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There's an achievement for killing a total of 666 enemies of any type. This may unlock any time from here, depending on how often enemies have respawned. It will certainly unlock before the end of the campaign so there is no need to farm kills:

Devil's in the Details

Kill 666 Enemies

Devil's in the Details
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From Nether: Atrium of Greed, enter the tunnel at the base of the stairs to the right. Follow this until it opens up into a cavern. Watch out for the holes in the floor here – it’s a long walk back up!

When you enter the cavern, follow the left wall to find a Small Lurcher Cluster. Continue along this wall (mind the hole) and you will see a short tunnel off to the left in the corner. There are a couple of Avarice Children here by an Angelic Artifact. Now go back to the cavern and cross to the south-west corner, where you can see a Small Lurcher Cluster visible inside a tunnel to your left.

Follow this tunnel as it turns and ends in a small room with a shallow pool on the floor. On the right side there is a ledge you can jump up to with a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Drop back down and go through the low tunnel in the south wall. When you exit, jump up to the metal walkway ahead. Just around the corner is a Healing Shard by a corpse. Continue along until you enter a room with one roller-door ahead and another over to the left. Flick the switch to the left of the door ahead to open both doors. The left door leads back to Nether: Accessway.

To proceed, head through the roller-door by the switch. You will see the orb straight ahead but watch out for a Minion waiting just around the corner. Once it’s dead, grab the orb for a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Climb the next set of stairs. Watch out for a couple of Baby Chain Spiders in the eggs as you enter the next tunnel. At the top two Minions will probably attack you right away if they have respawned. This area should look familiar, with Sloth snoring on his throne over to the right. You are above the subway you passed through earlier.

Make your way to the south-east where you will see a Sliver of Adamantine. Now take out the Alpha Sloth Minion lurking in the north-east corner. It drops another Sliver of Adamantine. Opposite him is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Follow the tunnel behind the Minions's position to find a Demonic Artifact.

With the upper level cleared out, drop down below. More Minions down here may have respawned so be ready for them.

Visit the Vulgrim Plinth around the corner if you want, but to progress you will burn the web just before the corner. Head up the ramp to the right.

Smash the cocoon at the top for a Healing Shard then go through the low tunnel to the right of it.

Up until now you’ve been smashing cocoons with reckless abandon but that’s about to change. Drop down and a Mimic will emerge from the central cocoon. Have your finger on cn_RB ready to dodge!

Mimics can be a little odd in that they sometimes won't attack when you approach. Treat every cocoon as suspicious and for those marked as containing Mimics, expect them to emerge when you hit them if not before.

Once it is dealt with, smash the cocoon closest to the edge for a Small Healing Shard. Stay on the lower level and proceed. Deal with a Minion and some Mosquitos. Around the corner you will find a Small Lurcher Cluster.

It may be possible to jump right up against the stalagmites and stalactites here and kill the Elite Minion on the other side, without it being able to hit you in return. It will drop an orb which you can collect a little later. Sometimes it will hop out of range and just wait there, in which case you will need to deal with it later.

Head back and jump up to the upper level. Smash the cocoons here for a Large Lurcher Clump and head up the ramp. There may be a Spider Demon patrolling here - if not it will be in the cavern ahead. The cocoon at the top of the ramp contains a dormant Mimic and you will get souls for destroying it. Always smash cocoons just in case.

Continue on and as the tunnel turns to the left and opens into a cavern, look up. You should see a red node hanging from the roof. Flame Jump up to dislodge a Large Lurcher Clump.

In the cavern ahead, smash the cocoon to your left for a Medium Lurcher Clump. The one on the right has a dormant Mimic.

On the right side of this room you will see a purple node on the roof. Give it a smack to make it drop a purple puddle. This works the same way as the orange puddle but Bugs will destroy purple clumps and nodes.

Head up the ramp on the left of the room and follow it around to find a Bomb Bug. Grab or lead it to the purple puddle then pick it up and throw it at the purple clumps nearby to open up the path.

