4. Darksiders II Story walkthrough - Prologue


You start off riding Despair in a frozen wasteland know as the Icy Veil. Follow the path untill you reach the combat tutorial. Once finished, enter The Dark Fortress. Wall run across the gape and destroy the Ice skeleton blocking a side path. Inside the nook is a chest containing 3 health potions. Back on the main path, run across the gap to the far ledge and climb up. Kill the Ice skeletons and cross the poles Prince of Persia style. Clear out the next room. Use the handholds and poles to climb up the room. In the next room, use the vines to climb up to the roof and across to the next platform. Drop down and clear out the room. Climb and wall run up the next set of vines to get to a large circular room. This can mean only one thing… boss time!

Ice Giant


Lunge Punch: He will walk towards you and try to perform a two punch combo at you.


When he pulls back for the first punch, evade around him and swing at his back. After the fight, head into the door and follow the corridor to the lift. Halfway up the lift, it will break down, forcing you to climb around the outside of the fortress. After climbing around, you come to a short hallway ending in a large room. After a cutscene… another boss!

Dark War


Spin Smash: A quick spin that can be linked to latter moves for a short combo.

Overhead Smash: War slams his sword against the ground, sending out a shockwave of blades in the direction he is facing.

Jumping Overhead Slam: Same as above but with a longer range and higher damage output.

Blade Geyser: War will punch the ground causing blades to erupt from the ground around him.


As with the Ice Giant, try to get War into a pattern that would cause him to stop moving. Be careful as once he is at half health, War will start blocking your attacks and countering with a smash. Once the poser has been dealt with, a short cutscene will take place, and you will end up in the Forge Lands.

Crow Carrion

Defeat the Crowfather

Crow Carrion
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