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Start a new game on Story difficulty with Classic Combat (it's the easier mode) and, obviously, no Nightmare Mode (a one-life, save erasing on death mode).

Several cutscenes will play - you can watch them or skip by pressing and then holding cn_A.

You start off by landing in a suitably dramatic manner. Run up the stairs ahead where you will fight some some Swarm enemies. Attack with cn_X.

You can peruse the list of combos from the game menu. Press cn_start then cn_RT twice to reach the Move Sets menu. The Chain Cycle move, performed by holding cn_X is very useful. Fury will move through several single and area attacks. Great when you are surrounded by enemies. If you land the final attack without being interrupted, the targeted enemy will often be slammed down into the ground and rendered ineffectual for a moment. Once you obtain more weapons, use cn_RB and cn_LB to cycle through them on this menu. Don't feel you need to learn them all though. The game should be manageable combining basic cn_X and cn_Y button-mashing for the most part.

When the path turns left, there will be two Minions visible and another will crash through a barricade next to the bus. In general you want to draw enemies back, so you don't engage more enemies who may be waiting further ahead. That's the case here - try to fight these enemies one at a time and well back from the bus. One trick is that you can sometimes attract an enemy from a distance with an attack - just press cn_X and they will often come running over.

Rather than going directly past the bus, head behind the archways opposite. This way you can sneak up on a Ranged Sycophant and easily take it out.

Clear out the rest of the Minions in this area - there are another two prowling around. By the fire in the centre you can see a glowing orb, which indicates an item to be collected. This one is a Small Healing Shard. Walk near it and collect it with cn_B. Head around behind the rock platforms near the fire where you will find a bin up against the wall. Destroy this to find a Wrath Shard.

Now jump up those rock platforms you passed. You will need to double-jump, pressing cn_A twice. At the top, you will learn about using your whip to swing across gaps. As you jump you will see a marker on the Swing Point - at that time you can press cn_X to start your swing. The icon will appear and a metallic chime will sound. Then there is a dead-spot and if you press cn_X now you will perform an attack. Then there is a second chime. You must press cn_X during one of the chimes. If you perform an attack, let it play out and press cn_X again and you should still attach. It can also help to angle the camera up so you can see the Swing Point.

Swing across the gap into the short tunnel.

It may be worth a few practice swings here. Try to line yourself up so you will swing straight across the gap. It’s easy to get on an angle and swing off to the side which can be disconcerting. Always take a moment to line up your swings to make things easier. You are about to walk into a battle which has swings to be made under some time-pressure, so it’s a good idea to practice beforehand.

Turn left and walk into a conspicuously Boss-arena like room...

Here you are thrown up against the first Sin in the game, Envy.

Aside from a regular melee attack, Envy will jump up into the air and do a powerful ground-pound that sends out a shockwave - run away or jump as the wave approaches. The second attack to watch out for an eruption from the ground under you - Envy will raise her hand before this attack. Don’t dodge too soon! Remember to hold cn_LT to lock onto her so you can keep track as she moves around the area.

After depleting her health somewhat, she will slam down into the ground, knocking you to a lower level. Here Envy will be floating in the air. Find the platform in the corner and jump up. Jump up to the next one, then swing to make your way around the room. Try to be quick as after a certain amount of time Envy will release a powerful, undodgeable blast attack from the air.

The platforms and swings form a path around the room. From the final platform, jump in her direction and unleash a triple-cn_X attack, slamming her back to the ground. Take the opportunity for a few cheap shots while she is stunned.

Continue the fight. She will start double shockwaves. After taking some more damage, she will knock you down to a lower level. This time, look behind you to see a platform you can jump to and follow a similar path around the room. Look out for a double swing as you make your way to her.

Once you knock her down a second time she will start triple shockwaves. Once she is killed, a scene will play and you will unlock:

Green with Envy

Defeat Envy

Green with Envy
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For your efforts, you will collect the Talisman of Sin which will guide you to the other Deadly Sins. Notice that there is now a compass direction marker at the top of the screen which will be referenced throughout.

Just ahead you should see another glowing orb on the ground. This one is a Grand Lurcher Crystal. Remember to break these crystals when you get the merchant ahead to use as currency.

Jump up to the gap in the wall and go forwards. In the pool to the right is an orb with a Small Healing Shard.

Climb the platforms as they circle around the room upwards and proceed forwards. Your watcher will have a chat as you emerge into a ruined city area.

Head down the slope and follow the path until you reach the chasm. Use the pipe attached to the crane to swing across. The crane will come crashing down behind you.

