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Turn around and go back through the opening to the Krakens pool and jump in. You will notice that if you have Force Hollow active, Fury will sink like a rock and can walk along the bottom. This will also enable you to fight the enemies you will encounter underwater.

Head along the tunnel to the east. Stick on the left wall and you will come across a Large Lurcher Cluster. To the left of this is a purple clump on the wall. Smash it, then hit the Force Block behind it – no puzzle this time, just move it out of the way so you can get by.

Past the block, drop down and grab the Thorn Shard in the hole. You cannot swim at all with Force Hollow so either remove it (hold cn_RB) or switch to one of the other Hollows. Swim up and into the tunnel to the west.

Swap back to Force Hollow and walk west to the depression by the blue plants. Some Demon Fish will attack and the only way you can fight back is from the ground. Kill the fish then find the purple clump at the back of the depression. Destroy it and head through.

Again, switch so you can swim up. Look to the right to see a flashing red mine in the path. Approach it slowly. When you get close enough it will quickly float towards you and explode. Turn around and dash away to avoid taking damage. This can be done while swimming but it is much easier when walking.

Now you can follow the path around to the right. When you surface but before leaving the water, look by a gate around to the left for a Large Lurcher Cluster. Hop out of the water and kill the Armoured Skeleton on the other side of the room.

Destroying the purple clump on the left will reveal a third sword-holding statue. Back up a little and tag all three swords with a single Crossblade shot. Hitting all three opens the gate at the back of the room.

Through the gate and to the right, Vulgrim is waiting at The Depths: Forgotten Lake. Just behind him are some pots you can break for a Healing Shard.

Move forwards slightly and look above the floor to the right of the pool to see a red node with a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Walk into the pool and around to the right. The path will drop away and you will soon find yourself swimming. As you enter the room you will see a notification that this area is The Depths.

Follow the right wall near the surface and once you pass a rock you will see a blue cave before you get to a building. You'll need to be just underwater to spot it.

Swim in and switch to Force Hollow. There is a purple clump on the east wall that can be hard to spot against the blue light in the area. Smash it to reveal a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Swim out of this area and along the side the building, heading north. Go around the corner and you will see an orb by a corpse at the base of the building where it meets the rock wall. This is a Frenzy Shard.

Now surface and swim to the north. When you reach the next building, swim along the edge to the west. Go just around the corner and there is broken section on the edge of the building you can jump up to. Collect an Angelic Artifact up here.

Now equip Force Hollow and jump into the channel to the west, sinking all the way to the bottom. Head north and you will encounter some Deep Lurkers. Stick to the right wall as the channel opens up and you will find a purple clump partially hidden by large rocks. Smash it and enter this area.

Inside there are two homing mines to avoid and some Demon Fish. Swim up to the right where you will find a Piece of Adamantine inside the gate on the right.

Exit this room and continue north, still staying on the right wall. You will go around to the side of the large building with statues on the front (hereafter called the statue building) and in the north-east corner come across a Sliver of Adamantine.

Ascend and as you go up push around to the east. You will find the top of the building and a gap between the rocks. If you get lost go all the way to the surface and search the east wall for an obvious small gap.

There are some Demon Fish here so switch to Force Hollow. Drop off the top of the building going east and follow the path as it curves around to the south. At the end you will find a Fragment of Adamantine.

Go back the way you came and you will see an opening at the base of the building. This area is a little annoying. There in an unending supply of mines that will spawn. The best way is to draw a mine so it explodes at the edge. Race in with Force Hollow and sink to the bottom. There is a Demonic Artifact below the entrance. Wait until you hear another mine and dash away from it, then switch Hollows and swim back out as quick as you can. Fortunately the mines don't do too much damage!

Exit out of this area and return to the main area. Cross over to the north-west corner, on the opposite side of the statue building. Smash the purple wall right beside the statue building and inside the small cave is a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Exit out and head west, staying on the right wall. You can squeeze through the small gap between the wall and a partially broken building. Continue around and you will turn to the left, entering an open area. There are 4 mines above. On the ground down to your left from the gap you appeared from will be a purple clump with a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Just to the south-east is a hole in the ground. Drop in for a Large Lurcher Cluster. Swim up and to the west to see two more purple clumps and a Force Block. Smash the clumps and move the Block to reveal a hole - make sure to hit it right over to the north as it is possible to make a small gap you can fit in but won't be able to get back out of. Swim down and follow the tunnel to find the Azazel Enhancement.

