13. Darksiders III Story Walkthrough 6Update notes




Head forwards into the main tunnel and turn left. Force Attack the purple switch and the gate will open.

If you play with vibration on you may want to consider turning it off for the next area. There are a lot of background machines that activate the vibration almost constantly which gets quite annoying.

Up the hill you will meet a new enemy, Miner Minions. There is also a single Taskmaster.

The crates to the right by the rusted cars have a Healing Shard. South of those crates are some wooden platforms you can Flame Jump up to. Look out over the area. Notice the purple crystals on the device at the top of the post in the centre? Hit one with a Force Crossblade attack to spin the central device and (eventually) line the Swing Point up in front of you.

Swing over. Follow the path to the right and round to the south-west end of the ledge. Kill the Phantom Guard at the end. Hit the Blue Lurcher Demon and collect a Medium Lurcher Cache from the corpse by the wall.

Now go back and through the opening to the east. Sneak up on the Miner Minion here.

You will now learn about a new move with your Stasis Hollow. Throwing a charged Stasis Crossblade at some objects will freeze them for a time. Do so with the spinning crushers and quickly run over to the other side. There’s not much time to spare so don’t muck around!

Kill the Miner Minion over here and look up on the wall to the right to find a purple node with a Medium Lurcher Cache. Start heading north. As you pass the second post a pair of Spider-Crabs will appear. They are the local variant of Spiders. In addition to what you’ve seen they can burrow and attack from below and also block your attacks.

Deal with them and the Miner Minion ahead. By the Miner is a Small Lurcher Cache.

Enter the adjacent room and go up the ramp. Another Spider-Crab and Miner Minion await. Go through this room and out to a larger area. There will be some Miner Minions and a Spider-Crab as well as two Phantom Guards on the ground level. If you want a little help, over to the right you can ignite the pool of oil. With Flame Hollow you are safe but the enemies will take damage.

With them cleared, look back at where you came from. To the left of the entrance there is a small side room. Inside, to the left behind some barrels you can grab a Medium Lurcher Cache. A Spider-Crab will spawn in behind you when you enter this area. To the south-east of the central pole is a Frenzy Shard.

To the west of the oil pool is a wooden platform similar to the last big room. Jump up and this time swing east to the next platform. The next platform is over to the north. You need to hit the crystal on the central mechanism like last time, but switch to Stasis Hollow and as the swing point moves to the north, throw another Crossblade at the mechanism. Time your throw so it stops between the platform you are on and the one to the north.

It won’t stay there for long so quickly swing across. You will land next to a Small Lurcher Cache.

Drop down ahead and hit the purple lever which opens a gate in the previous room (essentially a shortcut). Now drop off the ledge to the north. Head to the west end and use Stasis Hollow to jump out. There is a single Miner Minion here. The barrels directly ahead contain a Wrath Shard.

Drop down to face some more Miners and another new enemy type, a Trauma Demon. These guys look big and nasty and have a range of melee swings and a leap attack. Not really anything you haven’t dealt with by now.

Clear the area and go all the way to the east and you will see a Piece of Adamantine. Go back and on the western wall to the right you will find another Piece of Adamantine.

From this second Piece, go through to the doorway to the right (north). Follow the path around the huge spinning drill and you will come across a Small Lurcher Cache. Continue all the way around and on the right wall you will come to an alcove where Vulgrim appears at Scar: Drilling Annex.

(NG+ note: If you are carrying a large number of souls, this is the perfect place to get the soul-collection achievements. Run into the spinning drill to die and you will respawn at the Vilgrim Plinth. Repeat until you unlock both achievements.)

From here, go to the south side of the room and around to the right, behind the large drill piece. At the end is a Force Wall. Ride it all the way down. On the ledge at the bottom is an Angelic Artifact. Go back up and run back around the drill piece to find an exit to the north-west.

The next new enemy in this area is a Phantom General. His appearance and attacks are familiar but his main feature is an ability to blow the horn he carries and summon aid, in the form of one or two Phantom Guard. These guys can be tough. Once the area is cleared you can loot.

When you first enter, there are two sets of barrels and crates to the right. The crates have a Healing Shard. Follow the left wall to find a Medium Lurcher Cache but be ready for a Spider-Crab to spawn behind you. On the wooden landing in the opposite corner from the entry, go past the barrels to the very northern end to find a Piece of Adamantine.

