9. Darksiders III Story walkthrough 4Update notes




From Bonelands: The Hulking Carcass, proceed to the east. You will notice a hanging Undead Angel ahead. You can knock them down for souls but be ready as some of them will fight back!

To the left is a Fragment of Adamantine at the base of a flagpole – two Swarm will spawn as you approach.

You will spot another new enemy up ahead. The Scribe is floating around on its chair. On top of regular attacks, it will clap its hands above its head to create a power beam attack, often several times in a row. It’ll also try to slam its chair down on you in a Boss-like ground-pound manoeuvre.

The next section can get a little hectic. By the Ambulance and shipping container there will be an Undead Angel, supported by several Swarm. Off in the distance, by a flag, is a Necromancer, who will constantly summon Swarm. Try to deal with the first set of enemies before alerting the Necromancer – however, when you see him summoning, race over there and deal with him before you get swamped.

With the area clear, look to the south of the shipping container you just passed. There is a Medium Lurcher Cluster by the wall. Past the Necromancer’s island is a blue shipping container. To the north of it is a ledge you can Flame Jump up to. There is a Large Lurcher Cluster up here.

Drop back down and look to the left (east). There is a tree with two hanging Undead Angels and an Elite Angel by an orb behind it. Deal with it and it will drop a Fragment of Adamantine. The orb it was next to is an Invigoration Core.

Follow the rock wall south and you will see some items up against the building ahead. Destroy them and enter the low tunnel behind. At the end jump up and collect a Demonic Artifact. Go back out the low tunnel.

Now jump up to the area in front of that building. Kill the Swarm and destroy the dumpster next to the doorway on your left to reveal a Healing Shard. Walk towards the purple clump on the wall and jump on the blue container to the right. Jump onto the next container and you will see a small area behind it. Drop down and some Swarm will appear. Grab the Medium Lurcher Cluster here.

Enter the building on the opposite side and watch out for Stingers flying down from above. You can’t get to their nests yet, so quickly grab the Fragment of Adamantine by the back wall and exit. The Stingers should follow you back outside where you can deal with them.

Jump onto the Mansk and move it over to the north-west side of the area. From there you can Flame Jump up to the upper floor of the building (look for the Blue Lurcher Demon if you can’t see it). Smash that Demon and deal with the two Undead Angels up here as well.

Go to the top of the stairs here and look off the edge to the north-west, looking over the area you just passed through. You will see a pair of silos, with an orb on the second one. Use Storm Glide to get over there and collect a Havoc Shard.

Return to the stairs and head up and around the corner to a low tunnel. At the junction you will see a Medium Lurcher Cluster to the right. You can’t get past the corpse here, so go back around to the left.

When you emerge, drop down to the right. On the metal landing, destroy the crate by some pallets in the corner to the right of the stairs to find a Wrath Shard. Go down those stairs and before they turn right jump off to the left. In the corner here is a Medium Lurcher Clump.

Head forwards to find Vulgrim at Bonelands: Festering Pool.

Continue on the only way you can and you will exit the building. Ahead you will see a battle between Angels and Undead Angels. Sit back and wait until they whittle each other down before you clean up the survivors. Be cautious of the light green pool over to the left. These pools are toxic and will kill you almost instantly, even on Story difficulty. Avoid at all costs.

Once the area is clear, look by the north wall next to a container for a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Find the Mansk opposite the entry and move it to the north-west area where you can then Flame Jump up to the west.

A new enemy will attack as you move forward – an Angelic Beast. Watch out for its ground-pound move. Once it’s down, grab the Medium Lurcher Cluster from in front of the taxi straight ahead. Behind the waterfall to the right is a Fragment of Adamantine. As you exit the waterfall, turn right and head through to a small area there. Kill the Swarm and go into the building to find a Small Lurcher Cache.

Go back to the waterfall and head south. Jump over the buses blocking the way and fight an Undead Angel on the other side who will appear from the opening on the right. Go forwards and drop down into the water. Underwater you can find a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Now surface and hop back up the platforms. Enter the building through the gap in the wall to the west.

An Angel will float down from above and attack. On the right wall is a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Enter the next room where another battle is taking place. Charge on in or let it play out first – up to you. From where you entered, in the near-left corner is a box to destroy for a Wrath Shard. Along the left wall is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Go through the only unobstructed door to the right. Another pair of Angels will be fighting in here. Once they’re dealt with, grab the Large Lurcher Cluster opposite the entrance. The large bin near the webbed door (leading back to the previous room) contains a Healing Shard.

