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cn_LS – Movement

- Press cn_LS - Sprint

cn_RS – Camera control

cn_RB – Dash or dodge

cn_A – Jump (press a second time in the air for a double jump)

cn_X – Primary attack with the Barbs of Scorn whip

cn_X Is also used to attach to Swing Points whilst in the air

cn_Y – Secondary attack (available when a Hollow is activated – see below). Hold to perform a stronger Hollow Attack which will be used throughout the game.

cn_RT – Throw the Crossblade. This is a boomerang-style weapon that you will collect through story progression. Hold before releasing for a charged or Hollow Attack. Again, using Hollow Crossblades will be a regular occurrence throughout the game.

cn_LS – Aiming mode. Shifts perspective slightly and adds a crosshair to the screen (used with the Crossblade)

cn_LT – Lock onto enemies. This will display the enemy’s health bar above them and focus your attacks on that single enemy (excluding Havoc Form – you must manually target the enemy when it is active).

– In aiming mode, hold to ‘tag’ enemies with the Crossblade.

When swimming underwater:

cn_B – To descend

cn_A – To ascend




Hollows are special powers. You will unlock them through story progression. You can identify which hollow is active by the colour of Fury’s hair, as listed below. Each comes with special moves and a unique weapon.

cn_RB – Hold to remove any activated Hollow (mauve?)

cn_RB and cn_B – Activate Flame Hollow (red)

Special move: Flame Jump. Performed by holding cn_A. This can be done from the ground, after a single or double jump and even after a whip swing. With Flame Hollow active, you can walk in lava without taking damage.

Weapon: Chains of Scorn

cn_RB and cn_Y – Activate Storm Hollow (yellow)

Special move: Storm Glide. Jump and hold cn_A to glide. Throughout the game you will find fixed swirling tubes of wind, called Wind Storms. If you Storm Glide into one it will shoot you up to a higher area.

Weapon: Lance of Scorn

cn_RB and cn_A – Activate Force Hollow (purple)

Special move: Force Walls. You will come across blue/purple crystal paths. Hold cn_A and you will transform into a large ball which will attach to these walls like a magnet. You can then roll along the path.

Force Hollow also gives the ability to walk underwater; in fact, you cannot swim at all when the Hollow is active. The advantage is that you can fight – enemies start appearing underwater later in the game. There is no way to attack them otherwise.

Weapon: Mallet of Scorn

cn_RB and cn_X – Activate Stasis Hollow (white)

Special move: Climb Stasis Walls. These appear as a pair of shimmering white/blue walls. Jump towards one and hold cn_A while in the air. You will hold onto the wall. Release cn_A to leap over to the opposite wall. Hold cn_A again to grab the other wall. Repeat the process until you reach the top.

As the name implies, you can freeze some moving items for a moment with your Stasis Crossblade. This mechanic is used late in the game in the Scar region.

Finally, when you jump on water it will freeze underneath you, allowing you to stand or run over the top of the water.

Weapon: Edge of Scorn




Fury has two special attacks that need to be charged before they can be used. Their bars are at the top left of the screen. The green bar is your health. Below that is an orange/red bar which is the Wrath Attack bar – it will be orange as it fills and turns red once it is full and can be used. To the left of these is a spiral image that fills with red and turns into a demonic face once it is full. This is the Havoc Bar. Both bars are filled by defeating enemies or by equipping specific equipment that will replenish them over time.

cn_LB and cn_RB – Wrath Attack. This has a different effect depending on which Hollow you have activated.

  • With no Hollow, transform into Havoc Mode for a moment, spinning and jumping in an area attack
  • With Flame Hollow, creates an explosion and sets Fury on fire for a time, also igniting and damaging enemies
  • With Storm Hollow, three typhoons will circle around, targeting your enemies. Can interrupt their attacks
  • With Force Hollow, creates a shockwave attack that damages enemies and pushes them away
  • With Stasis Hollow, covers Fury in a stasis field. Attacking enemies are slowed for a time

cn_LB and cn_RT – Havoc Form. Think of this as a beast mode. You transform into a large red demon. You will deal out Arcane damage. In Havoc Form your only attack is mashing cn_X.

Any damage you take whilst in Havoc Form reduces the Havoc bar. You cannot be injured and will also replenish some of your health while it is active. As mentioned above, holding cn_LT will lock onto an enemy but you still need to manually align your attacks.

Once it is activated, the spiral image in the top left with wind down – once it is out of red, you will automatically revert to standard form. You can, and should, turn off Havoc Form if you have cleared out all the enemies by pressing cn_LB and cn_RT again – this stops the spiral so you will already be some way to fully charging it again.




Throughout the game you will find orbs. These can be collected by walking near them and pressing cn_B when the prompt appears. They contain resources, both for use in-game and for upgrading.