Head through and drop down. Before doing anything, kill the Chain Spider just to your right.

Down in the waterway there are two Chain Spiders, along with a Mimic in the closest cocoon down there on the right. There are a further two dormant Mimics in the water.

With that level cleared, collect a Medium Lurcher Cluster and a Strength Shard (from a cocoon) near the grate and jump up to deal with the Alpha Sloth Minion opposite. It will drop a Fragment of Adamantine.

Hop back down into the water and follow the tunnel (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will appear about half way along this tunnel). At the end, drop off. Underwater, look to the right (south) to find a round opening. Swim through to find a Luminous Visage (04/16). Exit out and surface.

Jump out of the water to the south, onto the platform above the tunnel you just used. Kill the Chain Spiders here and collect a Thorn Shard from the crates and a Medium Lurcher Cluster near the corpse.

There is a Mimic ahead on the metal bridge. Go forwards and deal with another Chain Spider. Cross the next bridge – the cocoons here will contain a Healing Shard in the centre and a Mimic on the far left.

Now cross over to the last platform. The visible Mimic will be joined by another from one of the cocoons at the back, by the orb, if you get too close. Once they are gone, grab a Small Lurcher Cluster from the corpse.

Hop in the water back to the east side then, while underwater, look west under the platform. There will be a red-lit tunnel. Swim through it and jump out when you can.

The left-hand cocoon here has a Small Lurcher Cluster. To the left of the cocoons is a scaffold frame. Flame Jump up to a ledge above this. Enter the room up here and by the corpse on the left is an Angelic Artifact.

Drop back down and take stairs in the opposite corner up – the second cocoon has a dormant Mimic. At the top you will be overlooking the previous room.

Triple swing across the room. To the right here is a Large Lurcher Clump. Flick the switch on the left to open the large doors at the far end.

Hop back across and swim through those doors. You should see an orb glowing underwater just past them – it’s a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Surface just to the right. There will be two visible Mimics in this corridor. There shouldn’t be any Mimics in the cocoons but you will find a Small Healing Shard.

Burn through the web at the end and grab the Medium Lurcher Clump in the middle of the corridor ahead. When you emerge into a room, look to the right for a switch which opens the door back to the previous room.

Now jump up and Vulgrim will appear at Nether: Cistern. Run up the stairs to the right. Smash the cocoons and save the Human (05/20). Saving this fellow unlocks:

Five's a Crowd

Save 5 Humans

Five's a Crowd
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There is also a Sliver of Adamantine to collect. Head back down to the Vulgrim Plinth.

With a quarter of the available Humans in the game saved, Ulthane has a reward for you. Fast travel to Haven: Maker’s Forge and talk to him to receive the Rider’s Mercy Relic. This handy item provides some good benefits and with an upgrade for each additional 5 Humans you rescue. This is a passive power so you don't need to equip it or attach it for it to work. For now it grants +10% Lurchers When Killing An Enemy.

With that done, upgrade what you can then fast travel back to Nether: Cistern.



Head through the low tunnel in the east wall. Drop down and fight the visible Mimic and a Spider Demon that drops in when you land. The cocoons to the north-west hold a Wrath Shard and there is an Undying Shard visible next to another cocoon. Smash the two cocoons clumped together at the north which will reveal a low tunnel.

Go through and take the ramp up. There will be two Minions at the top here and one of them may call more enemies. If you go out onto the platform three Baby Chain Spiders will hatch from the eggs and some Mosquitoes will fly down. Clear them out and next to the large rock by the edge is a Fragment of Adamantine. Smash the eggs to the south-east to reveal a Small Lurcher Clump.

Go through the low tunnel nearby. Drop down through the hole to fight The Harvester, a large spider mini-boss. She’s fast but not too difficult, with only combinations of melee attacks. Once she’s down, there are two visible orbs to collect – a Medium Lurcher Cluster and a Demonic Artifact.

