5. Darksiders II Story walkthrough - Forge Lands

Act 1- The Forge Lands

Part 1 Fire of the Mountain

Once you regain control of Death, some new enemies called constructs will attack. After taking them down, you will be tasked to travel to Tri-Stone to find the Forge sister. When you first enter the town, you’ll find your first side-quest “The Maker Warrior”. This is to fight Thane, but I’ll recommend to do this later, when you are a higher level, see Act 4. He will also be the trainer intended for this Act. Walk down the path and head to the left. At the top of the stairs is a Serpent tome. This would allow you to send items to people on your friends list.

Pay It Forward

Gift An Item To A Friend

Pay It Forward
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Talk to Alya (Merchandiser for weapons and armor), and she will tell you the first step in getting the forge running is to get the Fire of the Mountain, over in the Cauldron. Go on the right platform to talk to Muria (Merchandiser for talisman and potions) to get the side-quest “Shaman’s Craft”. We will collect these along the way, and we will point out were as soon as we come across of it. Go and talk to Thane at your main quest waypoint. Follow the path through the opening Thane just created to get out into the over world.

Head out into the over world, and follow the path to the right, just before you reach the edge of this main area, before the arch opening go left and at the end (northeast corner of the map) to find Book of the deadpage #1. Go back to your route and stop at the Weeping Craig and talk to Vulgrim (he is pinpointed on the map). You can spend any Boatman coins here for a random item. Also, he is the only character that can allow Death to Respec (reset your skillpoints). Do this once you have enough money to get this achievement.

Respec Yourself

Your First Respec

Respec Yourself
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At the end of the conversation, you get the collectable side-quest “The Book of the Dead”. (He will tell you that he has lost the 40 pages to the Book of the Dead, and will handsomely reward you for their return. The pages of course are spread throughout the game's world, so we will get them along the way)

Keep following the path through Baneswood, right towards “The Nook”, ride from the door of The Nook along the left side (east) of the map until you see a statue on your left. Behind it is Book of the deadpage #2. Continue along the path to your waypoint on your map until you get to the Cauldron. At the entrance, aid Karn in clearing out the constructs, and he will open the door into the first dungeon. Karn will tell you more about the sidequest which you’ve gotten from Muria.

The Cauldron

When you enter, use the lever to open the door straight ahead. Head on through. In the next room, clear out the enemies and chests. Here we get a new mechanic: Shadow bombs. Toss these at yellow crystals to destroy them. Toss a bomb at the lever across the gap which opens the door to our right. In the next room, you’ll find a locked door to the left. These can only be opened by skeleton keys found in the dungeon. Head through the north door to go search for one.

As you enter, you’ll notice that the room is filled with lava and the way across has collapsed. To find a way across, use the handholds to make your way across the room. Once on the other side, use the series of beams and climbable walls to get to a shadow bomb. Toss it at the lever to open the door. In the next room is a new type of construct. This one has a little bit more armor and likes to toss rocks at you. Eliminate the enemies in the room and enter a small hallway. At the end of the hallway is a chest that contains the dungeon map. In the next room, you’ll see a group of constructs attacking a large enemy called a Stalker. (Shaman’s craft; Stalker Bone: Dropped from a Stalkers during the first encounter him them in the Cauldron.) Once they are dealt with, head up the stairs in the back of the room for a chest with a key in it. Head back to the skull door, use the key, and head on through.

In the next room, there is a ball that you must roll into a socket on the floor, which will flip a section of the wall, revealing a handhold for climbing up the wall to the hallway on the left. Follow it to the dead end and wall run up the block to get to the handhold. Round the corner, and climb down the wall vines to find a hole in the wall. Head through the gap and pull the lever to unlock the door, which will reveal another skeleton door.

Head down the room and take the door on the right. In this room there is a chest surrounded by bars that need to slots active to lower. Once the enemies have been eliminated, go and find Book of the deadpage #3 just next to ball #2 in the corner (southeast). After that, toss shadow bombs at the crystals to clear them out. This will free up a ball. Roll it to the slot on the lower left side of the room. This will lower a gate with another ball. Push ball #2 to the slot above ball #1, a shadow bomb to free ball #1 from the slot, and roll it to the slot on the right side of the room. Inside the chest is another skeleton key. Head back to the hallway and open the skeleton door.