Now hit one of the purple crystals on the central post. When it stops it forms a Stasis Wall on the west side (no need to use Stasis to stop it spinning). Climb up and look to the right to see another Stasis Wall which you can also ascend. At the top two Spider-Crabs will emerge as you head down the ramp. Grab the Demonic Artifact at the bottom then jump over the barricade and save the penultimate Human (19/20).

Go back to the top of the first Stasis Wall. At the south end of the platform use the Swing Point to the east. Next you need to repeat the trick of spinning the central machine then freezing it as the Swing Point aligns to the north of your current location. Remember it won’t stay frozen for long! This can be very frustrating – you need to stop the Swing Point in the right place and if you fail you have to rotate the Stasis Wall to be able to get back up.

Right where you land is a Small Lurcher Cache. To the right is a lift of sorts. The purple crystal will call the lift but as it is already here it does nothing. In the centre of the lift is a floor plate which sets it in motion. The quick trip will attract the attention of the last Chosen, Grock. It will start throwing rocks at you and will continue through the next section, so don’t stop in one place for too long! There is plenty of cover so this is not as much of an obstacle as it may initially seem.

Exit the lift. Turn right to find a Small Lurcher Cache. There will be numerous enemies on the wooden walkways here - Miner Minions, Phantom Guard and a new enemy, the Demon Spearman. Run down the ramp to the north. Ignore the Demon Spearman on the top of the building ahead and run inside, then clear a few enemies. The crates near the bottom of the ramp you just used have a Large Lurcher Cluster. Flame Jump up above this to fight the Minion Spearman, with a Strength Shard behind it.

Drop off the top of the tower and go inside again. Find the ramp that leads down to the west, then south to reach a lower level. Take the next ramp to the south further down and around to the left is a crate with a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Head to the east side of this level. Ride the Force Wall to the end and go up the ramp to the right when you land. Smash the purple clump here which frees up the machinery behind it. Now take the Force Wall back up.

Take the ramps all the way up to the north. At the top look at the rock wall to the right for a purple node with a Small Lurcher Cache. Continue along the rock wall and at the end there is a ledge you can jump. Jump to a higher level and you will find an Angelic Artifact.

Drop down from here and take the ramp up in the south-west corner. This leads back to the tower you started in. Go back down the ramp to the west, but this time swing out to the west and attach to the Force Wall that is visible opposite. Go all the way to the right and drop down.

There will be two Phantom Guard (one hiding around the corner near the orb) over here and one of them will drop a Piece of Adamantine. A single Minion Spearman will probably join from the top level as well. Right at the edge in the north-east corner you will find a Large Lurcher Cache and upstairs at the southern edge is the fourth and final Invigoration Core which unlocks:

Maximum Capacity

Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Capacity 4 Times

Maximum Capacity
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To get back, Storm Glide to the south of the Core to a platform attached to the central tower. That’s everything so now make your way over to the south-east, where you will see another spinning device.

On the ledge behind it is a Small Lurcher Cache, hidden by crates. Now hit the purple crystal on the device and it will spin. Fortunately, no Stasis required this time!

Now make the harrowing triple spin over to the southern platform. Jump up to the right. Follow this path around and at the end guarding another lift is a Phantom Guard. Hit the switch here to do a few things. The gate next to it will open, revealing the way back to an area you should recognise. Another gate on the left wall in this area will open and water will run through, creating a pool below.

You can make it over to the left-hand gate with a Storm Glide but if you miss it, use Stasis Hollow to stand on the water below and Flame Jump to hop up. Take the path up. You will come across a Minion Spearman. Down the ramp to the right is a Miner Minion and a Phantom Guard. The crates near the wall on this platform have a Thorn Shard.

The next section is optional but must be done for two achievements. Remember this point and if you are racing to the finish, ignore the side path.

Drop down to the Trauma Demon on the left. It may be joined by a Spider-Crab – the crab is over to the far right and you may kill the Demon without triggering it. Deal with them both and against the wall on this platform is a Demonic Artifact. Now use the Wind Storm on this platform to Storm Glide up to the building to the north.

Go forwards up the steps and kill the Taskmaster up there. Note the lift to the left but continue forwards down the stairs and follow the path to a Phantom Guard. It will drop a Piece of Adamantine and past it will be a corpse with a Demonic Artifact.