Exit and surface here. Swim straight up over the shallow rocks to the south; you should spot an orb way off in the distance but there is no need to go that far yet. Dive down when you can. There will be a courtyard-like area with a large building to the west. A pair of Deep Lurkers will be waiting down here. When you hit the bottom, turn around to find a purple clump in the north wall. It contains a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Enter that large building to the west. Deal with some Demon Fish and near the statue at the back of the room is a Luminous Visage (10/16). There are two pillars to the right (north). On their north sides you will find two crystals. Hit both of them quickly and they will turn red and the gate in the south wall will open.

Go through the newly opened gate into the red tunnel. Turn right and swim up to enter the rocky passage. This will again turn right and you can surface at the end. Jump out of the water then switch to Force Hollow and then jump over to the east wall and use the Force Wall, which leads to your next Chosen fight. Drop off the path at the end.

The Templar of the Damned is an enhanced version of the Skeletal Champion. His huge shield can be a pain to get around. Halfway through the fight he will set himself on fire and this will afflict additional damage. He alternates between a quick jab and a delayed swing. He can be tough to hit normally behind his shield so concentrate on timing your dodges and use your best Arcane attack weapon.

He drops an Essence of a Chosen. In the north-west corner is a Piece of Adamantine.

Go back to the building where you collected a Visage. Still inside, swim directly up. To the north-west near the top of the room you will see a purple clump on the wall. Land on the ledge here and smash the clump to reveal a passage behind. Go through and swim up.

When you get to the Force Block, smash it east then south so it forms a jump point up to the top of the building. Hop up there and kill the Skeletons. On the raised platform is an Archer to watch out for and an Elite who drops a Piece of Adamantine.

Open the sarcophagus in the north-east corner for a Medium Lurcher Cluster. The cocoon at the south-west corner holds a Fragment of Adamantine. From here turn left and to the south-east is a Medium Lurcher Clump in a pot. Finally, on the east side of the raised platform is a Rejuvenation Core. Collecting this will unlock:

Maximum Vigor

Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount 4 Times

Maximum Vigor
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Drop off into the courtyard and sink down. At the south end of the courtyard and look east for another purple clump. Head through to another area with annoying mines. Sprint forwards (east) past several respawning mine points - as long as you are sprinting they should miss you. The path will turn slightly left and up against the rocks ahead you will see a Small Lurcher Cache.

Look left to see a Deep Lurker. Fortunately, you should be out of range of the mines now. Kill it and go inside the small building here for a Demonic Artifact.

Exit this building and just outside look right for a purple clump with a Large Lurcher Cluster. This may be in range of the closest mine, so be cautious.

Now sprint back out to the courtyard.

Surface and go all the way to the south and turn right - watch out for a mine underwater here. Dive underwater just a little and you will see a pathway heading west, where you can see the side of the large building. Go through and destroy a purple clump to find a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Exit out of this area and surface again, then follow the south wall to the east. You will see a platform with an orb against the wall. (For reference, this is just around the corner from where you first entered this area.)

Jump up there and grab that orb, which is a Large Lurcher Cluster. Look back out over the water and you will see a purple clump blocking the Force Wall on the roof. Smash it with your Force Crossblade.

Turn around to see the start of that Force Wall. Follow the path all the way around the area. When you drop down at the end you will be on top of the building to the right of the entrance. At the edge here grab a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Jump up to the next ledge then drop down into the room below. There will be the usual horde of Skeletons here, with two Archers and two Armoured. With the room cleared, smash the bone pile in the north-west corner for a Healing Shard. The pot in the south-east corner has a Large Lurcher Clump.

Ignore the floor plate at the southern end for now and smash the bone piles behind it to reveal a low tunnel. Go through and jump up the platforms at the end. Hit the Force Block at the top forwards (north). Grab the orb in the corner for a Fragment of Adamantine.

Now hit the Force Block west so it falls down into the room. Then smash it to the south so it sits on the floor plate there. If you didn’t test it before, this reveals a crystal above the gate at the north end.

Find the two crystals on the columns in the room and stand between them and the gate-crystal. Lock onto all three with the Crossblade to activate them and open the gate. The one above the gate can be troublesome. Tag that one first and you may have to move around a bit to get it to register.