Resources include Lurcher Crystals and several types of Shards which buff your powers for a short time.

Lurcher Crystals come in several different types and sizes. They can be shattered for Blue Lurchers which are discussed below.

The Shards you can collect are:

  • Health Shards: restore a portion of your health. Come in different sizes.
  • Havoc Shards: fully restore your Havoc bar – very useful and should be saved for Boss battles or problematic fights.
  • Wrath Shards: fully restore your Wrath bar – again, save them for larger encounters.
  • Strength Shards: increases physical damage output
  • Fortification Shards: reduces incoming damage
  • Thorn Shards: reflects a portion of damage back at the attacker
  • Undying Shards: stops you from dying when your health is spent
  • Arcane Shards: boosts Arcane damage output
  • Frenzy Shards: improve attack speed

Your active item, Shards or a special healing item, the Nephilim’s Respite, is displayed on the bottom left of the screen. Use cn_right and cn_left to scroll through them. Press cn_up to use the displayed item. cn_down returns to the Nephilim’s Respite. Shards have a cooldown time until you can use it again. This applies to all types of Shards, so if use a Strength Shard you cannot use a Thorn Shard until the cooldown is done. The Nephilim’s Respite does not have a cooldown.

Resources are used to upgrade and will be discussed in more detail on the next page.

In addition to the orbs listed on the story walkthrough pages, some enemies will randomly drop additional orbs. On rare occasions, orbs may not be there at all.

For collecting 500 orbs of any type, which will happen naturally, you will unlock:

Cleanup Crew

Pickup 500 Item Drops

Cleanup Crew
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There are three forms of Lurchers (Souls) you will collect in the game. Lurchers are awarded for killing enemies and can be found by destroying small environmental objects.

Blue Lurchers are used as currency. The number of Blue Lurchers you are currently carrying is shown on the bottom right of the screen, next to a blue skull icon. Blue lurchers are used with the game’s trader, Vulgrim. You can either purchase items or feed the souls to Vulgrim to level up. Following this guide, you will find ample supplies so there should be no need to use these souls to buy anything. As there is an achievement for reaching level 100, it is recommended that you use all your Blue Lurchers to level up.

The main supply of Blue Lurchers will be Lurcher Crystal orbs that can be found throughout the game as mentioned above. These come in various formats – clumps, clusters, etc… Once collected, they are stored in your inventory and must be shattered to use them. Whenever you come across Vulgrim, shatter any crystals in your inventory and feed them to him.

There is a very useful item called the Luminous Visage. There are only sixteen in the base game and two can be found in the Keepers of the Void. Once collected, they are found on the same Inventory page as the Lurcher Crystals and will increase your level by 1 when shattered. The reason for the warning is that they are much more valuable when used at higher levels.

As with many games, the souls required to level up at higher levels is much more than those for lower levels. For example, to go from Level 4 to 5 costs 1,115 souls. Level 99 to 100 costs 60,865 souls. Each would still only cost one Luminous Visage.

For this reason, you want to save all your Luminous Visages until late in the game.

When you shatter Lurcher Crystals, be very careful not to accidentally shatter your Luminous Visages. Shattering crystals is done by holding cn_A to shatter them individually or cn_X to shatter all of a particular type. You will see a circle around the control icons at the bottom of the screen fill up.

It’s not the end of the world if you accidentally shatter your Luminous Visages but it will mean that you will potentially need to grind for souls, although there is some leeway in the guide.

Each time you level up you gain an attribute point. From the game menu (cn_start), you can choose to put that point into Health, Physical or Arcane. The first two are obvious. Arcane relates to your counter attacks and two special attacks (Havoc and Wrath). An even spread across all three works fine although in NG+, once you have around 30 points in each, you can favour Arcane slightly as you will be using your Havoc Form more often.

Green Lurchers are linked to health. You start the game with a healing object, the Nephilim’s Respite. Using it will replenish some of your health. You start with just two but will collect more as you play, along with increasing the amount of health you replenish with each use. Green Lurchers will restock one Nephilim Respite, up to the maximum you have at the time. If you are already at maximum, the Green Lurcher will do nothing and be lost.

The last is the Yellow Lurcher. These build up your Wrath and Havoc bars.

It’s worth mentioning here that there is a creature in the game called a Blue Lurcher Demon. These hold souls and will absorb any in the nearby area that you find. Hit the Demon with any attack to obtain those souls. They also spawn at the location you die, but more on that below.

There are a few spots in the game that are great for grinding souls. The idea is to kill all the enemies, leaving one and letting it kill you. You will respawn at a Vulgrim Plinth and can rinse and repeat. You’ll earn Lurchers for killing the enemies but remember to collect them from the Blue Lurcher Demon that will spawn at the location you die each time. In fact, you will be using this as a method to obtain two achievements related to collecting souls, discussed on the NG+ page.