This pathway is a loop so either backtrack or continue to make your way forwards or back around to the lift. Enter and step on the floor plate.

At the top of the lift, step off the plate then back on it to start the lift going back down. Jump out quickly but don’t go too far forwards or you will start the next scene. Turn around and over to the right of the lift shaft you can see a ledge you can Storm Glide to for a Piece of Adamantine.

For a missable achievement. you must fight Abraxis in the following battle. Be careful during the conversation and choose "Kill Abraxis".

Storm Glide back over and advance into the room to meet Abraxis. A long while back the Lord of Hollows sent you to kill Abraxis, so when given the choice, choose to do so, which enables an achievement later on. Entering the arena unlocks:

Demon Meddler

Meet Abraxis

Demon Meddler
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There is a Luminous Visage (13/16) in this area, up again the metal ‘window’ to the north-east (over your left shoulder when you regain control). Try to grab it at the start of the fight as afterwards you will spawn back down below and have to make the trip back up just to collect it.

Abraxis, like many bosses, has two phases. In his early phase his attacks are fairly slow and telegraphed. There is nothing special here. Once a quick scene plays, he will jump into the air and charge a beam attack. He can also call up a flame blast from underneath you and has a devastating charged sword attack.

Overall, he should be a surprisingly easy Boss. For all his fancy moves, timing your dodges against him is much easier than many other enemies. For defeating him you will receive the Soul of Abraxis Relic.



You regain control at the bottom of the lift. Go forwards and right to exit the building. Drop down and Flame Jump up to the platform opposite.

You will see some purple clumps on the Force Wall to the east. Destroy them with a Force Crossblade before heading across. Kill the Demon Spearman when you land and swing over to the east, starting with a double jump to reach the Swing Point.

You land on a platform with a Phantom General and a Demon Spearman. Once they are dealt with, look back at the previous Swing Point. Flame Jump up to the platform above and smash the barrel for a Small Healing Shard.

Drop down and the small barrel near you will have a Wrath Shard. The barrels to the left have a Sliver of Adamantine. Destroy the larger barrels by the wooden section of wall to find a Small Healing Shard. Towards the east of the platform there is a Large Lurcher Cluster in yet another barrel.

On the south wall you will see a Stasis Wall inside the wooden structure. Smash the barrel to access it but for now just drop down two levels where you will find a Havoc Shard at the edge. Jump back up and past the Stasis Wall you will see an Angelic Artifact ahead. Grab it then use the Stasis Wall to ascend.

On the west wall up here is a Piece of Adamantine. As you cross this platform you will see Vulgrim appear on the right. This is Scar: The Lowlands.

From the Vulgrim point you will be able to see a large dust cyclone outside to the north. This annoying entity is The Tempest. In the next area The Tempest will chase after you when you are out in the open. It insta-kills you if you get too close!

From the east end of the platform, jump off to the north when The Tempest is over in the far corner. Your destination is the Subway tunnel entrance over to the right.

Tempest 1

The Tempest needs to be right over the back left of the area or you will not make it. Be sure to sprint by pressing cn_LS. Once you are inside the tunnel, you are safe. This can be a frustrating run - the timing is a very tight and if The Tempest is not in the exact spot you won't make it. Don't do anything fancy like a Flame Jump or Storm Glide when you first drop down - get the ground as fast as you can and start sprinting. I tended to have more luck with Force Hollow but that may just be a coincidence. Keep at it and eventually you will reach safety.

Go down the stairs and through the low tunnel on the left. The game will give you a hint to switch to Force Hollow as three Minions ahead are sucked up through the roof. You will share the same fate unless you activate Force Hollow.

Walk down and go all the way to the end, where you can see a Demonic Artifact. Head back and at the base of the stairs, turn left into a short tunnel heading east. At the edge of the tunnel here is a Medium Lurcher Cache. Go back and cross over to the orange-lit tunnel to the west, heading down more stairs.

In the room at the bottom of the stairs, turn left to find Vulgrim at Scar: The Dust Halls.

Step on the floor plate on the ledge here to start the conveyer below. After a moment a Force Block will appear and the conveyer will move it over to the right where it will fall on the floor. Jump down and run over to the Block and then underneath the conveyer to find a Small Lurcher Cache.