Use the train carriage to jump up and go through another low tunnel around the corner. After you stand up, continue and as the tunnel turns to the right you should see a red node hanging from the roof. Hit it with a Flame Jump and it will drop a Small Healing Shard. Just past this to the left is a Medium Lurcher Cluster by a chasm.

Continue along the tunnel, watching for a pair of Baby Chain Spiders to emerge from the eggs and then another set further on. The room you enter is dark, so make sure you have a Hollow active which will provide a little light.

This is a subway station of sorts. You enter on the east platform. There is a rail line in the centre and a platform on the west. Patrolling the area will be some Chain Spiders and Mimics. They move around so just be on your guard. Holding cn_LT to lock onto an enemy from time to time may mark them before you see them.

Stick to the left and head along the east platform where you will come across steps heading up to the left. At the top behind some cocoons, with just a dormant Mimic, is a Demonic Artifact. Go back down the steps and cross to the tracks to the west side. Just to the left will find a low tunnel by a cocoon. Go in to grab a Fragment of Adamantine.

Exit the low tunnel and turn left. At the end of the platform is a clearly visible Large Lurcher Clump, with a Chain Spider that will drop down as you approach.

Drop down onto the tracks and look under the carriage at the end here – there is a low tunnel so head in. At the end drop down to the left and be ready for a Mimic in the cocoon by the edge on the left (it will be out of the orbs light, a little further to the south). That orb is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Go through the low tunnel to the left for a mini-boss encounter. This time it’s two Brood Mothers! Remember that the small bugs they drop will explode so evade accordingly. There’s not much to this battle. Use the usual tactics and use Havoc Form if you have it charged.

With the room cleared, look left from the entry (towards the north-east) to find a Large Lurcher Cluster. In the south-east there is the Juggernaut Enhancement and an Angelic Artifact close together. To the west is a Sliver of Adamantine.

Backtrack to the train station (if you are disoriented, head towards the blue light to find the exit). Follow the tracks forward, ready for a Mimic at the far end, and enter the tunnel. The first cocoon holds a Small Lurcher Clump. Just ahead, ignore the right path and two Baby Chain Spiders will emerge from an egg near the carriage. To the left is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Now take that side tunnel. When you enter another rail tunnel, the first cocoon is empty. The next, on the left, holds a Mimic. You will come to a Vulgrim Plinth on your left – beside this to the left is a Small Lurcher Cluster. Talk with Vulgrim at Nether: Tangled Grotto.

Smash the cocoons blocking the tunnel ahead to proceed. The enemies in the next room tend to move around so be prepared for that. Ignore the orb you can see on the tracks ahead for a moment. Take the path up to right and cautiously head forwards – several Chain Spiders and a single Spider Demon will be patrolling here; some Baby Chain Spiders will drop in to annoy you and the Minion you may have seen earlier will probably join in too. This battle can potentially get out of control!

Once this right side is clear, grab a Small Lurcher Cluster in the centre of the room and a Medium Lurcher Cluster from the top of the stairs at the far end. South from the bottom of the stairs you will see an orb – a Chain Spider will ambush you here. It’s a Strength Shard. Just next to it is a red node hanging from the roof with a Large Lurcher Cluster. Flame Jump to bring it down.

Go south a fraction and turn left when you can. Follow the wall here to get back to the orb on the tracks you saw before. It is a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Now go into the room on the south side, where you will see another Spider Demon. Deal with it and on the south side of the room you can find a Frenzy Shard by a corpse. Turn left and head down to Mimic Corner – in addition to the one you can see there will be 2 or 3 more in the cocoons. Just on the blocked steps in this corner is a Rejuvenation Core.

Now look to the north. There will be a path up to a pair of carriages. Head up the right one and through a low tunnel to find another Human (06/20) and a Demonic Artifact.