Haven: West End is right at the start of the game and there will be several Swarm in the area and building ahead.

Haven: North End has a barricaded area straight ahead. Race in and clear the Minions and Sycophants there, then drop into the hole nearby and let the Suffering kill you.

Haven: South End is the slower but easier location. In the graveyard by the Church, the Suffering on the wall will summon Swarm indefinitely, as long as you don’t get to close to it. The Swarm come in waves of three or four and should be very easy to kill. No need to die here – just keep killing Swarm for as long as you want. This is also a great spot to replenish your Nephilim Shards and Havoc and Wrath bars.

There are others - any area where there is a Vulgrim Plinth near a group of enemies works.




The key to combat is timing your dodges. Not only will this avoid incoming damage, it also slows time for a moment and allows you to perform a powerful Arcane Counter attack. If you master the dodge timing you will find the game quite easy.

Enemies come with a variety of different attacks and each have a different timing. Some are telegraphed and quite easy to dodge while others are very fast and have little warning. Combat can be a bit of trial and error – you will obviously need to face the enemy to experience its attacks to learn the dodge timing. For that reason, there is no detailed list of enemies here. I couldn’t find an official bestiary but the list here (with thanks to Reddit use EvieShudder1) apparently comes from the games coding. Some enemies may be mislabelled slightly - I've grouped some enemy types under the one name - but the walkthrough should give you an idea of what to expect.

Off-screen hit indicators are small arrows that appear when an enemy you cannot see is about to attack you. They start as a white arrow but will change to red in the instant before the attack lands. They signify both melee and ranged attacks.

Death is not the end and can actually be useful. When you die, you will respawn nearby, usually at the closest Vulgrim Plinth and can head back and retry the battle or area where you died again. The only real repercussions are that any souls you were carrying at the time of death are temporarily lost (a Blue Lurcher Demon will appear where you died and will be carrying those souls, so you are able to retrieve them). Any shards you used in the battle before dying are gone for good. Your special attack bars will also be at the point they were when you died.

The reason it can be useful is that it respawns all the regular enemies and objects in the game. While it may be a little annoying to have to fight through the same enemies again, it means that you will be collecting more Blue Lurchers and therefore levelling up faster.

One thing to note here is the danger of falling. At different times you will want to drop off ledges to speed up your descent or traverse an area. While you can fall a long way without issue, there is a point where you will respawn up top having lost some health. If you are already low on health, this will kill you. You can get around this by jumping rather than just falling. This enables you to make a second jump or a Flame Jump as you fall. Also, pressing cn_RB to perform a Gravel Grinder attack can often get you down safe. It can also be possible to slide down the walls to break your fall. Just be cautious when jumping off longer drops and if you are not sure, make sure you have full health just in case.




There are three achievements that are marked as missable. They are all covered in the story walkthrough but will be mentioned here.

Balance in all things relates to fully upgrading five Enhancements. This is discussed in more detail on the following page. In short, decide which Enhancements you want to use and focus on fully upgrade them. If you own The Crucible, there is an infinite supply of resources so technically this is not missable.

For Whom the Bell Tolls relates to the battle against Lust. There is a warning message on the story walkthrough page and as long as you are aware of what to do this won't be difficult.

A Parting Gift relates to specific decisions regarding the Lord of Hollows and the demon Abraxis. Once again, follow the walkthrough and it shouldn't be difficult.

In terms of glitches, lets start with a positive one. The infamous BFA achievement unlocks once you have obtained any 49 other achievements, including those from the DLC/title update. If you follow the guide, you will unlock it during one of the DLC. It may not unlock immediately but exiting to the main menu and continuing should trigger it.

Towards the end of the game, some of the cutscenes were problematic. The first scene after the Pride battle would shut down my One X, which can be avoided by skipping the scene and is clearly marked on the story walkthrough page. Another scene at the start of the final battle would sometimes not play at all, leaving Fury standing in an empty arena - jumping into the lava or exiting to the main menu and continuing will usually fix this. Others have reported freezing during the final battle - removing special armour/items seems to fix this.

There were also reports of a glitch where the achievement for reaching Level 100 will not unlock if you use a Luminous Visage to do it. As this is one of the last achievements you will unlock, I was not about to test it! To be safe, make sure that when you progress from Level 99 to 100, you do it by feeding souls to Vulgrim, just in case.

Finally, while not a glitch, the load points deserve a mention. You will come across definite points where the game pauses and loads in the next area. Sometimes this can take 15-20 seconds. Smaller objects, especially things like nodes, can take even longer to appear and it may seem like they are not there at all. Approaching the area from the opposite direction may make things appear. The faster you race through the game, the more pronounced this will be. Annoying, but not game-breaking.

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