasts and opening Lurcher crystals. (which appear in different amounts)

    Replayability... 0,5/1 star

    Apocalypse mode +
    After completing the campaign you get the option to start an apocalypse mode. (hard mode) This forces you in a fun, challenging way to at least go through the main storyline again. Certain items have been scaled up or replaced with NW+ items which makes playing in this mode easier.

    Weapon Enchantments +
    There are 12 different weapon enchantments to be found within the game. Each with its own passive power and power given to a linked weapon. You are free to change this throughout the game, allowing you to approach certain battles in different ways. A little ingenious idea they put in, at least in my eyes.

    No multiplayer –
    Unfortunately no multiplayer or co-op function available. It would have been fun to tear up the crucible with a friend. Would have been a nice addition to the replayability.

    Minimal storytelling –
    I found it difficult to judge the replayability factor in this game. There are enough elements in it that make different strategies possible and that can also be effective, but I miss the real urge to push through the story again. And that's because the story (certainly compared to the earlier parts) is very limited.

    Achievements… 0,5/1 star

    A somewhat standard list and very similar to the list of the previously published volumes. Many achievements are story related and/or focused on collecting a particular collectible. All achievements can be obtained and also force you to go through the story (at least 2x). All in all, not a bad list, but I still think it could have had more variety in the form of more miscellaneous that require certain actions in certain moments, or for example reach the highest point and deepest point in the game. It's just 'too' standard now.

    Fun to play…0,5/1 star

    Classic mode +
    A month after the game's release, a patch was released for the game adding a "Classic" mode to make the game 'feel' more like its two predecessor games, such as allowing Fury to dodge, interrupt her attacks and use items instant. BEST UPDATE EVER!

    Hollows +
    The accessibility of the areas within the game is determined by the so-called Hollows. Fury (eventually) has four elements at her disposal. You can keep switching these in-game indefinitely and give Fury a unique look. Each element has its own fighting style, skill and must be combined when solving puzzles. This is balanced to perfection.

    Loading times –
    Contrary to how smooth the transition between the hollows is, the resurrection and loading of certain areas is in the open world. In addition, certain achievements are also known to be a bit buggy. Simply put, it's awful. It sometimes takes minutes before the loading sign disappears from the screen, provided the console does not freeze or restart. (I'm exaggerating a bit, but man.... patience is a virtue they say)

    Healing items –
    The Nephilim's Respite is your default healer, it charges automatically when defeating monsters, but especially at the start of the bosses you want to start with a full bag. A nice addition would have been that these are automatically replenished when your game is saved at a Serpent Hole. Now you have to force die, which then brings you back to the ghastly perpetual loading screen.

    Recommend to others…1/1 star

    Strong, but not excellent

    I certainly had much fun playing it, but I still feel like there was more to it. War & Death (Darksiders I, II) were more outspoken characters with a background and a clear mission. I miss those components in this third part.

    But maybe we should be happy that a sequel was finally released..... it didn't look like that for a long time.

    I played the game when it was free to play on XBOX Ultimate