Go back to the previous room and burn through the web in the doorway to the west. Jump on the Mansk and move it near the scaffolding, then Flame Jump up. There is a Strength Shard on the wooden planks between the two scaffolds.

Flame Jump up again and deal with the Undead Angel who rushes in. There is another Undead Angel and an Undead Angel Brute in the next room, with another Angel on the scaffold up to the left. The crates in the centre of the room have a Large Lurcher Cluster and the crate next to the barrels just to the right has a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Go through the door near the scaffold and kill the Angel patrolling outside. On the metal balcony there is a Rejuvenation Core. Now go back to the last room and take the other doorway, heading south.

Turn left and swing over the gap to grab a Fortification Shard. Swing back over and destroy the crate in the corner to the left of the hole in the wall to find a Havoc Shard. Now enter the hole and go down the ramp.

Drop down into a smaller area. In the north-east corner there are some containers you can jump over, between the two buildings. On the other side is a Human (09/20) and a Fragment of Adamantine. When you climb back out of this area you will see a purple node hanging from the rocks straight ahead. Smash it down and have a Bomb Bug feed on the purple puddle.

You need to destroy 2 purple clumps. The first is in plain side on the side of the building. The second will be revealed once the first one is gone and can be targeted from the purple puddle. It is possible to hit the 3rd clump you can see inside but it is an incredibly difficult shot and not worth the frustration. You can clear that up during a backtrack shortly.

Jump back into the building. Hop onto the Mansk and direct it outside through the gap you just created by destroying the 2nd purple clump.

Move the Mansk into the chasm to the south as you exit. It will float on the water. Flame Jump up to the other side. Grab the orb near the door to the left for a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Go through the door and smash a crate next to a barrel on the right wall for a Healing Shard and continue on. In the next room, turn right and go around the shipping container to find a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Now turn around and go the other way, then around to the right for a scene announcing the next Boss, the Angelic Champion.

The battle will begin with a pair of regular Angels, before a second pair join the fray. After they are dealt with, the Angelic Champion will appear. It attacks with a double melee attack or a fast stab, a shockwave attack by slamming its sword into the ground, a shield-charge and a blunt attack with the shield if you get in close. As always, dodge and use Arcane counter-attack or your special attacks.

Once it is down, another scene will play and you will meet the angel Usiel. You will be given the Crossblade, Salvation, unlocking:

In aim mode (cn_RS), hold cn_LT to tag up to four targets then cn_RT to throw it. You can also hold cn_RT for a charged shot. It can be helpful in combat but it’s real use is in puzzle-solving.

Move the Enoch Enhancement to Salvation for the passive Havoc regeneration. Put the Juggernaut Enhancement onto the Chains.

After collecting your new weapon, look left (east) and climb the steps. Drop down into the gap and grab an Angelic Artifact. Flame Jump back out. Head back downstairs and find the steps down in to the north-east. At the base of these steps, turn around and look south. You should see the orb on a bookcase which is a Fragment of Adamantine. Go back past the steps and continue to the north wall. Turn left and destroy the barrel in the far corner for a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Head back upstairs and just past Usiel head right (north). On a bookcase here is a Healing Shard. Now go through the door in the south-west corner. Follow the path but resist the temptation to jump down through the broken floor. Walk down the metal pathway and behind the crates in the corner there is a Demonic Artifact.

Now jump down where you can’t miss Vulgrim at Bonelands: Hangman’s Tree (wow, Vulgrim really wants Salvation!)



Now head outside through the gap near Vulgrim. You will be prompted to use Salvation so give it a try. Target the two Swarm in the water throwing bombs at you. Remember that charging the shot will inflict extra damage. The Crossblade can be useful in drawing enemies away from a group to deal with one or two at a time. Rather than just exchanging fire with these two, target them once then retreat back to the cave Vulgrim is in. They will follow and you can take them out at close quarters.

Head to the left of the large tree and deal with a single Angel flying around. Don't go too far in that direction or you will engage the Angelic Beast you can see on the far side - once again, use the Crossblade to draw the Angel away. Stick to the left and head behind the bus and Ambulance near the silos in this direction to find a Fragment of Adamantine guarded by three Swarm.