Story 3_Train path

Exit this area and go to the steps in the south-west corner of the large room. Destroy the metal bin at the base of the steps to find a Healing Shard. Go up the steps and around the corner. On the right side is a blue bin with a Wrath Shard (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will appear just past the blue bin). Before going into the blue-lit tunnel to the west, look to the north-west to find a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Now enter the blue-lit tunnel and follow it around. Keep going forwards to find a Healing Shard before the doorway and Vulgrim waiting inside at Nether: Transit Turnstile. You are about to fight your next Sin, so be sure to level up as much as you can. If you are able, definitely upgrade the Chaos Enhancement to Balanced. This unlocks an achievement but more importantly doubles your time in Havoc Mode!

Can you restore the Balance?

Upgrade an Enhancement to Balanced

Can you restore the Balance?
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The next recommended upgrade is the Enoch Enhancement on the Angelic Path.

Go back out of this room and take the tunnel to the left. Follow the path to encounter Sloth. This battle has two distinct phases. Sloth starts on a throne carried by Spiders. He will melee attack, launch projectiles and slam his staff down, summoning more Spiders. In this phase you must attack the Spiders carrying the throne. They will appear to be replaced continually but eventually you will destroy the throne in a cutscene. The Storm Hollow Wrath Attack (cn_RB and cn_LB) is perfect for the first phase.

Now Sloth will attack on foot. He has single and three-hit melee attacks and will jump and attempt to crush you – this will also have an area effect so make you get clear of his landing point. When he lands, he will pause for a moment, giving you a chance for some easy hits. Havoc Form, anyone?

Killing Sloth unlocks:

Throne Potato

Defeat Sloth

Throne Potato
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Upon his death, Sloth will drop a Luminous Visage (05/16). Head into the tunnel in the north-east corner near the carriages. Inside you will pass a Large Lurcher Cluster. Up ahead, burn the web on the left which shifts the carriages and creates a bridge back to the Splintered Station. There is an Angelic Artifact here on the right by the edge.

Head over to the station and visit Vulgrim. Use the Serpent Hole to travel to Haven: Crossroads.



To the south-east, right next to the Vulgrim Plinth, you will see a ledge with a web on the wall behind it. Burn the web to reveal a low tunnel. Head through and at the end, Flame Jump up. Hiding on the left wall here is a Cloaked Sycophant waiting to ambush you. Ignore the water to the right and enter the large area to the left. Stick on the left side where you will encounter some Swarm and a Suffering. In the corner behind the Suffering is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

From the Suffering's location, go west to the edge - there is the remains of a zebra crossing on the ground in line with a lamppost with a bin at the base. That bin contains a Wrath Shard.

Go to the south end of this ledge then drop into the centre path and head further south. At the end, some Swarm will drop in to help the visible Minion. Grab a Thorn Shard at the end. Go back a little and jump up to the ledges to the west. You will have seen a Blue Lurcher Demon with some more souls for you. Up one level from the Demon is a Small Lurcher Cluster around the corner.

Drop down and clear out the enemies – more Swarm will drop in to join the Minion (these enemies may have attacked you earlier). There will be a Medium Lurcher Cluster just down the hill to the west. Continue this way and when you emerge into a large area look to your left to find Vulgrim at Haven: North End.

Around this time you should reach Level 26, meaning you have earned a total of 25 attribute points. Assuming you have assigned all the previous points, spending this one unlocks:

25 to Life

Spend 25 Attribute Points

25 to Life
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Head forwards into the area. Over to the right, there is a lamp post with a dumpster and a small metal bin at the base - destroy the metal bin for a Healing Shard.

Drop down to the south-west where a pair of Suffering await. You will wake them both so you can’t lure them one at a time. This area has three visible orbs – a Small Lurcher Cluster to the south-east, a Medium Lurcher Cluster near the ledge in the north-west and a Demonic Artifact to the south-west. Next to this is a low tunnel where you will find a Sliver of Adamantine.

Exit out and hop up to the ledge in the north-west side. Jump up again, making sure to go to the south where a single Minion awaits. Now if you look north, you will see a Ranged Sycophant and a Cloaked Sycophant up against the wall to its right. A pair of Swarm will also drop in. Take them all out and on the Minion’s platform you can find a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Go back to the central area and continue across to the east. There are some Minions in the barricaded outpost in the central area to the south who you may attack as you pass. Keep going east until you see a wrecked bus by a gap on the left between two buildings.