Once in the next room, pull the lever to have a cauldron raise from the lava. Wall run over to it, and use the handholds to get to the other side of the room and enter the door. Use the handholds to climb up the shaft and back into the cauldron room. Use the shadow bombs to destroy some optional crystals and to trigger the lever at the far end of the room, which will have the cauldron rise allowing Death to cross the room for boss time.



Ground Slam: Gharn will punch the ground in front of him.

Slam and Charge: Gharn will punch the ground and then charge at you.

Spinning Fist: Gharn will punch straight ahead with a fist full of spinning blades.

Explosion: After he takes some damage, Gharn will fall to his knees and exploded, and reform somewhere else.


After each of his attacks, Gharn will pause for a moment, creating an opening to attack. Just rinse and repeat and victory shall be yours. Once Gharn has been defeated, you’ll be awarded the Dark Avenger sub weapon. The door will also open.

At the end of the hallway will be a rotating lever. Push/pull it in a circle until a scene plays, signifying the end of the dungeon. Before you go out, destroy the crates in the room, and at the right corner from the lever, you’ll find Book of the deadpage #4. Go outside and talk to Karn, as he will tell you more about the sidequest form Muria. Fast travel to Tri-stone and talk to Alya.


First use of Fast Travel

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Alya will give you Strife’s pistol Redemption and tell you that you next destination is the Drenchfort.

Looks Familiar

Collect Redemption

Looks Familiar
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Fire of the Mountain

Complete Fire of the Mountain

Fire of the Mountain
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Part 2- Tears of the Mountain

Head out towards the Stonefather’s Vale and head left. There will be a door sealing off the Fjord. Talk to Karn. Shoot the inactive shadow bombs to blow open the door. Once inside the Shadow Gorge, you’ll notice that the way forward is blocked by a gate. Destroy the Stinger hive to get a clear shot at some inactive shadow bombs, an easy way to defeat the Stingers is to use Redemption (your pistol). (Shaman’s Craft; Mordent Dew: Destroy the Stinger Nest in the courtyard between the Shadow Gorge and the Fjord.) Climb up the ledge and into a trap. Defeat enough enemies to have the gates open back up. Once on the other side of the wall, push in the lever to create a shortcut back to the Vale.

Once inside the Fjord, hug the right wall to find Blackroot. He will give you the collectable side-quest “Sticks and Stones”. Look up left from Blackroot on a cliff face, to find Mystic Stonebite #1. Shoot to collect it. Now we are going to do a little backtrack to collect the stones we’ve missed so far. You could find them when you have to the mainquest, but using fast travel after this is much faster. For easy finding of the stones, if you listen carefully, you can hear them, since they have a high buzzing sound.

  • - Travel back through the Shadow Gorge. In front of the entrance of The Shattered Forge, jump down on the broken bridge, look up right, and you’ll find Mystic Stonebite #2.
  • - (Fast) Travel to where we found the first book of the deadpage. Northeast corner of Stonefather’s Vale. On the right side cliff face, you’ll see Mystic Stonebite #3.
  • - Fasttravel to the Weeping Crag, there is a big arch close to Vulgrim, here you’ll find Mystic Stonebite #4.
  • - In the Northwest corner of Baneswood in the ruins, you’ll find Mystic Stonebite #5.
  • - From the ruins of #5, you can hug the left wall going north, there is an even smaller ruin, here is Mystic Stonebite #6.
  • - Still in Baneswood, just before The Charred Pass, there is a ruin, somewhat like a Chapel. Here you’ll find Mystic Stonebite #7.
  • - In The Charred Pass, look for a ruin in the Northeast corner, go way up in the ruin to find Mystic Stonebite #8.
  • - Were The Charred Pass goes into the Scar, there is a stone on the face of the cliff ceiling. Mystic Stonebite #9.
  • - In the Southwest of the Charred Pass, you can dive into a well. Travel under water to get in a small room. Here is Power Stonebite #1.
  • - On the corner of the Charred Pass south and the road to The Cauldron, go into the ruin to find Mystic Stonebite #10.