Head back to the tree. On this side, at its base, you will find a Medium Lurcher Clump. Go around and kill the Angelic Beast. Further around the base of the the tree is a Sliver of Adamantine.

Remembering that as you will likely have collected extra Slivers in random drops this may have already unlocked, but by now you should certainly unlock:

Look south and attached to the wall just under overpass is a pair of Stinger nests. Use your Crossblade to clear them out from a distance – tag the Stingers and the nests to destroy them all in one go. Below the nests is the Obscurus Enhancement.

Head west under the overpass and clear the four Undead Angels ahead. On the right by the tree is a Medium Lurcher Clump. Move a little west towards the Blue Lurcher Demon you can see and look to the column just south of it to find a Large Lurcher Cluster by a corpse.

Now jump onto that blue container and hit the Blue Lurcher Demon, then drop down and fight the Undead Angel Brute. Continue around the base of the tree to find a Sliver of Adamantine, then further around a Demonic Artifact.

Look to the west and you will see a concrete landing with a distinct yellow light and a blue container on top. Climb up onto the concrete landing here. The blue container has a Medium Lurcher Cluster on top.

Look up to the west where several web-covered containers are hanging from a crane. With Flame Hollow active, throw a charged Salvation shot at the web (a Flame Crossblade), causing it to burn and the containers to drop. They will form a handy path across the deadly green lake.

Jump over and up to the top level. Immediately look right to see a Thorn Shard. Look west up the side of the building to see a large web. Burn it to provide access to the building and to create a short-cut swing to go back to the previous area.

Enter the building and around the corner you will come across three Undead Angels. Kill them, then grab a Medium Lurcher Cluster in the north-east corner. Follow the path past the chain fence and turn right. Smash the crates up against that chain fence to reveal a Small Healing Shard.

Exit the building and turn right. Ignore the Scribe fighting in the distance and edge up to the corner of the building. An Undead Angel will be hiding in ambush. Lure him back so you can deal with him alone. Then head out and take down the Scribe. Keep the fight to this side of the area as there is a Stinger nest on the wall to the north.

With the Scribe dealt with, go to the north-east of this area. The Stinger nest is up here, above a doorway. Deal with it then destroy the small blue bins nearby to find a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Head in through the doorway. The Undead Angel hanging on the left, by the mesh wall, is going to animate so take it down first. Then go and destroy the crates near the purple clump and collect the Fragment of Adamantine that was hidden there.

Up on the west side of the room is a red node with a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Exit this building and go back over to the south, then turn right at the edge. Just after a concrete barrier, where the ground is uneven, there is a Large Lurcher Cluster by a corpse. Continue in this direction as the edge curves around to the north. Near the building at the end is a crate by a spool and a twisted metal fence. Destroy this for a Frenzy Shard.

On the other side of the fence is a ramp leading down. At the bottom you will find Vulgrim at Bonelands: The Drowned District.

Jump up on the ledge to the east and deal with a couple of Swarm before grabbing a Large Lurcher Cluster in the back corner by the green lake. Now go back past Vulgrim and enter the large round pipe you see there. Grab the visible Large Lurcher Clump before entering the tunnel to the left.

This short tunnel ends in a water-filled room. Dive underwater and in the south-west corner you will find a Large Lurcher Cluster by a corpse. Surface and swim to the north-west. Kill the two Swarm and grab a Havoc Shard by the corpse they were standing by. You should see a Fragment of Adamantine behind the waterfall just ahead.

Enter the next room around from the waterfall. There will be an Angel and an Undead Angel ahead. Around to the left is a Necromancer. Try to draw the Angels back before being seen by the Necromancer, who summons Swarm.

Once they are all cleared out, look to the north to see a red node hanging from a branch. It contains a Medium Lurcher Cluster. From here, head towards the area where the Necromancer was and you will see a purple node hanging about half-way over. Knock this down to create a purple puddle which you will make use of in a minute.

Continue around to the left and into the building. A Spectral Undead Angel will appear. These can be tough enemies but use the usual tactics. It will drop a Fragment of Adamantine. By the south wall in the centre is a Healing Shard.