Players of past Darksiders games might recognise the stone plinth in front of you. For reference, this is Haven: West End and it forms part of the fast-travel system which you will unlock shortly. Ignore it for now. On the right-hand side just past the Plinth you will see a metal bin at the base of a lamppost. Smash it to find a Small Healing Shard.

Proceed forwards, with a few Swarm in your way. There will be a Small Lurcher Clump to the left of the cars directly ahead. There is another behind the bus to the right, but watch out for three Swarm playing possum. It’s behind the small blue car.

Continue on, left from where you first came from, clearing out some more Swarm. (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will appear as you approach the opening to the building on the right)

You can head past the opening in the building to the east and down the path to grab a Medium Lurcher Clump – there are a few Swarm here and more will drop down from the right. You can’t access anything else down here for now, so go back and enter the building.

Collect the Healing Shard by the ramp on the left, then go to the right and you will find some stairs. Some Swarm will rush down as you ascend, if they haven't already attacked. Go up one level and then up the ramp to the right where you can find a more Swarm and a Medium Lurcher Clump at the end.

Drop off the edge here to land at the base of the ramp near the building entrance. Turn as you fall as more Swarm will attack from behind you. Clear them out and go around the corner to the right. Double swing across the gap and continue on.

You will drop down a few ledges and come across a green-lit hole in the far wall. Walk into it where Fury will crouch down and your view will change to first-person. These tunnels come in various designs but will be referred to as “Low Tunnels” in this guide. There is never any combat and only a single in the tunnels, which will be highlighted in the walkthrough.

After you exit the tunnel, the next room contains three Swarm, a Minion and an annoying Ranged Sycophant on the ledge at the back. Clear them out, then jump up to the Ranged Sycophant's ledge. Around to the right is a Small Lurcher Clump. Notice the purple clumps ahead which you will return to later.

Drop back off the ledge and find the ramp down in the north-west corner. In the next room, there are two Minions and a Ranged Sycophant over to the right and a large, sleeping Suffering enemy to the left. Drop off the ramp and head to the right. Clear the Minions and Sycophant, staying on this side of the room so the Suffering doesn't join the fight. In the far-right corner is a Medium Lurcher Clump.

With the other enemies dead, approach the Suffering to wake it. Work on your dodge timing and try to avoid its big hits. Just behind it is an orb with the Fortifier Enhancement. Grab it and press cn_start, then cn_RT to the Inventory page – you will be on your Weapons tab. You only have the Barbs of Scorn for now – press cn_Y to “Equip Enhancement” (this control is shown at the bottom of the screen). Select Unfocused Fortifier by holding cn_A, giving yourself and your weapon a boost.

To proceed, head through the broken wall into the building to the east. A Minion will be hiding behind the bookcase to the right, guarding a Small Healing Shard. Continue on to officially enter the Haven region.

If you stand at the edge, look back over your left shoulder to find a gap into the building there. A single Minion is hiding in the corner to the right. In the back right you can grab a Strength Shard. Smash the furniture on the left to find a Medium Lurcher Clump.

Exit the room and go directly east, to the rubble on the other side of the building. A large, flat light grey block creates a ramp leading up to the side of the building. At the top five to six Swarm and a single Minion will attack. Deal with them and follow the path around to find a Large Lurcher Clump at the end.

Now go back to the large tree root and head up. Clear a single Swarm who will drop onto the root and several more from inside the next building. Grab a Small Lurcher Clump by breaking the furniture before the broken wall on the right.

Continue forwards up the ramp. At the top, deal with two Swarm then look around to the left to find a barricade you can smash. Head forwards for a scene where returning Darksiders players will meet an old… friend?

Vulgrim is the game’s merchant and provides a fast travel system. Here you can feed Souls to level up, access his shop or use the Serpent Holes. After the scene, break all the crystals you have. Press cn_start, cn_RT once to the Inventory page, then cn_RB three times to the Crystals tab. Select your Lurcher Crystals and press cn_A to shatter a single one or cn_X to shatter all of a type. Once that's done you should have a little over 3,000 souls.

Now approach the stone plinth for Vulgrim to appear. cn_B will open his menu. Choose to Feed Souls. You can see the amount of Souls you have in the banner at the bottom of the screen (with a blue skull icon). The number of Souls required to level up is shown as a figure above the cn_Y prompt, in the format of 0/800.

You have well over 800 Souls so hold cn_Y to level up and earn an Attribute Point. You will be able to level up a few times. You can also feed souls to Vulgrim even if you won't reach the required amount for the next level - they will stay there until you gather more. Press cn_B twice to leave the conversation with Vulgrim.

