6. Darksiders III Story walkthrough 2Update notes




From Hollows: The Lord of Hollow’s Chamber, make sure Flame Hollow is active and jump down into the lava. Remember you can dash to move faster.

Head west under the platform the Lord of Hollows is standing on. On the south side is a small ledge where you can grab your first Luminous Visage (01/16) next to a corpse. Refer back to the General Hints & Tips page for more about these very useful items.

From now on, be very careful when breaking Lurcher Crystals. Remember the warning about accidentally shattering Luminous Visages. Double check every time you shatter anything in your inventory!

On a small rocky island out to the north of the area is a Fragment of Adamantine. Climb back up using the ledges behind the Vulgrim Plinth. You will need to Flame Jump out of the lava. Go up past the Lord of Hollows and proceed to the red web up the steps to the west.

Use a Flame Attack to get through. Being a red web, it will recharge eventually.

Proceed through the lava pit and use your Flame Jump to ascend up to the ledge on the right past the lavafall.

Follow the lava flow to the left and around to find a Small Lurcher Cluster. Go back and follow the lava to the other side where you can grab a Large Lurcher Clump in the corner past the top of the lavafall.

Return to the central area and Flame Jump up to the north. Step on the floor plate here to rotate the alcove ahead. Step inside when it stops and let it rotate back so you can continue forwards. You will be back at Hollows: Blistering Bridge.

Hit the crystal on the engraved figure in the depression in the centre of the room to open a doorway behind it. Enter and kill the Skeletons in here. Smash the skeletal bones on the right side to find a Fortification Shard.

Head down the ramp and carefully bait the Skeletons a few at a time, watching out for a single Armoured Skeleton. Not far down on the left near a gravestone is a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Follow the platforms until you reach a rock archway with a swing point in it. Look over the right side to see an area you can drop down to. Two Lava Abominations will emerge from the lava here. By a corpse on the rock ledge is a Demonic Artifact.

Flame jump back up to the path and double swing across the gap. A few more Skeletons will be waiting for you here, with a Small Healing Shard to be collected from a bone pile. Flame jump up to the platform to the right.

A Lava Brute awaits up here. On the platform there is a Sliver of Adamantine on the right and a Small Lurcher Clump in a bone pile to the left.

The bridge to the left must be raised from the other side so ignore it for now. To open the gate nearby, Flame jump up to the crystal above it - as long as you're close the flames will activate it. Once the gate is open, climb the stairs ahead.

In the room at the top there are several regular Skeletons. Near the first column on the right you can find a Medium Lurcher Clump if you destroy the items there. At the base of the statue straight ahead you will find an Invigoration Core. This gives you an extra Nephilim's Respite and unlocks:

Increased Capacity

Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Capacity

Increased Capacity
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

There is a Vulgrim Plinth in the alcove in the south-east corner – Hollows: Antechamber. Cautiously head to the stairs beyond the archway opposite. You will see a Skeleton Archer up ahead, but there is a regular Skeleton hiding to the left. You can attract it's attention and run back to the room so you can deal with it without the Archer raining arrows down on you. Then rush up the stairs and deal with the Archer.

Go back down the stairs and drop into the lava pool. Walk behind the lavafall down here to find a Demonic Artifact. This spawns a Lava Abomination outside. Kill it then jump up and climb the stairs to continue.

In the next room there will be some praying Skeletons. Ignore them initially and look for an Archer on a slightly raised ledge around to the right. Target it first then clear out the others.

There is a “Chosen” enemy nearby. If you have opted to play on anything higher than Story Difficulty, I don’t recommend fighting it now as you’re under-powered and it’s a tough battle. On Story it should be manageable but feel free to skip it until later. The guide will prompt you to return but the information is here if you want to give it a go now. You will eventually need to beat at least 4 of the 5 Chosen for crafting materials.