Head to the north-east corner and flick the switch by the roller-door to open it. This is a shortcut back to the previous area. A Bomb Bug will have spawned behind you. Take it back to the purple puddle in the last area, charge it up then throw it to destroy the purple wall in the north-west corner, behind the perfectly-shaped rock in the way.

Head through there and attack the hanging Undead Angels - two will drop down when you approach the orb if you don't. At the end of the cavern is Luminous Visage (07/16).

Go back and charge up another suicidal bug. From the purple puddle, look up on the wall to the west to see a small purple node. Blow this up with the bug and it will drop a Small Lurcher Cache.

Now go back into the room. As you enter, look up to the left to see a break in the railing above. Flame Jump up and destroy the crate nearby for a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Follow this railing east and behind some items in the corner you will find a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Drop back down into the room and Flame Jump up on the south side where you can exit the building.

Start by turning left and heading up the stairs. Follow around and you will re-enter the building on a higher level. Turn right and jump over the crate. In addition to the Undead Angel you can see patrolling around the corner, a second one will drop in here too. At the end of the railing here you can’t miss a Thorn Shard.

In the south-east corner is a hanging red node – you may have run past this to deal with the enemies. It drops a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Climb the steps and enter the room at the top. There is a Spectral Undead Angel at the far end waiting for you. Once it is dealt with, Flame Jump up to a level above – back to the east you will find a Demonic Artifact.

Backtrack to where you re-entered the building. From the entry, look forwards (north) and up to see a web covered swing point. Throw a Flame Crossblade to burn the web and drop it down a little. You can now double-swing over to the ledge opposite.

When you land, look back over your right shoulder, into the previous room. You should see a web-covered doorway to the left of the Swing Point. Burn the web with a Flame Crossblade use the nearest Swing Point at an angle towards the doorway then jump to reach it.

Inside is a Human (10/10), unlocking:

Grab a Fragment of Adamantine and use the switch nearby to open the door. Go through and follow the path around. Instead of using the Swing Points again, backtrack outside and back down the stairs. There is a second path through this building with more loot to collect. This time continue down the other steps opposite.

At the bottom, loop around to the right to find a low tunnel. Go through and turn left to find a Fragment of Adamantine.

Storm Glide and use the Wind Storm above which will take you up to the higher platform to the north. Follow this platform around and grab a Medium Lurcher Cache before the gap. Storm Glide over and before you exit the building, look left to see a red node on the roof which contains a Piece of Adamantine.

Outside at the edge of the platform is an Angelic Artifact. Storm Glide over to the platform to the right. This is the same place you swung over to before – you just did a loop to grab the extra loot.

Proceed north along this path, dealing with Swarm who appear and an Angel. On the left near the waterfall is a Small Lurcher Cluster. Continue forwards then swing over when the path turns. Jump up the platforms into another building.

This building has a little puzzle. Start by flicking the switch on the wall by the door to the north-east. This opens both the gate directly in front and a second on the far side of the next room. Hit the switch again to close the gates but dash through the first one before it shuts.

Drop down into the room to the south-west, where a Bomb Bug will spawn. Pick it up and throw it up into the main room. Now hop back up and draw the bug over to the purple puddle. Throw the charged bug at the purple clump on the west wall.

Before proceeding, fetch another Bug and get it to the puddle but leave it there for now.

Now enter the pathway you revealed in the west wall. You’ll turn left and follow a narrow path between the wall and some crates. At the end of the crates, look left to find a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

Go up the stairs and jump up and to the left (east). Jump over the crate and onto the Mansk. If you look directly opposite over the room you can see a gap in the crates – this is where you’re headed. Move the Mansk so it floats down into the room below. You can either jump as it floats down or Flame Jump once it lands.

Up top, go forwards then drop off to the right to find yourself back at the gate switch. Flick it once to open the gates. Go in and grab the charged bug and destroy the second purple clump you can now see behind the second gate.

Before you exit, move the Mansk to the north-east corner by the first gate. Flame Jump up to a platform above the switch where you will find a Demonic Artifact.

Drop down and head through the passage you revealed to the south. Jump through the hole at the end and hop onto the Mansk there. Move it south, off the edge. You will land near Vulgrim at the Bonelands: The Drowned District.

Before proceeding, make a quick trip back to Haven: Maker’s Forge. With ten Humans saved, Ulthane will upgrade your Rider’s Mercy, increasing your Wrath reward from Wrath Lurchers by 20%. You just need to talk to Ulthane.