Open your menu with cn_start. By levelling up you will have attribute points to spend, so hold cn_A to put it into Health, Strength or Arcane. An even spread is a good option. This unlocks:

First of many...

Spend an Attribute Point

First of many...
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This conversation also opens up the game's fast travel system, the Serpent Holes. For now, you just have two destinations – you passed Haven: West End earlier after you swung over the gap and collapsed the crane. This location is Haven: Skyscraper. In the Serpent Holes menu, cn_LB and cn_RB select the different regions in the game, where you can select the particular destination you want. You have to 'find' a Serpent Hole before you can fast travel to it. Don't travel anywhere now - exit out to continue.

Opposite Vulgrim to the south is a ledge you can jump up to. Go up the ramp a short way but look to the left where you can see a break in the wall you can jump to. Around the corner is a Medium Lurcher Clump. Return to the ramp and head up, jumping over the gap when you come to it. At the top, swing across to the opposite corner, being ready for a Swarm and two Minions on the far side. Destroy the furniture by the corner of the building here for a Small Healing Shard.

Down the ramp to the north is a single Swarm and a Large Lurcher Clump behind a desk. Grab it and head back up. Step out onto the next tree root. At the fork, go right to grab a Small Lurcher Clump by the web at the end before returning and going up the left path. Another Minion will rush down and attack.

Follow as the path peaks then descends and flattens out. There is something of an ambush when you reach the edge of the building. A single Minion will attack from the left, joined by another Minion and two Swarm from further along the root. You can grab a Medium Lurcher Clump from the rooftop around to the right, where a single Minion is hiding behind a barricade at the corner.

Follow the path across the tree root, jumping up to the left and around the corner. Jump to the top of the building on your right and you may be able to sneak up on a Ranged Sycophant. It will be joined by another two Minions once the fight begins.

By a corpse in the centre of the rooftop is a Large Lurcher Clump. In the south-east corner is a Blue Lurcher Demon floating around.

Drop off the rooftop on the east side and go down the levels to the right. In the bottom room you can spot a single Minion behind the wardrobe. Kill it and grab a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Jump back up and go to the north-west corner of the building. A small ramp at the corner aligns with a Swing Point. Swing across the gap, toward the big tree, then go up the stairs.

You will come across another Vulgrim location – you should have enough Souls to level up again. This Serpent Hole is Haven: Maker’s Forge.



Go up the nearby ramp into the tree for a scene with the guardian of Haven and another old friend – Ulthane Blackhammer. You will receive a quest to save humans and the means to do it - The Bridge Stone.

To progress, step onto the floor plate in the centre of the wooden elevator just ahead after the scene. Ride the elevator down.

In the next area, you should fill your Havoc Bar - the spiral in the top left will change to a Demonic face. Resist the temptation to use it as there is a tough battle coming up that you want to save it for.

Step out into the large area – this is the Crossroads, a fairly central hub from which you will access the other areas of the game. Find the Vulgrim Plinth just to your right – Haven: Crossroads. (NG+ note: Just to the east of Vulgrim a Forsaken Demon will appear in the direction of the Ambulance)

There is an Angelic Artifact by a corpse leaning against the second concrete barrier straight ahead as you enter – watch out for the Minions patrolling the centre of the area.

Just beyond is a bus shelter. Behind it you can destroy a dumpster for a Small Healing Shard.

From the bus shelter, head to the nearby wall to the west and jump up to the north. Two Swarm will attack. Continue to follow this wall. When you jump up a second time, you should see three or four Swarm on the wall ahead – they will drop down and attack. Below them is a Sliver of Adamantine. Continue following the wall, turning along the back of the area.

When you come to a shrine at the base of two large engraved rocks, two Swarm will attack. This will be roughly opposite the Vulgrim Plinth as you will have looped around the area. On the shrine is a Fortification Shard. Jump up to the left of the rocks and you will see a Medium Lurcher Clump on a rock platform. Look over to the right (east) to see a Suffering clinging to the wall. Approach and it will drop down and attack, being joined by a single Swarm.

In the alcove underneath the Suffering's perch you will find a Sliver of Adamantine.

Go back to the engraved rocks/shrine and head down the ramp to the west, going back to where you started. At the bottom, turn left and follow the wall. You will find a Small Lurcher Clump. Look a little further to see a Ranged Sycophant on a rock; there is another regular Minion down behind it. Take them out.

Continue to the east where you can see two Minions by a campfire.

Once they are dealt with, go to the north-east corner. Break down the barricades and grab a Large Lurcher Clump behind them. Now go to the south-east corner for a fight with an Alpha Sloth Minion guarding a Small Lurcher Cluster. The enemy will drop a Sliver of Adamantine.