Now hop up onto the Force Block and from there you can Flame Jump up to an opening above and enter the adjacent room. Head over and smash the Force Switch on the opposite side. This opens the gate back to the previous room.

You now need to push the Force Block over the water below and onto the floor plate underneath the Force Switch. To achieve this, equip Stasis Hollow and run over the water from the plate to the Block to freeze it. Switch to Force Hollow and hit the Block over to the plate. If you’re fast enough, the Block will slide over the frozen water and hold down the floor plate, opening the door to the west. If you’re too slow and the block sinks, go back and use the conveyer to get another one.

For some reason, gates open on the east and west walls but the path to the east is blocked. Go west and around the corner. Two Miner Minions occupy this small area, the first of which will be waiting in ambush at the corner. There is a purple node on the west wall with a Small Lurcher Cache. Roll up the Force Wall to continue.

At the top jump back over to the south and around the corner you will find a Piece of Adamantine. This should be the latest you will unlock:

Unbreakable Will

Collect 30 Pieces of Adamantine

Unbreakable Will
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Go back and follow the path up and around where you enter a low tunnel leading outside again.

Keep Force Hollow on here as The Tempest can suck you up even when you are still under the low tunnel. Pretty much straight ahead you will see a sunken Subway sign – that is your next destination.

Tempest 2

Wait until The Tempest is over in the back left and run for it. Ignore the orbs off to the sides of the path here – you will have an opportunity to return later without The Tempest to worry about.

Once you are undercover again, you are safe. Take the stairs down to the left. Force Attack the switch at the bottom of the stairs to open a gate back to the conveyer room as a shortcut. Now go up the tunnel to the right of it. Cross the Force Wall when you come to it and enter the long tunnel.

Your goal here is to move the Force Block from the east to the wall at the west. As The Tempest passes overhead it will lift up both the Block and a metal bridge in the centre of the room. Make sure you have Force Hollow activated the whole time in this room. While overhead, The Tempest will follow your movements, until you move to one end or another when it will move away.

Ignore the Block for a moment and go to the east end, using the Force Walls to avoid dropping down. On the north wall is a doorway blocked by a purple clump – smash it down to access the room behind where you can grab an Angelic Artifact.

The Tempest should have picked up the block and deposited it just outside the window in this room. Still inside the room, wait until The Tempest goes away (you have to operate by sound to gauge its distance). Hit it so it goes west and drops down into the hole. Go after it, dropping down and hitting it further west but still down the hole. Now use the Force Wall on the right to get back up.

By now The Tempest should be back and will suck the Block up the roof. Slow edge to the west and The Tempest, with the Block, will follow you. Don’t go too fast or The Tempest will lose interest and may take the Block back the other way. A little way along the Block will be sucked up to a higher section in the roof, meaning it can’t go back to the east.

Now go further west under cover and when The Tempest leaves, the block will fall, with enough space for you to get to the east of it and hit it – do so until it reaches the wall at the west end.

Now hop onto the block and Flame Jump up. On the north end of the room there is a higher level to the left – there is a Small Lurcher Cache behind some barrels.

Drop down and look underneath this spot to find the tunnel to proceed. Around the corner at the end you will find Vulgrim at Scar: Demon’s Peak.

Take either set of stairs up in this room and go through the tunnel to the east. At the junction, turn right to find a Small Lurcher Cache hidden in an alcove on the right at the end. Go back and head the other way. The next room has two Miner Minions and a Spider-Crab (NG+ notes: A Forsaken Demon will also emerge in the centre of the room). On the south wall is a Small Lurcher Cache and the barrels next to it contain a Large Healing Shard.

On the west side of the room is a set of tunnels. Go left first and deal with a single Demon Spearman on the steps. At the bottom is a Demonic Artifact and a Force Switch which opens a shortcut gate. Go back upstairs and down the other path.

In the outside area ahead, there are some Miner Minions, a Phantom Guard and two Trauma Demons. Definitely bait them one or two at a time. Just around to the right from the bottom of the stairs is a pool of oil which you can ignite for some extra help. Obviously, you are out of the clutches of The Tempest so don’t worry about that for now.



Once the area is cleared, find a low tunnel in the building to the south of the stairs - it's behind a set of barricades. Go through and in this area two Spider-Crabs will emerge. Once they’re gone, grab a Demonic Artifact from the edge to the right. Now go back through the low tunnel to the previous area.

