1. Darksiders III Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Darksiders III. You play as the 3rd Horseman of the Apocalypse, Fury, on a mission to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins.

This guide will lead you through the two playthroughs required to unlock all achievements in the base game, the title update and the two paid DLC. The first will be on the lowest difficulty level, Story, allowing you to hopefully progress without too many issues. On this playthrough you will be leveling up and improving your equipment while you enjoy the story and get used to the controls.

Towards the end of this first playthrough you will complete the two paid DLC assuming you own them – while not essential there is some useful armour obtained from The Crucible which is highly recommended. This guide is written on the assumption that you have and will play both the DLC. The same tactics will apply if you do not, but some of the battles may be a little more challenging during your second, more difficult playthrough.

After returning to the main campaign and finishing it a first time, you will then start New Game + (NG+) on the highest difficulty required for achievements, Apocalyptic. Note that the game refers to NG+ as Armageddon Mode; to avoid confusion between this and the Apocalyptic difficulty, all references in the guide will be to NG+.

After the General Hints and Tips page, there is a page discussing the different upgrading options. The story walkthrough pages will be interspersed with backtracking pages, each relating to the four Hollow powers you receive as you progress, allowing entry to previously inaccessible areas. Throughout there are some references to events that only occur in NG+ in the form of (NG+ note:). These can obviously be ignored on your first playthrough. The two DLC each have a page, then everything you need to know about the Apocalyptic/NG+ playthrough is discussed on the final page.

So, sharpen those weapons of Scorn... it’s time to reap some souls!

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