12. Darksiders III Stasis Hollow BacktrackUpdate notes

Start at Haven: North End. Drop into the lower area on the right and deal with the Suffering before heading through the low tunnel on the west side. Climb the Stasis Wall in here and just around the corner at the top is an Angelic Artifact. Now you can retrace your steps back to Vulgrim.

You should now be able to upgrade the Fortifier Enhancement to Balanced. Travel to Haven: Maker's Forge to do so. The next Enhancement to work on is the Juggernaut on the Angelic path.

If you have focused on upgrading the Barbs of Scorn, you will be able to reach +10 now, unlocking:

Take it to the Limit

Upgrade Any Weapon to Max level

Take it to the Limit
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Head over to Haven: Crossroads and jump up to the ledge just next to the Vulgrim Plinth there. Go through the low tunnel and Flame Jump up at the end. Turn to your right to see a Stasis Wall. Climb up and on the ledge at the top you will find another Stasis Wall leading down to a pool of water. Jump down into the pool and activate Force Hollow. Sink down to the bottom where you will be attacked by a Demon Fish and two Deep Lurkers.

Go west into the underwater cave. On the north wall is a purple clump to smash, with a Piece of Adamantine in it. Swim to the south-west of the area where you can find a Demonic Artifact on a ledge half way up the wall. Head back to the east of the cave to find the Stasis Wall and climb out. Retrace your steps back to Haven: Crossroads.

Travel to Haven: West End. Head forward and around to the left. Enter the building and turn right. Just past the stairs you can access an elevator shaft. Inside is a Stasis Wall. Jump up and at the top, just near the edge ahead, is an Angelic Artifact.

Jump up to the ceiling to use the Force Wall and cross to the other side. In here is another Chosen enemy – Agony. It is just a larger, more powerful Suffering. Its attacks are quite well telegraphed and all fairly basic melee, although there is one attack where it slams a fist on the ground to produce a blast attack. At this stage of the game this shouldn’t be too tough of a fight.

Agony drops another Essence of a Chosen. In the south-west corner is a Piece of Adamantine. Up in the north-east corner is a purple node with a Large Lurcher Cache.

Drop down from there and re-enter the building. Take the path down the ramp to the left, around and over the double-swing. Drop down and go through the low tunnel. Go up the ramp and in the next area jump up to the ledge ahead. Follow the tunnel round to the right to find a Stasis Wall.

At the top look in the room opposite the purple clump to find a Medium Lurcher Cache. Now smash the purple clump and deal with some pesky Baby Chain Spiders in the next room. In the north-east corner here you will find a Piece of Adamantine.

Go through the doorway to the west and head down the ramp opposite. There is a Havoc Shard at the edge. From this edge, make a difficult Flame Jump. You need to jump out a little bit, then jump back in to clear a tree root above. The ledge up here has an Angelic Artifact which you would have seen from the ramp just before.

This is another tricky fall - sometimes it works but sometimes not. If you want to play it safe, backtrack and when you get back on the main path, go down the ramp to the north-west. If you are feeling brave you can now carefully jump down off the edge – wall slide to avoid respawning and it's a good idea to return to the level below before trying to jump all the way down. Enter the building to the east here and follow the only path until you reach Haven: Skyscraper.

The next stop is Bonelands: Cargo Ship. Turn around and enter the area with the Kraken pool but don't jump in. Stay on the right wall and find the opening in the building to the south-east. Watch out for the Spectral Undead Angels as you exit the other side. Once they’re gone, hop over the roadway railing and onto the containers to the south-east next to the Wind Storms. Storm Glide over the green lake.

Head north and past the Mansk. Enter the building and take the exit to the right. In the next building there is a Stasis Wall in the back. Climb up and there will be an Angelic Artifact on the platform above. Around to the left is a Force Wall. Head along it. When you drop down at the end, jump across the path of containers out to an island. Next to the dead Angel here is a Chunk of Adamantine.