Look to the end of the fence in the north-west corner for a Piece of Adamantine. The crates by the oil pool contain a Wrath Shard and over by the edge in the north-east is a Large Lurcher Cache; another pair of Spider-Crabs will attack when you approach it.

To the east of the oil pool is a ledge on the rock wall you can Flame Jump up to. Continue up to the top and kill the two Miner Minions. From here you can jump onto one of the mechanical platforms floating past and ride it forward.

Jump over to the first ledge on the left and deal with the Minion Spearman. On the opposite side is a Small Lurcher Cache. From here look to the building ahead – to the south-east there is a ledge below with an orb on it – this is an Undying Shard. Now Flame Jump back up to the previous platform (if you fall just go through the building and loop around again). From here jump back onto one of the platforms and continue.

Up ahead your ride comes to an end as the platform will dump you into some crushers. Jump off to the wooden platform on the left before that happens! Enter the building here to find a Stasis Wall. Climb up and use a Force Crossblade to hit the switch on the roof and stop the machine. Before you jump down the hole, look around to the right to find a Small Lurcher Cache.

As you drop down, your target is the level directly below. If you fall all the way down, a hatch will have opened on the lower section of the drill which you use to jump back up. Look to the west to see a Swing Point. Use it to head outside.

On a ledge ahead to the west is a Medium Lurcher Cache. To the right of this is a purple node with a Small Lurcher Cache. Take the path in the north-west. Kill the Miner Minion ahead (NG+ note: It will be joined by a Forsaken Demon). Note the low tunnel just past it. Before using it, take the path down the north. There is a Taskmaster, a Minion Spearman and a Miner Minion down here. At the edge of the rock platform is a Small Lurcher Cache while at the edge of the wooden platform is a Rejuvenation Core.

Now return to the low tunnel and go through to the next area. Kill the Miner Minion ahead and grab a Strength Shard next to it. Turn right and kill the Miner Minion on the wooden platform to the right. From here you can see another Miner further up and a Phantom General hiding behind some rocks on the opposite side.

In the central area near the General’s hiding spot is a Small Lurcher Cache.

Head back to the platform by the conveyer. The barrels just near it have a Wrath Shard. Jump onto the platform and look west along the conveyer. You will see a second conveyer feeding it from the building on the opposite side.

Use a Stasis Crossblade shot to freeze the first conveyer and run west. Fire another Stasis Crossblade at the second conveyer and run up it to the top. There is a single Minion Spearman up here.

Head right up into the north-west corner. To the right you can smash a barricade blocking a doorway and enter to find a Piece of Adamantine.

Exit and go to the opening to the left of the conveyer, back at the south end. Jump up to the wooden ledge ahead and over to the next one where you can grab a Small Lurcher Cache.

Drop down into the room and two Spider-Crabs will attack. Grab a Fortification Shard by the gate to the east and hit the Force Switch to open that gate for a shortcut.

Flame Jump back to the north-west corner and return to the area at the top of the conveyer. Look to the east where the metal platforms are emerging from. Flame Jump up and over the gap to find a small balcony on the other side. The Elite Phantom Guard here drops a Piece of Adamantine. At the far end of the balcony is a Demonic Artifact. Now Flame Jump back to the previous area.

Use the central Stasis Wall here to jump up and get to the ledge above. From here you can jump back onto a mechanical platform to continue.

Ignore the Spearman on the right side and Flame Jump up to the higher platform on the left when you get to it. You will find Vulgrim at Scar: Chasm Overlook inside the room ahead. To the left is an Angelic Artifact. Outside, take the path to the left.

Just past some metal bars look across to the right to see a wooden bridge leading to the other side. Go over and deal with a Phantom Guard and that annoying Demon Spearman. At the base of the ramp here look north to find a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Now go back to the west and drop down to the lower platform below with the spinning crusher machines in the centre. Clear the Phantom Guard and two Miners here. Collect the Blue Lurcher Demon. By the west wall you will see a Large Lurcher Cache. The crates next to it have a Large Healing Shard.