Return to the Bonelands: Drowned District and hop back on the Mansk. Push it up the ramp and as far south as you can go. Look up to see a break in the side barrier of the freeway above. Flame Jump up there. An Undead Angel and a Spectral Undead Angel are patrolling up here. There is a Large Lurcher Cluster just to right of where you landed.

Head left along the broken freeway. A huge tentacle will knock down the section a road ahead allowing you to continue. Swarm will attack from the next section along, with two Ranged remaining up there. In front of the bus that one of the Ranged Swarm is on there is a Medium Lurcher Cluster.

The next freeway section has a patrolling Angelic Beast. Towards the far end is a red node hanging from a tree branch with a Large Lurcher Cluster. Jump up to the next section and proceed down off the bridge. Just around the corner you will run into Vulgrim at Bonelands: Mangled Freeway.



Just next to Vulgrim is a low tunnel. Go through and at the end you will hear a Human gibbering. Look around to the left to find him - Human (11/20). Go through the doorway opposite and drop through the hole in the floor.

Turn around and head south down some stairs. Smash the red node here for a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Now go back upstairs and head forwards. Drop down off the end – you may be attacked right away by a Spectral Undead Angel from the right.

Head left and destroy the boxes on the metal walkway in the back-right corner to reveal a low tunnel. Inside is an Elite Undead Angel. It’ll drop a Piece of Adamantine. In the corner where it was standing is a Luminous Visage (08/16). Head back out the low tunnel.

Proceed to the east. In addition to the Spectral Undead Angel which you may have already killed, there is an Undead Angel and an Undead Angel Brute. Try to lure them one at a time.

Look to the north-east corner where there are a couple of barrels by a doorway. Smash them to locate a Strength Shard. To the west you will see a short set of steps up to a slightly raised metal platform. Flame Jump up at the end onto the containers on the left where you will find a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Drop down and move north off the platform. Use the switch you see ahead to open the door. This is a shortcut back to the Bonelands: Festering Pools Vulgrim Plinth.

From the door, head east. You will see a Medium Lurcher Cluster up ahead by the left wall. Around the corner there is a minor jump scare. Jump up to the crate at the end and collect a Healing Shard. Flame Jump up to the right where you can reach the next floor.

Follow the path, expecting another Tentacley surprise. Around to the left in the next room is a Blue Lurcher Demon. Looking back to the south, double swing across to proceed.

When you land, turn around and look at the left (west) wall to see a gap higher up. Flame Jump up there. Inside there are Stinger nests on the left and right walls. In the back corner is an Angelic Artifact.

Jump back out of this room and onto the platform you were on just before. Drop down onto the containers below (west). In the next fight against a Scribe, with a Necromancer hiding behind a mesh fence on a higher level behind, you want to target the Necromancer first.

Ignore the Scribe and as you turn the corner Flame Jump onto the square grey containers on the left.

Jump to boxes before Scribe/Necromancer

From here you can jump up to higher crate on the left. Follow the path forwards behind the mesh fence and around to where you can get to the Necromancer. Take it out. The Scribe will be throwing projectiles at you so don’t completely ignore it.

Quickly grab the Undying Shard up here before you go back and deal with the Scribe and any Swarm that the Necromancer summoned. Once it’s clear, find the corpse in the north-east of the area with a Fragment of Adamantine next to it.

Now climb the containers on the south wall that are roughly opposite from where you came from. You can grab a Large Lurcher Cluster at the top before entering the room. Use the switch on the left wall to open the door and go through. There is a Wrath Shard just on the other side of the door. Move forwards toward the red glow and (jump scare warning) a scene will play out, taking you to the next boss.

Despite its size, the Kraken is not much of a boss fight if you’re quick. It will slam its tentacles down or sweep them sideways to attack if you let it. Use Salvation to tag all four of its eyes and it will assume a defensive posture. If you only hit one or two, the eyes will stay shut for a short period to time – you may have enough time for a second shot on the remaining ones. Best to try and tag all four in one shot. Once it’s curled up, run out to the south. It will eventually uncurl and resume the fight, so don’t linger in the area too long!

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Grab a Small Lurcher Cluster from the left side of the opening to the south, then go through.

