16. Darksiders III Apocalyptic/New Game +Update notes

After making your choice at the NG+ menu, you will be returned to the main menu. A reminder here that that the game calls this Armageddon Mode but to avoid confusion with the Apocalyptic difficulty, it will be referred to as NG+.

You will keep everything except the Hollow powers, putting you at a considerable advantage.

Your goals on the second playthrough are to complete the game a second time, mop up any miscellaneous achievements and reach Level 100.




The first two goals are fairly self-explanatory. Reaching level 100 is the only one you need to plan for. If you have followed the guide so far, you should be around Level 82 (if you completed the DLC). If you collect all 16 available Luminous Visages again, you won't really need to collect many souls (although read ahead). This means on this playthrough you can ignore the Backtracking pages.

There are reports of a glitch relating to reaching Level 100 if you use a Luminous Visage to get there. I don’t know if this has been patched but I wasn’t going to risk it. Make sure you use souls just in case. It costs 60,865 souls from Level 99 to 100.

This time around you can use your Luminous Visages as you collect them. You will collect more than enough souls to reach Level 100.

Depending on how you are finding it, keep distributing your Attribute Points evenly until you reach around 28-30 in Health, Physical and Arcane. From there, put all your points into Arcane. This increases the damage output in Havoc Form which will help in the last few battles.

Be sure to save up some Lurchers – you can easily reach around 150,000 to 200,000 - around the time you start at the Scar (Story page 6). Once you do, you want to intentionally kill yourself for the soul collection achievements. The Blue Lurcher Demons from when you die count towards these achievements, so you want to suicide so you can re-collect all those souls.

The best place for this is Scar: Drilling Annex. This only works if you haven’t already shut down the machine. There is a (NG+ note) in the walkthrough to remind you. From Vulgrim, go left and suicide by jumping towards the spinning machine - no enemies required. When you respawn at Vulgrim, repeat the process until both achievements have unlocked.

You will have almost definitely already obtained the achievement for collecting 100,000 souls. Continue dying and recollecting your souls until you have collected a total of 1,000,000 souls. Obviously, the more souls you are carrying, the faster this will be.

With that done, continue to level up, heeding the warning above, and once you have reached level 100 you will unlock:



There are a few changes in NG+. Unique items that you have already collected, like Enhancements, are replaced with Forsaken Lurcher Crystals I which are worth 6000 souls. Saving Humans does nothing as your Rider’s Mercy is already fully upgraded.

There is a new form of enemy, the Forsaken. They generally replace existing enemies but there are few that pop up unexpectedly. They take various forms, so you will come across Forsaken Skeletons and Minions, amongst others.

You will spot most from a distance, or at least be expecting a fight, so not every Forsaken enemy is mentioned. The (NG+ notes) in the guide identify those enemies, Forsaken Demons, who appear unexpectedly. Just make sure your Havoc Bar is charged before you approach them as they can be challenging to fight normally.

Forsaken enemies are just slightly tougher versions of the regular enemies. They drop Wisdom Shards, which increase the amount of lurchers you gain from defeated enemies for a short time, or Oblivion Ores, which is used to upgrade your armour.

Armour is upgraded by Ulthane in much the same way as your weapons. The first tier of upgrading is Slivers of Oblivion Ore (up to +3). You need 3 Slivers for +1, 6 Slivers for +2 and 9 Slivers for +3. You will find some Fragments of Oblivion Ore but likely not enough to upgrade any further. The first time you upgrade armour you will unlock:



The short version is spam your Havoc Form all the time!

From the main menu, select Continue. As you follow the walkthrough pages again, take note of the (NG+ notes). You will collect more resources and items than you need. Remember to periodically return to Maker’s Forge to upgrade weapons, armour and enhancements.

With the upgrades recommended, especially if you have obtained the Panoply of Champions armour from the Crucible, you can use Havoc Form for virtually every battle. It only takes a few minutes to recharge so if you are struggling you can just wait until it is recharged and then proceed. Remember to turn off Havoc Form if all the enemies are defeated. Even smaller enemies like Swarm can be a challenge but a few seconds in Havoc Form can clear an entire group of them easily.

As you can use Havoc so often, you should quickly rack up the 666 kills required for:

Follow the story walkthrough pages once again. You should collect any orbs on your path and ignore the side paths, Chosen battles and most backtracking if you want (you should still collect all the Luminous Visages, although you should still be able to skip a few of them). Level 100 is more than enough to complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty so there should be no need to plan to go further than that.

As you go, continue to upgrade your weapons, Enhancements and armour. You should already have Chaos, Enoch, Fortifier and Juggernaut to Balanced. I recommend Fafnir and Shade - you should end up with enough Artifacts to Balance more Enhancements than you can equip, so feel free to experiment with the others.

If you didn’t before, stock up on Havoc Shards for the tougher battles. Even the toughest Bosses should go down in two Havoc Form activations.

After completing the game again, you will unlock:

And for completing a NG+ game (Armageddon Mode), you’ll obtain:

Congratulations on the completion! Hopefully this guide was helpful and you enjoyed the game.


One final note: if you don't own the DLC, at the final menu I recommend to choose Cancel, putting you back before the final battle in NG+. That way, if you ever purchase the DLC at a later time, you can still complete them on Story difficulty by changing the difficulty under Options > Gameplay in the Menu and travelling straight to them. Once you start NG++, you would need to play through almost all of the game to be able to unlock your Hollow powers again and access all of the DLC. Even if you're not planning on returning to the game, why not leave yourself the option?

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