A Swarm and a Cloaked Sycophant will be hiding behind the bus here. Kill them and Flame Jump up the levels behind the bus, heading north. At the top you will find a Sliver of Adamantine. More Swarm may appear up here. This leads back to the previous area, so drop back down and proceed east along the street.

Right at the end you will see a Teleporting Sycophant. Some Swarm will also be lurking up here. By the corpse at the very edge is an Angelic Artifact.

From the edge, turn around and look back the way you came. On the left wall is a large tree root that forms a ramp. Head up there and about half way along look to the left. Flame Jump up and swing across to the root on the other side of the street. Turn left and follow this path to the small room at the end where you can find a Fragment of Adamantine.

The next section requires some tricky swinging. You will not be able to access all the loot over there until later when you have the Force Hollow. If swinging and jumping is not your forte, consider skipping this until later so you only have to do it once.

Step back out onto the root and look south-west, back down the street. Above there are two branches. Flame Jump up, then swing across twice and Flame Jump again so you get to the metal balcony diagonally opposite. Here you can grab a Luminous Visage (06/16), so it was absolutely worth it!

North End Jump

Now face east and swing across to the next balcony. A double jump into a Flame Jump at the start this time. Follow the path around and enter the building where you can find a red node hanging from the roof with a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

That’s all you can access for now. Either retrace your steps or carefully jump down.

Down on the street, enter the small laneway to the south below the balcony you were just on. Watch out for a Cloaked Sycophant lurking at the corner. Nearby is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

The laneway leads around to the back of the central area. Kill the Sycophant and several Minions here. Beside the tree root by the west wall is a Large Lurcher Cluster. Destroy the bins on the wall slightly further right (north) for a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Head south to the end of the street and drop down. There is a low tunnel on the west. Inside is a Human (07/20) and a Silver of Adamantine.

Exit out and go back to the laneway to the east. You may have already noticed the gap in the wall at the corner where you can enter the building. Go inside and clear out the single Minion in here if it didn’t attack you earlier. There is a Mimic in a cocoon in the back-left near the hole in the wall and another on the right by the Bomb Bug nest. There will be a few dormant Mimics as well.

Behind the counter in the back room is a Medium Lurcher Cluster. On the other side of this room is a red node hanging from the roof with a Small Lurcher Cluster.

Near the entrance is a purple node to knock down which creates a puddle. Lead a Bomb Bug to the puddle and once it's charged, take it outside and throw it at the purple clump to the west. Inside is a Human (08/20) and a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Go back to the room with the purple puddle. On the east side of this room you will see a purple clump behind a barricade. Smash the barricade then throw a charged Bomb Bug to break the clump. Follow this path to the bottom where you will encounter an Alpha Sloth Minion. It will drop a Fragment of Adamantine. Continue into the side room (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will spawn in the middle of this room) where you can find a Demonic Artifact around to the left and a Medium Lurcher Cluster on the right.

Head back upstairs and turn left, going through the hole in the wall in the back room. There will be a dormant Mimic in the left-most cocoon here. At the end turn left and head towards the church for a scene where you meet the next Sin, Pride.

Ignore the new portal and turn right (west) to find a Vulgrim Plinth, which is Haven: South End.

Turn around and go inside the church. While your watcher talks, walk along the right side. Behind a large tree root you will find a Small Lurcher Cluster. Go back a little and find a web on one of the columns that leads up to the roof. Burn this and the flame will travel up the web path, causing a bell to fall and smash the floor near the entrance. There is a Sliver of Adamantine behind the altar at the far end of the church.

Head outside to the graveyard via the hole in the east wall. Look up and to the left. There is a Suffering hanging onto the wall. He will summon some Swarm continuously but won’t attack until you get close to him.

Kill the enemies here. From the Suffering’s location, head to the north where you will find an Angelic Artifact by the edge. Cross over to the other side of the area to grab a Large Lurcher Cluster by the east wall.