Go to the pit in the centre with the two machines. Look down and you will see a wooden platform under the south-west corner - that is your target. Throw a Stasis Crossblade to freeze the machines and jump down, dropping past them to the bottom area. In the south-east corner you will find a Demonic Artifact. This will be the latest you will unlock:

Demon Keeper

Collect 50 Demonic Artifacts

Demon Keeper
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

To the west under one of the machines is a Chunk of Adamantine. This will be your third Chunk, which unlocks:

Purity of Power

Collect 3 Chunks of Adamantine

Purity of Power
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The opening to the north leads to the last Human (20/20), unlocking:


Save 20 Humans

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

This also means that Ulthane will upgrade your Rider’s Mercy Relic to its highest level the next time you visit him at the Maker’s Forge.

You can now proceed. Back out and, in theory, freeze the machinery again and quickly climb back up (if you are too slow and get crushed you will respawn back up at the Vulgrim point above anyway). More often than not this won't work and you can't jump onto the machinery - in that case just die to respawn up above. Climb the Stasis Wall in the south-west corner.

Go to the east end of this platform to reach Vulgrim again. Make a trip back to Haven: Maker's Forge to upgrade your Rider's Mercy, granting you Physical And Arcane Damage +10%.

Go back the way you came and look to the south for an opening that leads to the Chosen who was throwing rocks at you a while back, The Grock. It has a fairly basic set of attacks. A rock throw, a wide arc attack with its club or a damaging three-hit combo and finally a ground pound. It telegraphs the attacks so despite its size it should be manageable.

On death it will drop another Essence of a Chosen. Against the wall on the west side in the centre is a Piece of Adamantine and to the south of this is a Large Lurcher Cache. Over to the south-east is a short low tunnel leading to a room with a Force Switch.

This starts the conveyer below and opens the gates on the far left and right sides. Through the left you can find an Angelic Artifact. Go through the right to continue. You should recognise this area from previously. Immediately on the right is a Healing Shard. Go east but before you drop down look left to find a Piece of Adamantine. Drop all the way down and clear the enemies again if they have respawned.

The conveyer you froze before is now transporting Stasis Blocks. At the far end where the blocks are falling into the crusher there is a platform up above. You need to throw a Stasis Crossblade at the conveyer to stop the Stasis Blocks near the crusher. Stasis Jump up between them and then jump over to that platform.

Up here you will see a Medium Lurcher Cache. Go through the low tunnel in the back wall. Once you exit, hit the Force Switch ahead to open the gates on either side. The left is a shortcut so head to the right. You should hear The Tempest but should be safe for now.

A Spider-Crab will drop in as you proceed. The barrels in the corner ahead have a Large Lurcher Cluster. Up the slope to the left is a Taskmaster and a Phantom Guard. Hop on the metal platform above the vat on the left side to grab a Large Lurcher Cache. Use the scaffolding or the stairs to get up to the hole in the south-west corner.

In the small room to the right is a purple node with a Small Lurcher Cache. Go up the nearby ramp and at the end of the pathway is a ledge overlooking another open area.

Tempest 3

Over to the right is another Subway station. Wait until The Tempest is over to the far left then drop down and sprint over there. Directly ahead down the stairs is a Small Lurcher Cache. To the right Vulgrim arrives at Scar: Refinery. This is the last time you talk to Vulgrim before the first of three tough Boss battles. You should have collected plenty of Havoc Shards but consider buying a few if you have been using them. An absolute minimum of two per battle, six in total, is recommended but more would be preferable. You can restock between the last three battles. Obviously this should be less of an issue on Story difficulty.

You should also be able to upgrade the Juggernaut Enhancement to Balanced. The next Enhancement to focus on will be Fafnir, along the Angelic path.



Return to Scar: Refinery. Follow the tunnel opposite Vulgrim and you will come to another Force Block/Tempest puzzle.

Head down and knock the Force Block into the tunnel. Drop down to attract The Tempest and run back into the room at the end. The Tempest will drop the Block at the edge. From here, you can hit it to the floor plate in a single hit.

Once it is in place, quickly switch to Stasis Hollow as you start moving towards the Block. Throw a Stasis Crossblade at the Block, then switch back to Force Hollow as fast as you can, before The Tempest returns and kills you. Stasis will keep the block on the plate long enough for you to sprint through the now-opened gate at the south end.

Once you get the sequence down this is not too difficult.

Up the ramp to the left is a Force Switch which opens both the previous gate permanently and the one ahead. In the next room go to the east end and by the metal fence on the left you can find a Small Lurcher Cache.

