7. Darksiders III Storm Hollow BacktrackUpdate notes

The Storm Hollow gives you the ability to Storm Glide. With Storm Hollow active (cn_RB and cn_Y), press and hold cn_A to Storm Glide.

Now that you have the Storm Hollow's weapon, the Lance of Scorn, consider rearranging your Enhancements. Move Chaos onto the Lance and put Marauder back on the Chains. Of these, continue to focus on upgrading Chaos along the Demonic path.

Starting at Haven: Crossroads, follow the left wall again and above the ledges where you jump up you will see a column of swirling wind – these will be referred to as Wind Storms. If you jump into one and activate a Storm Glide, you will be pushed all the way to up the top. It’s always a good idea to look up so you can see where you are headed.

Jump into the Wind Storm and use it to Storm Glide over to the ledge to the south. Remember to hold cn_A the whole time!

Go through the low tunnel here.

You arrive in a room with three Minions, two ranged and one standard, and a sleeping Suffering. The Suffering will be guarding a Fragment of Adamantine. You can’t do anything else in this room for now, so exit back out the low tunnel. Turn right and double jump into a Storm Glide across to another ledge to the south, above the Vulgrim Plinth. Follow this one around to find a Small Lurcher Cluster at the end.

Now return to the Wind Storm, ride it up and glide over to the higher platform to the north. There will be two Alpha Sloth Demons up here. This can be a tough fight but they will drop a Fragment of Adamantine each. At the edge on the left is a Demonic Artifact. A barrel in the centre to the left has a Healing Shard in it.

Go down the tunnel here to find a Vulgrim Plinth – you will go through a low tunnel then continue and double swing across a gap. When you land, turn around and drop back off the edge to a small platform on the south with a Small Lurcher Cache. Jump up and continue, diving into the pool and swimming underwater through a cave before you finally reach Scar: Gnarled Cliffs. You can’t go any further but this Serpent Hole will save a little time later on.

Now fast travel to Haven: Maker’s Forge. Remember to upgrade what you can. Sharing your upgrades between the Barbs and the Lance is a good tactic.

Exit the tree and go down the path opposite Vulgrim. Swing across at the bottom. Go south beside the building and when you go around the corner watch out for Minions and Swarm as you drop down, which may have respawned.

Cross the tree root and before it ascends hop off to the left and go around. You can see a Wind Storm at the edge of the building. Watch for the Minion hiding at the corner if it's respawned.

With Storm Hollow activated, jump towards the Wind Storm and glide up. You will be able to reach the ledge on the eastern building. There is a Sliver of Adamantine right on the edge there.

Go to the right and look in the building. You will see a Taskmaster patrolling and a Suffering clinging to the opposite wall. The Taskmaster can summon a clone that will die in one hit but inflicts damage like normal. Try to bait them one at a time, although the Taskmaster has a habit of just sending clones your way.

Cross this room and follow the path out onto a tree root and into the next building. Before you get to a ramp, smash some furniture on the left covering a doorway. The room behind contains a Small Lurcher Cache. Go back out and down the ramp, clearing out a few Swarm.

At the bottom ramp, before you drop down, look into the building below on the right where you can see a Cloaked Sycophant. When you drop down a Spectral Undead Angel will also appear. If you push the Sycophant back into the room to the south, the Angel may leave you alone for a moment so you can deal with them one at a time.

In the north-east corner is an Angelic Artifact. The desk in the south-east corner has a Frenzy Shard. Go to the south-west and stop at the top of the ramp – look east and up to find a hidden room you can jump up to. Inside is a Medium Lurcher Clump. Now head down the ramp and grab a Piece of Adamantine at the bottom.

Turn right and go down another ramp. Use Storm Glide to get across the gap. Save the Human (04/20) here.

Turn right and smash the furniture to proceed through the hole in the wall. This area has three Swarm. Two Ranged will be down below, while another Swarm could be up the top or down below. At the edge, swing across to the opposite side where you will find the Shade Enhancement.

Drop down to the watery central area and deal with the Swarm. In the south-east corner of the water is a Fragment of Adamantine.

Now for some flying! Out in the open air you will notice a series of five Wind Storms leading around to the left. This is easier than it looks. Jump out towards the closest one and hold cn_A. Don’t let go and just guide yourself from Storm to Storm around to the left until you reach the next building.

Two Swarm will drop in and there is a Teleporting Sycophant who may be here or on the next floor ahead. Grab the Medium Lurcher Cluster by the corpse on the lower floor. Jump up and smash the desk in the centre right to find a Small Healing Shard.

Jump up to the next building. This large area houses enemies. Try to bait them one at a time. A Cloaked Sycophant is straight ahead in the right-hand room. A Minion is waiting on the other side of the wall behind it (this one may be patrolling the area). Continuing this way, another Cloaked Sycophant is hiding in the north-west corner. The next Cloaked Sycophant is waiting on the south side of the building, in the central room. The last is a Ranged Sycophant, propped up on the remains of an upper floor above the previous Sycophant.

Once they are dealt with, grab a Medium Lurcher Cluster from the room where the 4th enemy was, under the upper floor. From here, head west where you can smash the barrier to the small corner room and grab a Piece of Adamantine.

In the north-west corner, where enemy #3 was hiding, is a Large Lurcher Cluster, and on the ledge above it is a Healing Shard.

From this ledge, Storm Glide over to the opposite building, which you should recognise - Maker's Forge is just up to the right. On the far side the building, swing over the gap and ascend to get to the Serpent Hole at Haven: Maker’s Forge.

Your next location is Haven: West End. Go forwards and around the corner to the left, all the way to the end. You may have seen the orbs over the chasm to the west earlier. Now you can Storm Glide over.

Glide over the chasm. The lower ledge has a Piece of Adamantine. Switch to Flame Hollow and Flame Jump up to the upper ledge and grab a Demonic Artifact. Switch back to Storm Hollow and Storm Glide back over the chasm again.

Go back to the previous Serpent Hole and travel to Hollows: The Catacombs. Turn around and go up the stairs to the west and continue up to the right (north). Go into the tunnel at the end of the room down to the lava pool (be sure to switch back to Flame Hollow!). Jump through hole in the ceiling at the far end. In the room with the alcoves above, find the exit in the north-east corner.

Go through the low tunnel and out the doorway, where you can jump onto the section of broken stairway. Storm Glide over to the north, using the Wind Storms to boost your glide and reach a platform there with a Small Lurcher Cluster.

From this platform, look to the east to see a pair of Swing Points. Go over and deal with a single Lava Abomination. Just to the left of the lavafall by a corpse, somewhat hard to spot, is the Enoch Enhancement. Put this onto your Chains of Scorn.

Now retrace the path to get back to the Serpent Hole. Travel back to Nether: Atrium of Greed to resume the story once more. At this stage you should be around level 21.

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