Through the gate you will fight some more Skeletons, including three Armoured ones. Smash the purple clump in the south-east corner to find a Medium Lurcher Cluster. The corpse near the column straight ahead has a Small Lurcher Cache. Continue in this direction and destroy the pots at the far end for a Fortification Shard.

Turn left and you will see a Crystal Sword you need. Grab it and jump into the water. The statue building is just ahead.

Jump up to the top of the statue building. On a raised clump of rock is a Large Lurcher Cluster. Smash the pots at the south-east corner to find a Wrath Shard. Look up to the right of the statue that already holds a sword to see a purple node. It contains a Sliver of Adamantine.

Now place your sword in the statue to the left of the gate. Back up a little and use the Crossblade to hit the three crystals beside and above the gate. With the gate open, go through and you will fight an Skeletal Champion with some standard Skeletons getting in the way.

Grab the Small Lurcher Clump just in front of the gate you entered from. Now go to the north-east corner of the room. The pots by the column here have a Healing Shard. Look west and up to see a crystal. Crossblade it to open a gate on the west wall (for some reason, Storm Crossblade may not work - just try another Hollow). Behind the gate is a Piece of Adamantine.

To proceed, enter the room at the east end and destroy the purple clump. Drop into the water and, with Force Hollow activated, walk along the bottom. Some Demon Fish will attack as you go.

When you enter the next room two Deep Lurkers will be waiting for you. Stay on the ground and walk around behind the carriage on the left. Behind here you will find a Large Lurcher Cluster. Look east and swim up from here. You will see a small blue-lit tunnel in the wall. At the back of the tunnel is an Undying Shard. You can’t do anything on the surface here yet so exit back out.

Swim up to the top of the carriages to the north and behind them you will see two Force Blocks and several purple clumps. Smash all the clumps.

If you surface you will see an orb glowing on a ledge up to the south-west. Your goal is to move the blocks into position so you can jump up there. One block reaches just to the surface while the other sticks out above it.

Start with the larger block, back near the carriages. Hit it south, west twice and south again. Hit the smaller block south. Now jump up onto the smaller block and from there to the large one. This puts you in Flame Jump range of the ledge.

The orb here is a Small Lurcher Cache. Go down the tunnel and Flame Jump up at the end twice to the south, then drop down behind the wall. There is a Human (16/20) hiding back here. Go down the steps to the left to find a Demonic Artifact.

Jump back out of this area and smash the purple clump you passed. Drop down and deal with a Chain Spider before smashing the other purple clumps here. The left one contains a Wrath Shard. Continue around the corner. Up the stairs on the right you can smash the barricade to reveal a Large Lurcher Cluster. Head back downstairs and you will find Vulgrim at The Depths: Eroded Pipe.



Smash the purple clump in front of Vulgrim to continue. Enjoy a little chat with your Watcher as you walk along the path then drop into the water at the end. Sink to the bottom with Force Hollow. Turn right and along the southern wall you will see a respawning mine-point (there is a second opposite on the north side). Between the mine and the wall is an orb with a Demonic Artifact. Just sprint to the orb and mash cn_B as you pass it.

Go towards the northern mine-point and enter the tunnel just to the east of it (you shouldn’t activate the mine if you approach from the east). Swim up over a couple of ledges. You will see a narrow chasm with a few mine-points. In the centre is an Angelic Artifact. Sprint forwards and as soon as you grab it, switch Hollows and swim up, continuing to the east where you can jump out.

Jump up the ledges here and enter a subway station with several cocoons. Ignore the enemies and additional cocoons to the right and go straight across. The cocoon in the alcove to the left has a Mimic. Jump up to the higher platform and in the small room ahead you can see Vulgrim at The Depths: Sunken Tracks. Before you talk to him, turn right and smash the single cocoon by the shelves for a Havoc Shard.

Exit the room and clear the station. There will be several Mimics in the cocoons - two on the higher level, three or four on the lower level and another on the small area in the back corner. In addition there are two Deep Lurkers – one on the lower level and a second in the back corner. In that back corner is a Fragment of Adamantine.

Go to the base of the steps between the higher and lower platforms. Up on a column above the steps is a purple node with a Small Lurcher Cache. Go through either doorway to the west. Look out for a Mimic in a cocoon on the right path. The purple clumps here are nothing but blockages.

Go through the hole in the west wall and fight the two Spider Queens by the tracks. Essentially just large spiders, you can draw them one at a time so this should not be a hard battle. Several of the eggs in the room will spawn Baby Chain Spiders as well.