Now to answer the age-old question of “How to you defeat an angry Tornado?” Go back the way you came and hit the Force Switch you just ran past to start the nearby machinery. This will pump oil out of the pipe near the large opening in the north wall. Send a Flame Crossblade into the pool to dispatch this annoying enemy.

Head out into the open area. To the left near a metal grill on the ground is a Piece of Adamantine. From here you can see an orb by the north wall towards the west end. It’s a Luminous Visage (14/16). Head east along this wall and opposite the oil pool you will find a Demonic Artifact. In front of the opening at the east end is a Medium Lurcher Cache.

Go through that opening. Around to the right is a red node on the roof with a Small Lurcher Cache. Head down the slope nearby. As you enter the room at the bottom, look left to see a Piece of Adamantine. Use the Force Switch in the room to open the gate ahead and proceed through.

At the far end of this corridor, just before the far gate that also opened, will be an Angelic Artifact. That is the 50th listed in the guide so, if you haven't already, you will unlock:

Holy Keeper

Collect 50 Angelic Artifacts

Holy Keeper
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Head through the opening to the south, near the gate, to enter a lift. Step on the floor plate to head up to deal with Wrath, for good this time.

This battle is unique in that there will be several other enemies battling each other and you while you target Wrath. Wrath will sometimes kill them and replenish his health. Aside from standard attacks he has a ground pound that sends out two waves that you have to double-jump to avoid.

In the first phase of the game he spends most of this time chasing lesser enemies to replenish health once you have smacked him a bit. This phase should be fairly simple, although it can be frustrating trying to get his health all the way down. The cyclones from the Storm Hollow Wrath Attack will chase him as he tries to replenish.

During the second phase he has a special attack where he will raise his blades then strike them together, creating a whirlwind around him. If you are caught in this, you will be trapped taking damage and it’s virtually an insta-kill. Your two options are to run, in which case Wrath will chase after you with the whirlwind active, or to get so close to him that you are inside the whirlwind. The latter option is riskier but probably better.

Your Havoc Form attack should be saved for the second phase of the battle, although you should have plenty of Havoc Shards so consider using Havoc Form in both phases if you need to - (NG+ note: Even on Apocalyptic difficulty, with the equipment recommended one use of Havoc Form in each phase should be enough to defeat Wrath).

Once you manage to kill Wrath, you will unlock:

Seeing Red

Defeat Wrath

Seeing Red
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

When you regain control, you will be back in the hallway by the lift which will no longer be available. You will receive a Luminous Visage (15/16) for your troubles.

Go through the gate to the east and follow the wooden platform around. Drop down off the end and use the Serpent Hole at Scar: Drilling Annex.

There is one quick backtrack you can do now that The Tempest is gone. Travel to Scar: The Dust Halls. Go down the stairs to the left, over the conveyer and up the opposite stairs. Take the stairs to the right and continue all the way up until you exit the station. It seems eerily quiet here now, doesn’t it!

Look to the north-east to see an orb not too far away – it’s a Luminous Visage (16/16). From here look west and you should see another orb over towards to rock wall. It’s an Angelic Artifact.

Scar Backtrack

Now re-enter the Subway station and retrace your steps back to Scar: The Dust Halls.

For the next achievement you must talk to the Lord of Hollows now before the final battle. He is not available afterwards, making the achievement missable. Head to Hollows: The Lord of Hollow’s Chamber.

Go up the ramp and talk to the Lord.

For a missable achievement, you must choose to spare him when given the choice.

Having already killed Abraxis and now sparing the Lord of Hollows you will unlock:

A Parting Gift

Receive the Lord of the Hollows' Final Gift

A Parting Gift
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

At this point, you should be around Level 60, with an even spread of Attribute Points between Health, Physical and Arcane (20, 21, 21).

Go back down the ramp and use the Serpent Hole to go to Haven: South End.



You are heading straight to the next Boss battle. Make sure you have Havoc Form ready and a full Wrath bar as well as some Havoc Shards to spare. Coming right after the Wrath battle you may want to grind at the graveyard at the Church or wait a few minutes for everything to recharge.

Through the shimmering portal outside the Church you will find Pride. You will get a warning that you are entering the Final Act. This simply means some optional encounters are locked out but you should have already done everything you need to. You can still explore and continue to upgrade afterwards.

