5. Darksiders III Flame Hollow BacktrackUpdate notes

Talk to Vulgrim and use the Serpent Holes to travel to Haven: Skyscraper. Jump up to the nearby ledge and take the path up. After you swing across the centre of the building and exit onto the tree roots, take the right path. Burn the web at the end with a Flame Attack and grab a Sliver of Adamantine just inside.

Follow the path forwards through the building. When you turn right and are faced with another web, turn around and look up to see a red node hanging from the roof which you can dislodge with a Flame Jump. It will drop a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Now burn that web and exit the building. In the middle of the root here is a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Cross the root and enter the tunnel. Continue until the path ends – some Swarm may appear here. You will have killed them earlier so they will only be here if you have died, causing all regular enemies to respawn. Grab the visible Angelic Artifact at the edge. This is a funky area - it may appear like there is nothing there but if you walk right to the edge, the orb and enemies will magically appear.

Turn around and go back the way you came. At the first tree root you cross, look over the side to the left (north). You will see an orb down below. Drop off and collect a Demonic Artifact.

Drop off the east side down to a lower platform with a Sliver of Adamantine. Ignore the low tunnel here for now.

Drop down again to find yourself right back where you fought the first Suffering. Clear the enemies if they have respawned. On the west side here is a red web to burn through. Inside you’ll find a Demonic Artifact.

Exit and go across the clearing, enter the building to the east and follow the path until you come back to the Haven: Skyscraper Serpent Hole.

Fast travel to Haven: Crossroads. Drop into the Nether via the hole next to the bus over on the east side. You can now burn the red web here. Head forwards and jump up the platforms into a room. Jump up once to the west, then look back to the north-east to see a floor you can jump up to, above the hole you just entered from. There is a Medium Lurcher Cluster up there.

Follow the path up the ramp to the north-west and continue until you come across a Demonic Artifact on a floor overlooking the Crossroads. Leap off and return to Vulgrim. Use the elevator nearby to get back up to the Makers Forge - you'll need to use the lever to call it back down.

Inside the Forge, ascend the wooden walkway to the south. Go all the way up, then cross over the top of the area and outside to the east to find a Swing Point. On the far side, grab the Large Lurcher Clump then Flame Attack the web.

Follow the path through the building and out onto a large root. Immediately look to the left to see a pair of swing points. Swing to the next root and turn right to descend. Inside the building, ignore the root leading back up for a second and go left. Jump up to a ledge here to grab a clearly visible Sliver of Adamantine.

Now ascend the tree root. Flame Jump at the top to continue. A Sycophant will attack from the left. Follow the path this way and clear the next room – there will be a pair of Minions and a Cloaked Sycophant – this appears as a shadowy haze until it is hit. Draw the Minions back and deal with them, then go as far as the fire in the corner. Look east and you will see the Cloaked Sycophant before it attacks you.

The barrel in the south-east corner of this floor has a Healing Shard in it.

Turn left and jump up the floors twice. Look to the right on this floor to find a Demonic Artifact. Jump up to the next floor and smash the barrels straight ahead for a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Jump up to the left and again to the left, where a Ranged Sycophant and a regular Minion will attack. Follow this floor around and smash the barriers in the corner to reveal a Human (03/20).

Look south then jump down to the small ledge for a Fragment of Adamantine.

Cautiously drop down to the bottom here. Either land on a platform half way down or combine double jumps, Flame Jumps or even a Gravel Grinder move (hold cn_RB). If you just drop you will respawn and lose a chunk of health.

Backtrack to the Forge – out onto the tree root, swing over to the other root and back through the building. Swing back over the gap and descend the wooden walkway.

Use the Serpent Hole outside to travel to Nether: Splintered Station. Follow the path you used before - into the nearby station and through the gap in the east wall. Go down the ramp by the orange puddle and into the low tunnel. Burn the web and go through. Drop down once and deal with some Mosquitos. Above the pool on the south side is a red node with a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Drop down again to fight a Spider Demon and a Chain Spider. At the far end you can find an Angelic Artifact.

The Flame Jumps to get out of this area can sometimes be quite difficult - keep trying at different sections of the wall, or running towards the wall as you jump rather than statically from the base, and you will eventually make it. Go back to the orange puddle.

Take the tunnel to the north of the orange puddle. Follow this path all the way to the area where you fought Wrath. You can cross over the Brood Mothers area. No need to worry about webs this time - jump up the other side and the ramp you want is on your right. When you arrive at Wrath's arena, notice the three rock columns on the far side. Behind the middle one you will find an Angelic Artifact. Jump up the ledges to the south where you can see a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Follow the tunnel behind it. When you drop down into a room you will face several regular and two Armoured Skeletons - these can block your attacks. Use a charged Hollow attack (hold cn_Y) to get past their block. In a small room to the south is a Fragment of Adamantine. In the south-east of the area is a red node on the roof with a Large Lurcher Cluster. Go to the north side of the room. Smash the sarcophagus in the centre for a Medium Lurcher Cluster. In the south-west corner, smash a small pot by a stone shelf for a Healing Shard.

Leave the room to the west and grab an Angelic Artifact by the edge, then go down the path to the left. Drop into the lava (with Flame Hollow!) and deal with a Lava Abomination and Lava Brute. Watch out for the Brutes 4-swing combo. When it’s killed, its body will shake for a moment then explode so dodge clear. You'll walk painfully slowly in the lava but you can dash (cn_RB) to speed things up a bit.

At the east end is a Piece of Adamantine by a corpse - a second Lava Abomination will appear as you approach this. Near the rock column in the middle of the lava is a Large Lurcher Cluster. Behind the rock column, to the north-west, is the Marauder Enhancement. Attach it to your Chains of Scorn for now but this is not one of the recommended Enhancements to upgrade.

Wade over to the south side where you can see some ledges to climb up. At the top you can find a Demonic Artifact. Drop off here and you will land next to a Large Lurcher Clump.

On the right you will find Vulgrim at Hollows: Blistering Bridge. Smash the pot in the small room to the left of Vulgrim for a Small Lurcher Clump. Shatter all your Lurcher Crystals and you should be able to level up to around Level 13 here.

Now you can use the Serpent Holes to travel back to Hollows: The Lord of Hollow’s Chamber to resume the story.

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