Just up ahead you will find Vulgrim at Bonelands: Cargo Ship. Before you reach it, use the switch on the wall to the right and head through the door that opens. Defeat the Swarm in here and at the end you will find a Fragment of Adamantine.

Use the switch at the end here to open the door and create a shortcut back to the building we were previously in – no need to go back that way though. Return to Vulgrim and continue past him, heading south. Stick on the right wall and as it turns a corner you will find a Healing Shard. Then continue south.

After a chat with your Watcher, jump onto the containers in the centre of the area. Slightly hidden on the other side is a Large Lurcher Cluster. Jump back onto the path and continue forwards towards the ship.

Before you climb up and enter, there is a missable achievement related to this next Boss-fight. You will be fighting Lust, who is a challenging enough opponent. She has a standard single or double melee attack and a quick stab attack. She will charge at you and swing a pair of quick sword attacks and can leap over you can stab at you from above. Finally, she has a spinning attack where she swings her sword around.

The missable component relates to the second half of the fight. Once her health is down some, Usiel will join the battle. You must defeat Lust without killing Usiel. In theory this isn’t difficult as Lust will already be at half health. The real risk comes from focusing on Lust and dying to Usiel wailing away on you. Keep locked onto Lust through the whole battle and focus on her, but have an eye on Usiel as well. It doesn’t matter if Usiel takes damage – he just has to live through the fight.

Head into the ship and enjoy the eventful cutscene before completing the fight as described. Once Lust is defeated, you will unlock:

If you didn’t beat Usiel down during the fight, you will also unlock:

Usiel will also reward you with the Fafnir Enhancement the next time you visit him at the Angel Base.

The scenes will play out and you will receive your next gift from the Lord of Hollows, the Force Hollow. This unlocks:

You’ll regain control inside Lusts’ ship. Up ahead you will find Vulgrim at Boneyards: Cargo Hold. Your first goal is to return to the previous arena.

The new Force Hollow is activated with cn_LB and cn_A. With it comes another weapon, the Mallet of Scorn. Attach the Shade Enhancement to it for a further reduction to incoming damage.



Look to the right of Vulgrim. There is a purple clump on the west wall above a container. You should already have Force Hollow active, so either throw a Force Crossblade shot up there or climb up and use a Force Attack by holding cn_Y. With the purple clump destroyed, go through into the ship and collect a Luminous Visage (09/16) from where-ever Lust fell.

You now have a new game mechanic. In the south-east corner of the room is a purple crystal path leading up the wall (called Force Paths from now on). Jump towards the wall then press and hold cn_A. You will transform into a ball and can roll up the wall. Go up to the ledge at the end of the Force Path. You must keep cn_A held down the whole way or you will fall off.

Head north and drop through the hole to find an Angelic Artifact on the railing by the container. Break the purple clump on the east side of the room, then jump out and attach to the Force Path opposite. Follow it to the right and around the corner. When you can go no further, drop off the wall and you will land safely on solid ground.

Walk around the containers to the east to continue as you have another chat with the Watcher. Follow the path to the north. The first purple clump you come across contains a Large Lurcher Cluster. The clump on the ground to the far-left behind the containers has a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Throw a Force Crossblade at the purple clumps on the building ahead and then jump through the hole. Inside, turn left and go up the short set of steps and through the low tunnel here. When you exit, look left for some purple clumps with a Small Lurcher Cache behind them.

In the next room, smash the purple clump in the back for a Healing Shard then the other one to reveal a hole in the floor. Drop through and clear out some Swarm in the area. Destroy the purple clump near where you landed for a Large Lurcher Cluster.

Enter the adjacent, larger room and look up in the right corner to see a small purple node. Hit it with a Force Crossblade and it will drop a Small Lurcher Cache.

Through the broken wall at the opposite end you will see a Spectral Angel which will be joined by a Spectral Angel Brute when you approach.

Once they are dealt with, ignore the building to the north for now and jump east over the edge of the broken roadway. Turn left (north) and head along the outside the building. Just over the sunken container is a Small Lurcher Cache next to a corpse whose head you can just see as you approach. Now go back the way you came and jump onto the containers to the south.

The container closest to the green lake here has a Medium Lurcher Cluster on it. Using Storm Hollow, jump into the Wind Storm and Storm Glide over the green lake (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will spawn when you land). On the other side, 2 Undead Angels will attack, along with several Stingers from the nests on the wall to the east. Try to quickly take out the nests to stop them from spawning endlessly.