Once it’s clear, cross to the platform opposite the entrance – smash the purple clump on the tracks to the left as you do - and grab an Invigoration Core on the west platform. Go back to the east platform and head to the north end. There is a Small Lurcher Cache here.

Smash the purple clumps around the carriage on the tracks and another on the tracks just to the north. Hit the carriage south down the track it is on with a Force Attack. Jump up onto the carriage and Flame Jump up to the scaffold to the left. There is a Strength Shard up here.

Look up to the roof to see a Force Wall. Follow it as it snakes across the area. Drop down at the end. Look up to see a red node – knock it down for a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Just around the corner is a lever. Use it to activate the track switcher. The light on the posts out by the tracks will turn from red to green. This also opens a door back where you landed so go through and down the stairs to return to the station. Now hit the carriage back to the north – it will swap tracks as it goes.

Jump onto the carriage again and Flame Jump up to the ledge at the north end where you can find an Angelic Artifact.

Jump up to the top and destroy the purple clump to the east for a Piece of Adamantine.

Go to the western clump and destroy it to reveal the path forwards. Watch out for the two Minions in the room ahead who will attack right away. Drop down to the left into a station corridor. The two eggs here spawn Baby Chain Spiders. Flick the switch on the left wall to open a shortcut door back to the tracks.

Continue down the next set of steps and around the corner, where a Minion and a pair of Deep Lurkers await. Continue around to the right – both cocoons contain Mimics. Continue around and go to the left of the stairs. There should be a single visible Mimic this way, along with a Spider Demon. On the right is a Large Lurcher Cluster. In the last cocoon around to the left is another Mimic and past it is an Angelic Artifact.

Go back past the stairs and look ahead and up to see an orb you can Flame Jump up to. It’s a Fragment of Adamantine.

Now you can climb the stairs. Go to the top and around to the left. You may spot the Vulgrim totems hanging on the right but you will trigger a scene and start the Gluttony boss fight before you can access it.

Gluttony can be a real challenge. He sits in a large tentacle and attacks quickly and without much warning. He sweeps the tentacle along – best to make distance to avoid this – then follows up with a ground pound. Dodge and smack the end of the tentacle after it lands to cause some damage. Once he is damaged a little, he will do two ground pounds.

He also fires poisonous globs – they create puddles that remain for the duration. When you see him rear up to fire, try to head to one particular area so all the puddles are isolated together rather than spread out across the whole area.

Finally, he has melee and ranged attacks. He will usually cycle through the attacks in the order listed. He can also grab you and chomp you in his mouth.

Havoc Form is very useful in this fight. Consider using a Havoc Shard to refill the meter and go again when you can. Otherwise, this can be tough. While this is a two-phase fight, you cannot use special attacks in the 2nd half so don't hold anything back!

Once his health is dropped to half, a scene will play and you will drop into water, back in front of the Gluttony's full form, the Kraken. Underwater you cannot use your attacks. The Kraken will attack with tentacle swipes and will attempt to suck you into its mouth – after which it will spit a damaging shot at you. Watch out when he rears back - he will ram forward with his whole body. If you are in centre of the area he will collide with you and do a large amount of damage.

The tactic here is to use the two mine-points located to your left and right. Attract mines and swim towards the Krakens mouth. He will suck in the mines and they will explode in his mouth. You will only need to do this twice. Be careful though - if you get too close he swallows you for an instant kill.

After eating the second mine he will collapse and be left with a sliver of health. Swim right up to the Kraken’s face and press cn_B for the coup-de-grace!

Defeated Gluttony unlocks:

Eat Your Heart Out

Defeat Gluttony

Eat Your Heart Out
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After the following scene with the Lord of Hollows, you will receive your final power, the Stasis Hollow to unlock:

Freeze Frame

Collect the Stasis Hollow

Freeze Frame
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Once you are back in control, grab the Luminous Visage (11/16) from the surface just in front of you. Now it’s time to use your new power!

Before doing anything, your new weapon is the Edge of Scorn - attach the Fafnir Enhancement to it.



Head to the shimmering walls to the south. You switch to Stasis Hollow with cn_LB and cn_X – it should already be active.

Jump and the water will solidify below you. Now jump towards one of the shimmering walls and hold cn_A as you meet it. You will grab on. Release cn_A and you will leap to the opposite side. Press and hold cn_A again while in the air to grab on. Repeat until you reach the top.