Head up the stairs to the west and smash the pots on the left side, revealing a low tunnel. Go through, where you will find a Sliver of Adamantine by a corpse. Use the lever just past it – if you look through the window ahead a wall should rise up. Exit out the way you came, across the room where the praying Skeletons were and look to the right to get to that opened wall.

Destroy the pots by the small lamp here for a Small Healing Shard. Head up the stairs to meet the first Chosen, the Flame Warden. This guy hits hard (something of a theme in Darksiders 3?). Its attacks are telegraphed so dodge, dodge, dodge. It will teleport away so be ready to dodge when it returns.

Remember you can come back later on if you are struggling – this is a tough fight so early in the game. Once it is down, it will drop an orb containing Essence of a Chosen. Collecting it unlocks:

One Of the Chosen

Collect an Essence of a Chosen

One Of the Chosen
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

There is also an Angelic Artifact to collect from the corpse at the back of the room and a Large Lurcher Clump in a pot around to the right from the entrance.

Go back to the room with the praying Skeletons to continue.

Hit the crystal on the south wall. This opens the wall to the north.

Walk into the lava stream on the right and follow it south to the lavafall for a Small Lurcher Cluster. Watch out for a single Lava Abomination who will emerge from the lava behind you.

To raise the bridge, you need to hit the crystals on either side of the room. To do so, stand on the stone disc in front of the statue on the left of the room, below the red webs on the wall. Flame jump up and you will ignite the webs. As the flame crosses the webs towards the left crystal, quickly dash back over the lava stream and hit the right crystal with a regular attack. If done correctly, the crystals will turn red and the bridge will rise.

Cross the bridge (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will appear on the far side of the bridge) and destroy the pot just to the left of the fire lantern ahead for a Wrath Shard. Take the path to the right and fight the Skeletons here, including a single Armoured one.

Head across the next room to the opening where you can see a large statue. Outside, turn left and jump across the gap. Look past the entry in the wall here to find a Skeleton Archer on a small ledge. You can either jump over and deal with it from this side or go into the room behind it and attack through the window - a regular Skeleton will spawn when you enter that end of the room.

In the centre of this room, opposite the entry, is a bone pile next to a lantern holder - destroy the bones for a Small Healing Shard.

Go to the east end of this room to find a Frenzy Shard by a corpse. Head back outside and look straight ahead to see a section of staircase you can jump to with a Small Lurcher Cluster on it.

Go back inside and find the low tunnel at the west end. Head through to a large room with some Skeletons who will animate when you get near them, an Armoured Skeleton and Skeleton Archers at the far end and on the alcoves above. Clear out the enemies on the ground level – if you stick towards the west side, the Archer above can’t target you.

You can come back to loot the ground floor once the upper levels are clear. Stand on the table in the middle of the room, below the Archer on the west wall and Flame Jump up to it. It’s guarding a Large Lurcher Clump. Kill it then look across the room. Jump to the opposite side and collect souls from the Blue Lurcher Demon.

Staying on this side of the room, jump to the alcove to the south. Smash the sarcophagus here to find a Large Lurcher Clump.

Flame jump up to the next level. Go along this same side to the north end where you can find a sarcophagus with a Sliver of Adamantine. Jump up to the next level where another annoying Skeleton Archer awaits, directly above you. Jump to the central alcove on this side and smash the sarcophagus to find a Large Lurcher Clump.

Jump over to the southern alcove on the west side. This sarcophagus contains a Large Lurcher Clump. At the north end on this side is a little cave behind the alcove with a Demonic Artifact.

Finally, the tier below this one was skipped because of the Archer, so drop down one level and over to the central alcove, staying on this side. The sarcophagus holds a Small Lurcher Clump.

You can now drop down to the ground. On the west the sarcophagus in the southern alcove holds a Medium Lurcher Clump. On the east side, the northern alcove has a sarcophagus with a Small Lurcher Clump.