Look back at the church and you will see some scaffolding to the left of the hole which you can use to access the roof. Jump up and on the lower roof tier, turn right to find a Healing Shard by a corpse. There is more scaffolding to make your way up to the very top. Look left to see a Small Lurcher Cluster by a corpse at the end of the wooden platform at the peak of the roof. Jump over the other side (west) to the lower tier on this side. Look right to see a Demonic Artifact at the end.

Now drop down to the west, landing to the left of the bus you can see down there. Watch out for five or six Swarm in the area. Grab a Large Lurcher Cluster at the very southern end.

Jump back over the bus and drop through the hole in the floor inside the church. Go past the large tomb and just beyond it to the left you will find a Large Lurcher Cluster by a corpse. Head south up the steps. At the back is a Sliver of Adamantine. Be ready for a group of regular Skeletons to spawn when you return to the previous room.

Now take the other exit to the west. Go down the stairs. You will spot three Skeleton Archers on platforms in the room ahead. Jump up and deal with them before dropping to the floor and clearing a few regular and Armoured Skeletons.

Climb the stairs to the west then look south – there is an Elite Skeleton waiting there. The pile of bones beside it will spawn a regular Skeleton. On death the Elite will drop a Fragment of Adamantine.

Nearby, there is a corpse with a Large Lurcher Cluster on the west wall. Turn to the north and go all the way to the end where you can smash a single pot containing a Wrath Shard. Go to the south-east corner and you’ll see a red node containing a Medium Lurcher Cluster hanging from a tree. Now exit to the east.

Follow the path down and drop into the chasm. On the left is a Medium Lurcher Cluster and there is a Small Lurcher Cluster in the eggs where you land. To the right you can see another Medium Lurcher Cluster by the edge.

Use the ledges to the left to jump back up to the path. If you head uphill and destroy the eggs here, you can find a Small Healing Shard. Go down the hill and drop off the edge ahead. Enter the tunnel on the left and in the first room you will find a Fragment of Adamantine to the left.

You can’t go further yet, so go back outside. Directly ahead is a ledge you can Flame Jump up to. Swing across to the next ledge. In the small alcove on the left wall over here is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

From this ledge, you will see a Wind Storm by the rocks to the north-east. Storm Glide up to the higher ledge opposite. Grab the Demonic Artifact at the edge and proceed past the eggs around the corner. You should see a red node on the roof ahead. It has a Large Lurcher Cache, holding a massive 10,000 Souls!

Continue along the path and by the corpse just ahead is a Large Lurcher Cluster. Now you can drop back down to the ledge below and enter the tunnel leading west. The tunnel narrows and eventually you will crouch into a low tunnel. As you exit you will be alerted to a new creature.

The Mansk can be used to access higher platforms. Look over to the west to see a higher ledge. To move the Mansk, you can just hit its legs and it will run directly away from you. You can also slam down on its top with a Gravel Grinder move (jump and press cn_RB in the air). Depending on which side you land on, the Mansk will move in the opposite direction.

Flame Jump onto the Mansk or approach its legs and press cn_B. Push it over to the west side where you can Flame Jump up. There is a Healing Shard at the edge.

Drop off the far side of this platform and continue down into the room. There are two Chain Spiders in the pool below. On the north side of the pool is a Large Lurcher Cluster by a corpse. When you jump up to the west to grab the orb there, a Spider Demon will drop in. The orb is a Fragment of Adamantine.

Several of the eggs on the platform to the north have Baby Chain Spiders if you want some easy Souls.

Head to the higher platform to the south. From here you can drop down behind the wall of thick vines into a partially hidden area to the south. Go through the low tunnel here. At the end you will enter the Bonelands. Jump off the edge and look left to find the Vulgrim Plinth at Bonelands: The Hulking Carcass.

Don’t forget to shatter your Lurcher Clusters – with the Large Cache you should be able to level up 3-4 times here. Expect to be around Level 31.

Your journey into the Bonelands continues on the next page.

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