End of the backtrack for now. Continue up the mainquest path to reach the next dungeon. On the path leading up to the Drenchfort, you can see another stone on the right wall of the tunnel/ cave. Mystic Stonebite #11

The Drenchfort

Head through the entryway, fighting Stingers along the way, until you reach a locked door. Here is a pair of prowlers. After defeating them, you’ll notice the socket in the floor. Head to the room on the right and use the blocks to climb the wall. Grab a shadow bomb, and throw it at the suspended ball at the other end of the room. Shoot the bomb to free the ball and roll it into the socket, opening the door.

The next room is the hub of the dungeon. If you take a left, you will see that a part of the wall of the bridge is broken. Stand carefully on the edge of the bridge and fall down to collect Book of the deadpage #5. If you look toward the arch on the bridge you are going to, you’ll find Mystic Stonebite #12. Now head into the East wing of the dungeon. Head up the stairs and follow the hall to the door at the far right. The room on the other side is full of Stingers and Prowlers. Once they are all dead, an Earth Crag will burst forth from the ground. Dodge either its charge attack or body slam attack, or wail on it while it is stunned. Collect your loot and head back to the previous hallway. Now head into the door at the top of the stairs. In the next room, there will be a statue in the center, some stairs behind it, a ball on a ledge on the south side of the room, and a gate on the north side. Jump into the pool of water and use the blocks to get to the ball and push it into the room below. Climb over the wall with the gate to get to the next orb you need which is surrounded by chaos crystals. Before jumping down, head across the arch to find a chest with the dungeon map.

To free the ball, grab the bomb in a nook at the back of the room, throw it at the crystals, and then shoot it. Push the ball to the gate and grab another bomb and through it at the ball. Get on the pressure plate to lower the gate. Shoot the ball to propel the ball forward into the central room. Place both balls in their respective sockets to open the door at the top of the stairs.

Continue down the hallway, defeating the enemies as you go. After a bit, you’ll come to a switch in the room where the pressure plate was. Pull it to get the water flowing into the main hub of the dungeon. Ride the rapids back to the hub. Once back in the hub, you’ll notice that a hallway at the bottom of the room has flooded. Swim down the tunnel to get to the west side of the dungeon.

Keep moving forward until a scene plays. Defend yourself against a group of prowlers and eventually some stalkers. Enter the door and run down the hallway. In the next open area, there will be a locked door on your left. Head down the stairs to the right and jump into the canal. Find a hole in the left side of the wall. Inside will be a chest guarded by a bunch of prowlers. Once they are dead, claim your skeleton key. On your way back up, instead of going left on the wall, wallrun to the right and find Book of the deadpage #6 Head back to the lock and enter the door. At the end of the hallway, you’ll find a large room that’ll start a cutscene. Use the handhold on the left to climb up to the balcony. Grab a plant and throw it at the crystals below you. Drop down and use a charged push to get the ball up the steep incline. Push the ball into the socket to lower a platform. Grab a bomb and place it on the ball. Stand on the platform and trigger the bomb to raise the platform. Head through the door and down the hallway. At the end will be another switch surrounded by crystals. Blow them up and pull the switch to get the water following. Go back to the hub, and use a switch at the end of the hall in front of the blocked door to unlock it. Back in the hub, with both canals filled, the way to the boss will open up.



Dash: Karkinos will try to ram you.

Belly Flop: After taking damage or getting to close, Karkinos will jump into the air and smash into the ground sending out a giant shockwave.

Summon: After taking damage, smaller versions of the boss will appear when he falls.

Homing Roots: Karkinos will bury itself and send waves of roots at you.


The key to defeating the boss is to let it crash into the wall stunning it. When the eggs fall, grab on, and use a charge push to have the boss roll over onto its side, exposing its weak spot.

Right about the end of this fight, you should hit level 6 and unlock the Reaper Form.