Find the hole in the central alcove on the east side and jump down into some lava. Follow the path and when you come to a room destroy the pots at the far end for a Thorn Shard. Flame jump up to destroy a red node hanging from the roof for it to drop a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Head down the stairs and continue up the other side. To the left there is a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Go back downstairs and enter the room here to find Vulgrim at Hollows: The Catacombs.



Just past Vulgrim to the right is a crystal sword in the clutches of a statue. Hit the sword to open the gate and cause the sword to drop. Pick it up and head through. You should recognise this room from a few moments ago.

Looking ahead you will see that there are two statues at the base of the stairs. The one to the right already has a sword, so approach the one to the left and place the one you are carrying with cn_B.

Now stand between the two and quickly hit them both. This will raise the gate ahead. Continue up to the top of the stairs. You will find three statues but only the central one has a sword.

Start by heading around to the right. Clear out the Skeletons, including two Armoured Skeletons. Ignore the passage in the corner and continue around the side of the room. Grab a Medium Lurcher Clump in front of the gate on the right wall. Take the stairs down to the bottom of the area and kill the Skeleton Archer and Lava Brute down here – remember to watch out for the Brute’s explosion as it dies.

At the base of the large central statue here is a Luminous Visage (02/16). Wade into the lava on the west side and beside the corpse you can see at the base of the column closest to the lavafall you will find a Large Lurcher Clump. Now go through the lavafall and grab a Medium Lurcher Cluster by the gate behind it.

Some Skeletons will appear as you loot the area behind the statue. When you grab the Large Lurcher Clump in the second sarcophagus on the left, a Skeleton Archer appears over to the left. When you run over there, a regular and an Armoured Skeleton appear nearby. The last sarcophagus on this side has a Havoc Shard.

With the ground level cleared, head back up the stairs on the right (south) side, going all the way to the top. Stand on the floor plate here for the alcove ahead to rotate. Go through once it’s turned.

Destroy the pot on the right side just past the statue for a Wrath Shard. Continue on around the corner. At the far end behind the bone piles you can find a Healing Shard.

Now back up just a little and drop down into the room to the west. You will be attacked by a good number of Skeletons. As you whittle down their numbers two Archers and an Armoured Skeleton will join them. Prioritise these targets once they appear. Keep moving and dodging and this shouldn’t be a tough battle.

Now to loot the room – all the loot here is in sarcophagi around the edges of the room. In the south-east corner, on the south wall, destroy the sarcophagus for a Demonic Artifact. The south west has a Large Lurcher Clump. The north west contains a Sliver of Adamantine. In the east wall to the north is an Undying Shard.

Stand on the floor plate in the centre of the room to turn another rotating alcove and use it go reach the next room. Grab the sword here and use Flame Jump to hit the crystal above the gate on the far side to open the gate and exit.

Go back up the steps on the south side and back to the three statues. Place the sword in either empty statue - it doesn't matter which.

From here, go north. Go through the open gate to the west at the corner to find an Elite Skeleton. Deal with it and it will drop a Sliver of Adamantine.

There is a Small Lurcher Clump in the pots on the wall here. Continue on and you will see a low tunnel below the broken stairs. There is a Sliver of Adamantine at the end.

Backtrack to the main room and proceed along the north side to find another rotating alcove and floor plate at the top of the stairs. Head through and kill the two regular Skeletons. At the base of the statue they were praying to is a Large Lurcher Clump while just past it you can destroy some pots for a Small Healing Shard.

In the next room, knock down a red node from the roof for a Large Lurcher Clump.

Proceed along the tunnel until you reach some stairs heading down into a large room. Look left at the top of the stairs and destroy some pots to reveal a low tunnel. At the end, jump up once then Flame Jump up again. Follow the water around to the left to find a Small Lurcher Cluster near the corpse beside a grate.

Drop down to the east and proceed into another room. Clear the few visible Skeletons in the main area, but don’t go too far towards the north-east corner. You will see an Elite Skeleton waiting there. Try to kill all the regular enemies before engaging the Elite. There will be two sitting in the south-west corner and an further three will emerge from the bone piles in front of the Elite.