On the platform below the nests is a Demonic Artifact. You can also destroy the pallets here to the left of the roller-door to reveal a Large Healing Shard. Look to the right to see a purple node up on the wall. Knock it down to find a Medium Lurcher Cluster. Turn around and face the green lake. On the single container off to the left you will find a Large Lurcher Cache.

Now head north where you will see a Spectral Undead Angel waiting for you. Kill it and head up onto the metal landing it was on. Ignore the purple clump for a moment and destroy the pallets in the back-left corner to grab a Wrath Shard.

Now deal with that purple clump and enter the building. Between huge wheels to the left is a Spectral Angel Brute. Draw it back and deal with it. Now go all the way to the end of the railing directly to the left inside. You will see a corpse with an Angelic Artifact here.

Back up a fraction and look east across the building where you will see another orb. As you approach a second Spectral Angel Brute will appear. Once it is gone, grab that orb for a Large Lurcher Cache. Head south, passing two of the large wheels. Between the second and the third is an Undying Shard. (NG+ note: A Forsaken Demon will appear between these two wheels)

Outside at the south end you should be able to see an Angelic Beast and an Undead Spectral Angel further off. Obviously try to draw the Beast over first before dealing with the Angel. There are also some Swarm past the Angel so be careful not to engage them as well.

The Angel will drop a Piece of Adamantine. Next to the corpse in the middle of this area is a Large Lurcher Cache and don’t miss the Blue Lurcher Demon floating around in the north-east corner.

Go to the left of the entrance to the next building (south-east) to the edge of the green water. On the side of the building you will see a purple node. Smash it down for a Grand Lurcher Crystal. Now enter the building and clear the Swarm if you haven’t already. An Undead Angel will drop down from the right as you reach the centre.

Jump up on the platform on the right side and destroy the crates near the roller-door to find a Large Healing Shard.

Outside you will have noticed a large black and purple block, called a Force Block. Stand beside it so you are facing south, into the building. Hit it with a Force Attack to slide it into the building. Now hit it to the east, then again to the south, back to the west and finally to the south one last time. This will put it up against the back wall. If you look up here you can see an opening. Flame Jump up onto the block and then again up through the opening.

Head around to the right and before the doorway is a red node to knock down from the roof for a Large Lurcher Cache. Through that door and to the left there is a Mansk. Jump on and move it west down to the ground. It will hit an invisible wall and avoid the green water. Push it up to the north close to the metal steps. Once there, Flame Jump up to the roof.

Jump up again and enter the upper level of the building on the right. Head around to the right where you can see a Human (12/20). Just past the human look to the left to see a corpse and a Medium Lurcher Cache behind the smaller wheel.

To the back-left of the room is a hanging Undead Angel that will attack as you approach. Next to it there is a red node with a Piece of Adamantine.

Go back to the entrance and, whilst still inside, look north. You will see a container you can use to jump up to an upper level. Inside is the next optional Chosen mini-boss, the Corrupted Tomekeeper. He is essentially a beefed-up Scribe with similar attacks. His one unique attack is a beam attack which is charged by two purple orbs for a few seconds. This gives you time to smack him but when he moves his hands be quick to dodge!

On death the Corrupted Tomekeeper drops an Essence of a Chosen. In the north-east corner you will find a Grand Lurcher Crystal. If you didn't tackle the Flame Warden previously, you will now unlock:

This optional side area is now done for now. Exit the building and drop back down to the ground level, heading south. Use the Wind Storms to cross back over the green water and jump back onto the fallen section of roadway. Enter the building to the north.

Inside, there is no loot so just clear the purple clumps on the walkway to the east and up the stairs. Just around the corner you will come across the Kraken’s glowing antenna blocking the path. Give it a hit and the battle is won! The Kraken will flee into the water and you will unlock:

Drop directly down and you will land near a Demonic Artifact. If you don't recognise it, this is the area of the first Kraken encounter. Head forwards (west) then look to the left to spot Vulgrim at Bonelands: Cargo Ship. This is another area where you will have found a large number of Lurcher Crystals so be sure to feed them all to Vulgrim!

Your estimated Level should be around 44.

The next step will be to backtrack, making the most of your new Force Hollow powers!

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