There’s no shortcut back so retrace your steps all the way to Vulgrim.

The next stop is The Depths: Sewage Egress. This is the Vulgrim point you may have seen briefly before the Gluttony fight. Head around to the right and destroy the barrels to find a Healing Shard. Jump up the Stasis Wall just past them. Stay on this side of the metal fence and go left, to the west end of this area. Smash the crates in the doorway and inside you can save another Human (17/20).

Head out and past the metal fence. The Brood Mother in the corner will be joined by a Deep Lurker.

The barrel in the north-east corner has a Large Healing Shard. To the north-west is the Fortune Enhancement and to the south-west behind some crates a Piece of Adamantine. Above the steps you entered from is a purple node with a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Drop back down to Vulgrim and go up the stairs just past him. There is a Fortification Shard up here. Now use the Serpent Holes to travel to The Depths: Sunken Tracks.

Leave the room and drop down ahead. To the right is a Stasis Wall. Jump up and clear the cocoons ahead; there will be a dormant Mimic at the front and an active one at the back on the right past the column. At the end there is a Piece of Adamantine.

Smash the crates in the north-east corner and go through the revealed low tunnel. Drop down to the right here and ahead near the roller-door you can see a Demonic Artifact. On the right wall here is a switch what opens the roller-door. Go through and turn right to find the Stasis Wall again.

Go up and this time look south over the station. There is a single swing point and past it you can see a Force Wall on the roof. Activate Force Hollow and swing across. At the other end of the swing, press and hold cn_A to attach to the Force Wall.

Roll over to the end and drop down. There will be one visible Mimic and another in the left-hand cocoon at the back. Grab a Medium Lurcher Cache near the edge and smack the Blue Lurcher Demon.

Destroy the purple clump on the west wall to find a Human (18/20) and a Luminous Visage (12/16). Drop down and head back to Vulgrim.

Your last backtracking location is The Depths: Forgotten Lake. Go forwards and around to the right to enter the large room. Use Stasis Hollow to walk across the surface and head around to the left. Look up to find a purple clump up above on the wall – it's in the south-west corner past the underwater courtyard.

Quickly switch to Force Hollow and throw a Force Crossblade shot to destroy the clump. Switch back to Stasis Hollow and stand below the ledge you have revealed behind the clump. Now switch to Flame Hollow and Flame Jump up there. There is an Angelic Artifact on the ledge.

Drop down and cross the area to the north. From the gate at the top of the statue building, go left. Follow the wall around to find a tunnel leading to a series of waterfalls. It's just above one of the mines so if you hear the mine noise you're close. If the wall turns and you start heading south, you've gone too far.

You will have to swim in here, you can’t fit if you’re walking. Jump up the first waterfall and you will find a Stasis Wall before the next. Use this to jump to the top of the 2nd waterfall. You will see a Demonic Artifact on a ledge over to the west here.

Now find the 3rd waterfall along the south wall and repeat the process, using the Stasis Wall in front of it to climb up. At the edge on the west side you can find a Piece of Adamantine.

From the east side, Storm Glide to the north and flick the switch which opens the gate over the water to the left. This is a shortcut to the tunnels near the Gluttony arena.

Drop off the waterfalls, back the way you came, and swim back to the statue building (turn left when you re-enter the main area). Go through the gate you opened before and into the water in the small room to the right. Beware the Skeletal Champion which may have respawned! Head through the tunnel to the next area with the two carriages on the left.

Swim up to tunnel in the wall opposite. Swim through and at the end is a Stasis Wall. Up the top follow the path to a room where you will find an Angelic Artifact. The switch next to the roller-door opens it and provides access to the station at The Depths: Sunken Tracks. Watch out for a Mimic in the cocoon just to the right of this roller-door.

Level 53 is a rough estimate of where you should be by now.

Use the Serpent Hole at the far end and to the right to travel to Scar: Gnarled Cliffs.

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