Head up the grand staircase and the door ahead will slowly open. Enter the arena for a scene. Pride has a few unique attacks. She will slam her sword into the ground and create a shockwave that pushes you back and a shimmering shield around herself which protects her from damage until it is destroyed. She will summon a ranged attack by raising her sword. She has a charge attack and will also jump up and rush down at you.

During the second part of the fight she unleashes a statue head that floats around the arena and shoots a beam attack across the area – these are quite deadly so avoid them at all costs. Saving Havoc Form and your Wrath Attack for this phase makes the battle go a bit quicker. This is another battle to consider using a Havoc Shard so you can use Havoc Form in both phases.

Once she is defeated, you will unlock:


Defeat Pride

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

In the first cutscene following this battle, the game would shut down my One X, right as the blocks fall on Fury. If this happens, you will restart at the base of the grand staircase and have to re-fight the battle with Pride. The way around the crash is to skip the first in this series of cutscenes. You can watch it here (with thanks to Youtuber Game Intros & Finales). You should be able to safely watch the all the subsequent scenes. This did not happen at all on my One S.

Once you are back in control at Maker's Forge, drop down and watch a scene with Ulthane. Now is the time to upgrade what you can. If you are planning on playing the DLC, I recommend against breaking all those Luminous Visages. I found the DLC to be easier at around Level 60 (maybe be something to do with the enemy scaling?). You can always break them if you find the going too tough.

The most efficient path now is to break off from the main story and go and complete the two paid DLC while still on Story difficulty. Come back after that and beat the final Boss where you will access New Game+ and continue straight into your Apocalyptic run.

If want to see the story through now, however, you have the option of returning to this point after the battle. It just means you will have to fight the final Boss a second time to access the NG+ menu later on. It’s up to you, but be very careful when selecting from the NG+ menu – once you have chosen NG+ there is no coming back.

If you choose to break off and head to the DLC, start with The Crucible and then go to the Keepers of the Void.

To finish the story now, continue on this page.

Now is finally the time to break all your Luminous Visages. If you have completed the DLC, you can expect to reach Level 82 here! Once you are ready, jump into the Reflecting Pool at the centre of the Maker’s Forge and press cn_B to face the final battle.

This is another buggy cutscene. I often spawned into the final arena but no cutscene played, leaving me in an empty arena with no enemies and nothing to do. Exit to the title screen and continue if this happens – a scene with Envy should play immediately. You can also try dropping into the lava which may respawn you on the arena and trigger the cutscene.

Another crash may be linked to armour and attachments - if you are having problems, try removing all armour and enhancements. I couldn't replicate the problems but I assume you can switch back to them once the battle starts.

Envy shows her true nature by carrying what appears to be the weapons and armour of all four Horsemen. She has fairly standard melee attacks with her sword. She will point a sword at you and perform a charging stab attack (this a very fast attack). She will also slam a blade into the ground and create a Blade Geyser. She also throws her scythe in a few ways.

After taking some damage, Envy will summon ghostly forms of the other Sins. They will appear for a single attack then disappear and you cannot fight them - just dodge their attack. The Sin that appears is random. All their attacks you should be familiar with from their individual battles and remember that Envy will still be attacking as well.

Eventually you will whittle her health down and unlock:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Defeat the Final Sin

Everybody Wants to Rule the World
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

As the scenes play out you will unlock the first end-game achievement (if you chose to fight through on a higher difficulty, you will unlock those achievements too, but in this guide that will come later):

Protector of Humanity

Complete the Game on Any Difficulty Setting

Protector of Humanity
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStory CompletedStackable

After the credits, which you can skip, and one final scene you will reach the New Game + menu. If you have already completed or don’t have the DLC then go ahead and select Apocalyptic. Once you go to New Game + there is no coming back and there is no warning or confirmation once you make a selection, so choose carefully. You will return to the main menu. Proceed to the Apocalyptic/NG+ page of this walkthrough.

Otherwise choose “Cancel” to return to the main menu. Continuing from there will return you to Maker’s Forge before you attempted the final battle. You can still explore extensively. Even if you purchase the DLC right now, they can still be accessed on this playthrough. This is your last chance to access the DLC on Story difficulty (unless you change difficulties at the end of your NG+).

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