With the enemies cleared out, make a short detour back to Ulthane. You have enough resources to upgrade your weapon. Return to the wooden elevator and step on the floor plate to move it back up. Talk to Ulthane and choose to upgrade your weapons. You only have the Bards Of Scorn right now. Hold cn_A to upgrade it once to +1. Aside from a slightly better weapon, this unlocks:

Just the start

Upgrade Any Weapon

Just the start
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Remember to periodically return and continue to upgrade your weapons when you can. Ignore the option to upgrade enhancements for now - save your Artifacts until you have the better enhancements to upgrade.

Take the elevator back down and at the bottom, step off the plate and back onto it again. Hop off the elevator as it starts to go back up. Once it is clear, you can grab a Medium Lurcher Clump at the base of the elevator shaft. Feed your souls to Vulgrim nearby.

Go back to the wrecked bus near the campfire over to the east. There is a hole by its west side. Grab the Wrath Shard just next to the hole then jump down into the Nether.

Crossroads: Nether Entrance

A scene will play and you will automatically save your first Human (01/20) to unlock:

Helping Hand

Save a Human

Helping Hand
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The only accessible path is through the low tunnel straight ahead. Follow it to a large room. To your left is a hole in the wall with a Vulgrim Plinth inside. It is Nether: Hatchling Cesspool.

Drop down into the first pit and kill the two Chain Spiders. At the far end of the pit there are three Mosquitoes on the right wall - they will attack when you get close enough. Jump back the way you came and now follow the railing, jumping over the gap. The large eggs here will hatch some pesky Baby Chain Spiders. There is a Medium Lurcher Clump by the corpse.

Continue along the railing, clearing a few more eggs/spiders. One of the eggs at the end can be destroyed to reveal a Small Healing Shard.

Now jump into the second pit. Kill the first Chain Spider and when you go near the orb another will drop in. Grab that orb for a Large Lurcher Clump.

Return to where you came from and swing across the second pit. Head up the ramp and through to the next room. Destroy the boxes to your left to find a Wrath Shard.

Follow the path or just drop off into the lower area. Kill the three Chain Spiders down here. By the south-west column there is a Sliver of Adamantine and by the north-east column is a Medium Lurcher Clump. Exit the pit via the platforms to the east, then turn around and double swing across. Remember to let the swing complete before jumping to the ledge at the far end; if you try to pre-empt it, you won't make it.

Continue along into another room. There will be a couple of Minions here and a Chain Spider will jump in too. Once they are clear, destroy the egg to the left of the entry for a Small Lurcher Clump. Look between the 1st and 2nd vats on the left side to find a corpse with a Medium Lurcher Clump. Approaching the orb by the eggs in the back-right corner will spawn three Baby Chain Spiders. Collect a Large Lurcher Clump here. Finally, destroy the metal barrel in the back-left corner near the exit to reveal a Small Healing Shard.

Proceed into the tunnel and down the stairs. Destroy the cocoons in the tunnel here to find a Havoc Shard.

When you reach a ledge looking over a room below, wait until the Minion down there walks up the stairs opposite (it may already be up there). Look down to the left to find a partially hidden Ranged Minion waiting there. You can drop down on top of it and take it out before the other one returns.

Climb the stairs, deal with the second Minion and grab the Small Lurcher Clump at the top.

Go up the next set of stairs and you are introduced to a new mechanic. There will be a Bomb Bug here. If it is not already, grab it with cn_B and take it over to the orange puddle on the ground (you put it down again with cn_B). It will follow you if you get near it so you can also just lead it to the puddle. The bug will start slurping it up, bloating it and making it glow. Pick it up again and throw it at the cobwebs, igniting them and clearing the way. Press cn_RS to enter aiming mode and cn_RT to throw. If you hold onto a charged Bug for too long it will explode, causing you damage, so it's a good idea to enter aiming mode and line up your shot before picking up the Bug. The Bug will respawn if you mess this up.

Jump down the hole and proceed down the large staircase. Cautiously bait the Minions down here. Initially there will be two with another four waiting ahead (NG+ note: Towards the end of the station when you approach the chasm, a Forsaken Demon will appear). Try to attract then one or two at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Just before the train carriage that sticks out across the passageway there is a bin in the centre to destroy for a Small Healing Shard.

Destroy the blue bin at the end of the seats on the right side to find a Small Lurcher Clump. Opposite you should see a Medium Lurcher Clump by a corpse.

