2. Darksiders II General hints and tips

  • In the game, make sure to destroy every crate, vase, car, and stuff that can be destroyed. You can find health, coins, and gilt (money) in them that can be useful on your quests.
  • You can collect 100 boatman coins along the way, and you can use them as money. They look like a collectable and have the same appearances as other collectables, but they are not part of any achievement for 1000G, so we will not include them in this walkthrough. Also collectable, but not for any achievement are the Soul arbiter scrolls. These are just to give you directions for a maze, but since this a walkthrough, we will give you these directions when we get there.
  • You can also find chests along the way, which will give you weapons, armor, money etc, but it is not part of the 1000G so we will not point them out in this walkthrough.
  • There are a lot of so called “mini dungeons” in this game. You can all explore them along the way, but you might have to come back twice, after you get abilities. So we will not enter them until we have to for a quest. Note: This is the fasted way, but you will miss out on some gilt, weapons, and stuff before we have to be in these dungeons. So feel free to explore if you want some extra loot before continuing the story.
  • You can use your skill points in two sides of a skilltree, one for more fighting based and one for more magical based fighting. We cannot tell you what to do, because it is a matter of personal taste. Just try both trees to find out what style best suits you.
  • You come across a lot of different weapons and armors. Look for the stats to see if you think this weapon or armor suits you. You can find out much by trial and error. Make sure to look for arcane and health/wrath on crit etc. if you preferred the “magical” side of the skilltree and look for strength etc. if you prefer the fighting side of the tree.
  • All the collectibles have to be turned in by the one the sidequest was given. For the purpose of completing the game fast, we will turn everything in at the end of the first playthrough. However, you get abilities and guilt for them, so feel free to travel back and forth every now and then.
  • Also note that I'm directing you north, east, south, and west sometimes. In order for you to follow these directions easily, you will need to lock your map in the option menu.
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