At the dead end to the east here is a Small Lurcher Cache. Jump over the Stasis Wall and there will be a Mimic in the first Cocoon on the left ahead. Past it the Elite Minion will be joined by two Chain Spiders. The Elite will drop a Piece of Adamantine. In the far corner past the Elite’s location is an Angelic Artifact. Destroy the crates on the wall just to the left for a Healing Shard.

Now enter the hall in the south wall. Destroy the barriers on the left before the stairs and go in to find a Small Lurcher Cache. Climb the stairs and deal with a visible Mimic at the top (this might be in the room around to the right). Go back around to the left and the cocoon at the end here has a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Go back and around to the right. In the water, there is a mimic in the cocoon on the far right and another in the centre left. There is a red node up in the north-west corner with a Piece of Adamantine. Flame Jump up to the tunnel in the south wall.

Continue up the broken tunnel to the left. At the top there will be a Stinger Nest opposite and another on the wall just around to the left. With Stasis Hollow equipped, drop into the water and walk over to below the orb you can see opposite. Quickly switch to Flame Hollow and Flame Jump up to the narrow ledge between the two nests for an Angelic Artifact.

You may recognise the tunnel across the water to the west which you previously visited. Ignore it and head back to the water-filled room where you fought Gluttony and jump down into the water.

Head over and climb the Stasis Wall on the west side. Head through the doorway, going south. While your Watcher talks, grab the Small Lurcher Cache in the water. Go through the doorway in the north-west corner and follow the hall. When you reach the water, jump off to the left and underwater here you will find a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Jump up at the north end. On the level with the broken metal walkway, jump up to the walkway remains on the left. From here jump up again to a small ledge. On the pipes here is a Small Lurcher Cache.

From here you can Storm Glide over to the next platform. Walk on the water with Stasis Hollow then switch to Flame Hollow to make a Flame Jump up further.

At the top, turn around and swing across. Kill the Elite Demon here and it will drop a Fragment of Adamantine. There is a small room behind the web to the left with a Piece of Adamantine. On the opposite side, above the steps, is a platform you can jump to. Jump up to the left again, then once again with a Flame Jump and ahead you will find an Angelic Artifact.

The switch here opens the gate to the Skeleton room near Haven: South End you have already passed through a few times (assuming you backtracked earlier).

Drop back down the hole and swing back over to the north. Jump up to the metal railing on the left and turn left. The barrels at the end contain a Sliver of Adamantine. Now hop over to the other side with the Deep Lurker. Once it’s dealt with, go down the hall.

Enter the second opening on the left. Turn right to see a purple node on the wall with a Large Lurcher Cluster. The doorway at the bottom here is blocked so exit back out.

Go across and drop down. Head left where you will see another Deep Lurker – there is another hiding around the left corner. After they’re done, smash the bin in the back-right to find a Frenzy Shard.

Drop down into the water and in the south-east corner is a Small Lurcher Cache. Get on the water surface with Stasis Hollow and enter the partially open door on the north side, which becomes a low tunnel. Drop off at the end. Underwater you should see the glowing orb, so switch to Force Hollow and grab a Small Lurcher Cache.

Remaining underwater, walk over to the north-west. There will be two Demon Fish and a Deep Lurker. Surface and find the Stasis Wall around to the left in this area. Climb up and smash the purple clumps to move the stone block. This is the doorway at the bottom of the stairwell you were just in. Over to the left is the orb you likely saw a few moments ago – it’s an Angelic Artifact.

Drop back down into the water near the Stasis Wall and jump out on the north side. With Flame Hollow so you don’t die, drop into the lava on the other side. A few Lava Abominations await. First go left, up the lava stream. On a small ledge at the top is a Piece of Adamantine.

Go to the lower end of the lava stream where you can jump out to the right. Drop down the platforms here and you will see a Demonic Artifact just off to the right. The next platform, around to the left, has a Small Lurcher Cache on the far side.

Go down the steps. You may recognise this place from your backtracking adventures - you fought the pair of Skeletal Champions on the bridge nearby. Up the stairs ahead is Vulgrim at Hollows: Molten Cave.

You should reach Level 52 here. This means you have earned 51 Attribute Points. Using your 50th unlocks:

Big Spender

Spend 50 Attribute Points

Big Spender
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The story continues at Scar: Gnarled Cliffs but now that you have received your last Hollow it’s time for another round of backtracking (this will be much quicker than the last one!). Travel to Haven: North End.

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