Turn left at the end (after eyeing Sloth across the chasm) to find a Vulgrim Plinth ahead. This is Nether: Splintered Station.

Head into the subway station next to Vulgrim to proceed. Drop down to the tracks and kill the Chain Spider at the south end. Look around the corner here to find a Medium Lurcher Clump. Proceed to the north end where you will fight another Chain Spider and some Mosquitos. You should see a Sliver of Adamantine at the end.

Jump back up to the platform. A Bomb Bug should be wandering around up here. Pick it up or have it follow you. Enter the tunnel in the east wall and go down the path. You will see an orange node hanging from the roof – jump and hit it. It will fall and create an orange puddle. If the Bug has followed you, it should immediately rush over to the puddle.

Leave the Bug there for a moment and go down the ramp to the south. Take out the Alpha Sloth Minion here and go through the low tunnel. At the end you will find Human (02/20) and another Sliver of Adamantine.

Backtrack to the Bomb Bug and throw it at the web to clear the way. Head through and when you drop down into a round arena, a mini-boss attacks; the Brood Mother. This nasty looking arachnid melees hard up close and releases smaller Brood Bugs that will rush you and explode near you. The Brood Mother can also charge at you.

Fight as normal but when the Brood Bugs appear, bait them into exploding and dodge away. Keep an eye on the Brood Mother while you do so as she may take the opportunity to line up a damaging charge.

You have another Boss battle coming up, so try to avoid using Havoc Form if you can.

The orb in the small alcove she came from is a Rejuvenation Core. These increases the amount of health you replenish every time you use a Nephilim’s Respite by 75. As this is your first one, you will unlock:

Increased Vigor

Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount

Increased Vigor
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There is a Frenzy Shard visible by the central obelisks. If not already done by the Brood Mother, you can destroy the northern obelisk with an orange bug to will reveal a Small Healing Shard. You will need to smash the orange node hanging near the web door to be able to charge your Bomb Bug.

Destroy the web door with a Bomb Bug. Grab another Bug before it has reached the orange puddle (before it is charged). Proceed into the tunnel behind the web door and follow it around. When you reach another Bomb Bug at an orange puddle, drop your bug there, so there are two charged bugs ready to go. Go back down the tunnel a short way and destroy the cocoon to find a Small Healing Shard.

Up on the level with the Bugs, the cocoon closest to them has a Small Healing Shard (don't swing your whip too close to the bugs or you will hit and explode them) and there is a Medium Lurcher Clump hidden by the cocoons at the back.

Now for a timed event. Red webs can be burned like normal but will replenish after a short time. You need to throw a Bomb Bug at the red web nearby, then grab the 2nd Bug and sprint through before the red web returns. Quickly throw the second Bug at the regular web to the left here (you can see this through the red web so have a look before you start so you know where to throw). Remember that these Bugs will explode if you carry them for too long, so make the second throw quickly. Drop off the ledge to the right and repeat the process if you need to try again.

Once successful, smash the Blue Lurcher Demon near the ledge here for some more Souls.

Now follow the ramp down to the east behind the web, swing across the gap and approach the ledge for a short scene. You find yourself up against Wrath, who is a tough opponent but a fairly traditional one. He telegraphs his attacks clearly so be ready on the dodge. He has a standard set of attacks – melee, jump and charge attacks - although slow sword swings seem to be his preferred attack.

Now is a great time to use your Havoc Form! You will replenish some of your health in Havoc Form so consider fighting normally at the start of the battle and when you take some damage activate Havoc Form with cn_LB and cn_RT. You are invincible in Havoc Form but hits reduce your Havoc Meter - wail on Wrath as much as you can when it is active.

After his health is down, a cutscene will play out. When you regain control in the new area, smash some Skeletons. After killing several of them, another scene will play out. The Lord of Hollows gives you the Flame Hollow. At the end of the scene you will unlock:

Fight Fire with Fire

Collect the Flame Hollow

Fight Fire with Fire
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Once you are back in control, turn around and run past the Lord of Hollows. On the east side of the platform is a short bridge down to a Vulgrim Plinth. This is Hollows: The Lord of Hollow’s Chamber.

You can turn Flame Hollow (or any other Hollow) off by holding cn_LB or select it by holding cn_LB and cn_B. With Flame Hollow you can perform Flame Jumps by holding cn_A and a Flame Attack by holding cn_Y. You also get a secondary weapon, the Chains of Scorn. You use these by pressing cn_Y and they can be used in combos with your Barbs of Scorn.

Now that you have a new power, the next page will involve backtracking to grab some loot you couldn't access before.

Expect to be around Level 8.

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