The Elite will drop a Sliver of Adamantine. In the south-west corner is a Large Lurcher Clump. Near the gate in the west wall is a Small Lurcher Cluster and in the alcove where the Elite was standing is the Chaos Enhancement. Put this on your Chains of Scorn.

Flame Jump to hit the crystal above the gate to exit. You will be in the large room from earlier, before you took the detour through the low tunnel. Take the stairs up to the right, heading north.

There will be another Armoured Skeleton at the top. Go around and you will end up on a ledge overlooking the room with a Swing Point right ahead. Use it to swing across and when you reach the red web at the end of the swing, do a Flame Jump to set it alight. The flame will spread along the web, eventually dropping an orange puddle on the floor to the left of the gate.

When you land, kill the two Skeletons – one regular and one Armoured.

In the north-west corner of the room there is a small alcove with a Sliver of Adamantine in it.

Get the Bomb Bug that’s in the room over to the orange puddle to charge it. Leave it at the puddle.

To the left of the bug you will see a red web on the wall. You need to set this alight with a Flame Attack at the very left (east) end, closest to the stairs, then dash to the floor plate in the centre of the room quickly. The plate rotates an alcove above the gate and reveals a crystal.

The flame will run along the web, ignite the bug and set the other web alight, then travel up the wall to the crystal and activate it, opening the gate.

In the hallway past the gate, look to the left side where you can run up to a side ledge – there is an Angelic Artifact partially hidden up here. Climb the stairs to find another pair of Skeletons, one regular and one Armoured.

Burn the web on the left to reveal a pot hiding a Small Lurcher Cluster. A floor plate is hidden behind the web on the right. Use the plate to get through the rotating alcove and grab the 2nd sword ahead. Flame Jump to activate the crystal above the gate and head back into the main room.

Return to the statues and place the sword. Do a Chain Cycle attack (hold cn_X) so you hit all three swords, causing the large central statue to rotate and extend its arms. Head south and at the corner go up the stairs to the right and follow it up. When you reach the top and the stairs lead back down the other side, look to the right where you can step out onto a ledge and drop onto the statue's arm.

Run forwards into the statues head and Flame Jump up. The circular room here has only one exit so head into the tunnel there.

After a short and disturbing scene, kill the three Avarice Children. Grab a Small Lurcher Cluster by the corpse where the first enemy was.

Head up the ramp and Flame Jump to the ledge at the top. At the north end of this ledge, look up to see a pipe you can swing from. Flame Jump up, then swing across to a smaller ledge. Now swing back across using the same pipe and at the end of your swing do a Flame Jump to reach a higher ledge where you can exit the room.

Drop down and you will find Vulgrim at Nether: Accessway.

The Chaos Enhancement is the first you want to upgrade. Travel to Haven: Maker's Forge and upgrade it to Demonic +2. This increases the duration of your Havoc Form, which will be immensely useful, and will also return some of the damage you inflict with your Chains as health. As this is your first upgrade, you will unlock:


Upgrade an Enhancement

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

Go back to Nether: Accessway.

Continue into the tunnel to the east of Vulgrim. Drop down and quickly destroy the barrel to the left to get to a Small Lurcher Clump. The Avarice Children on the bridge ahead will start throwing explosives at you so don’t loiter too long.

Drop down and run forwards around the corner. Drop down again and grab the clearly visible Sliver of Adamantine (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will appear when you land). Jump back up the way you came. Turn around so you are looking into the room. You need to jump around the room, all the while being bombed by those annoying Avarice Children… Fortunately, the black marks on the ground indicate the only places where the explosives will land.

Jump over to a platform on the south wall. The next platform is on the west side and from here you need to jump to a platform in the centre.

Continue across to another platform on the far wall. There is a Small Lurcher Cluster here. Turn left and jump across a smaller platform then one final jump to the ledge at the end. You can vent your frustrations on a single Avarice Child here!

Follow the path down and around a corner where you will see three barrels to the right. Smash these for a Healing Shard. Continue around the next corner and the path will rise. You will see an Avarice Child at the top and an orb in the middle. Be mindful of a tripwire in front of the orb. Jump over it to avoid the explosive trap and grab the Small Lurcher Clump.

Jump up to the top level. Up here you have to play chase with the Avarice Children who will run away and attack from afar. They can be hard to spot so use cn_LT randomly to target them when in range. Be careful of more tripwires up here – there are several scattered about and they do more damage than the Children's bombs. It's best to clear out all the enemies before collecting all the visible orbs in the room. Your Barbs of Scorn attacks can also set off the traps if you are too close.

Once the area is clear, start back at the ramp where you entered. Over to the south is a Small Lurcher Cluster and a Sliver of Adamantine.

Head west along the wall and beneath the dinosaur tail is a Wrath Shard, close to the dinosaur, and a Small Lurcher Cluster by the wall. Continue west to find a Thorn Shard in the corner. At the base of the large staircase is a Small Lurcher Clump. In the north-west corner is a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Beneath the dinosaur’s raised foot is a Small Lurcher Clump and finally, beneath the Jurassic head is another Small Lurcher Clump.

Climb the large stairs and jump the wire at the top. Head right into the next room where another two Avarice Children await, along with another tripwire. There is a well-hidden tripwire at the base of the next set of stairs. Climb those stairs and set fire to the web on the left up here. This releases a large hanging light in the main room.

Back-track to the top of the first set of stairs, so you are facing the dinosaur. Now you can use two swing points to get across to the scaffolding by the dinosaur. Once up there, carefully walk to its head to grab a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Return to the scaffolding and Flame Jump up to the top of the large light. Jump across to the next one, then turn left. You can easily make the jump to the scaffolding to the south with a Flame Jump. At the edge of the scaffolding is a Fortification Shard.

Take the stairs down to the right – mind the tripwire at the bottom - for a fight with an Avarice Child and an Elite Minion. There is a Fragment of Adamantine at the back of the room and the Minion will drop a second.

Go back up the stairs and head east. Jump the first tripwire and then jump up to deal with the Avarice Child. Drop off the other side and grab the Small Lurcher Cluster underneath.

Continue on, jumping one final tripwire and descending some stairs. Go through the doorway to the right and down more stairs. Collect a Small Lurcher Clump near the tunnel to the right. Before entering the room to the north, grab a Small Healing Shard and a Small Lurcher Clump then talk to Vulgrim at Nether: Atrium of Greed.

When you are ready, head into the large room to meet the next Sin, Avarice. He is surprisingly agile, moving quickly and, as usual, hard hitting. Aside from his standard melee attack (single or a group), he will leap up to the top of the junk columns and throw things at you. After two or three throws he will leap into the air and try to ground pound you. As the battle progresses, he will grab items from the columns and use them as a weapon to swing at you in fast attacks.

As usual, be patient and try to time your dodges and maximize Arcane damage. Once he is defeated, you’ll unlock:

All That Glitters

Defeat Avarice

All That Glitters
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After a scene with the Lord of Hollows, you will obtain the Storm Hollow and its related achievement:

Perfect Storm

Collect the Storm Hollow

Perfect Storm
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will return to Avarice’s arena. All the orbs in this room are in plain sight on the ground – be sure to check the corners if you can’t find one. There are 13 in total. You should find:

Luminous Visage x 1 (03/16)

Demonic Artifact x 1

Angelic Artifact x 1

Sliver of Adamantine x 2

Small Lurcher Clump x 6

Wrath Shard

Small Healing Shard

Once you’re got everything, make your way back to Vulgrim just outside. Expect to be around Level 18 by now.

Next is some more backtracking, this time to make use of your new Storm Hollow powers. Your first port of call will be Haven: Crossroads.

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