Grim Reaping

Unlock Reaper Form

Grim Reaping
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Also, it is highly likely you have found a possessed weapon at this time, and if not, you will find one shortly. Upgrade it a level by sacrificing some of your other weapons to unlock:

Feeding Time

Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon

Feeding Time
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When the fight is over, you will be rewarded with the artifact weapon: Masher of Karkinos, which is one of the best in the first area of the game. Pull the switch at the back of the boss room to get the water flowing back to Tri-Stone. Warp back and tell Alya the good news.

She will make you a Maker’s key to activate a Warden hidden in the Lost Temple. Talk to her, and she will give you the side quest: “The Hammer’s Forge”

Tears of the Mountain

Complete Tears of the Mountain

Tears of the Mountain
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Before leaving the Maker's forge, look on the right side of the platform, when standing beside it, where the makers are to find Mystic Stonebite #13.

Part 3 The Lost Temple

Before continuing the mainquest, we’re going to do some Sidequests first. We will do The Hammer’s Forge you just got form Alya, and we’re going to do “The Silent Stone”. That second sidequest hasn’t actually been given to you by anyone. Normally, it would be given by the Guardian later in the game, but since we’re going to hang around here some more, we’re going to trigger it.

The Silent Stone

On your map, you can see a lake with water just under The Fjord. As you can see, at the south end at this lake, there are two platforms. We’re going to travel to the left one. (In the right one, you can trigger Vulgrim and some things to loot)

So as you swim to this beach and find a big pile of stones, wake him up with your Maker's Key. The pile will turn out to be a construct by the name of Oren. Turns out that Oren has a problem that only we can help him with. In his deep sleep, Oren's limb have wandered off. He will give you his heartstone shard and task you with finding them.

A piece of Oren rests in each of the 4 main areas of the Maker's Realm. All you have to do is find them and use the heartstone shard to send them back to Oren.

Limb Location #1. The Fjord: From the lake, continue on to the Drenchfort to the point where the path splits. Take the alternate path to find one of the arms.

To do everything in the fastest way, we will now leave the limbs for what they are and continue with the next quest:

The Hammer's Forge

Ayla will ask you to retrieve a weapon from the Shattered Forge. To find the Shattered Forge, take the side path in the Shadow Gorge.

Once you enter the dungeon, follow the path until a short cutscene plays. After the cutscene is over, follow the path to the left through an unlocked door. In the next room, jump into the pool of water and follow the underwater tunnel to a chest with the dungeon map. Once back on dry land, climb up the vines and head through the door. In order to get passed the broken floor in this hallway, you must wallrun back and forth between the two walls. When you reach the end of the hall, wall run up the wall and then wall run to the right to reach a door.

In the new room, kill the enemies and then find the shadow bomb. Jump into the water and climb up the side, and ignoring the crystals in this room, head back into the previous hall. Throw the bomb at some crystals to reveal the legendary weapon: Omega Blades. Now head back to the room with the bomb. Now use it on the crystals in the room. Now follow the hall and throw the switch at the end. This will make it so you can now reach the shadow bomb on the opposite end of the room. In the next room, drop down to the middle and fight the prowlers that are there. Continue on when they are dead, and eventually, you'll be locked in a room with two tainted construct champions and a group of normal tainted constructs. Once they are dead, wall run between the two walls to get to another door.

In the next room, there is a locked door and a bunch of crystals blocking your progress. With nothing else to do, jump into the pool of water, and follow the underwater tunnel until you reach a place where you can climb up with a shadow bomb. Destroy the crystals directly across from you, and then grab another bomb and drop down. Throw the shadow bomb at the crystals to the left of where the bomb was. Now that the path is clear, use the handholds and pegs to make your way across the room to where the first set of crystals were. Progress your way through the next room until you reach the last combat room of the dungeon. A corrupted sentinel, a group of tainted constructs, and a tainted champion will spawn. Once they are dead, smash the crates for Book of the deadpage #7. Go and head through the door. Pull the switch to lower the gate and open the chest to get the key to the door. Open the final set of doors and in the middle of the platform is a chest containing Splinter Bone. You can choose to go and turn in your quest to Alya now or wait until we come across here again.

So now that’s done, we’ll find Orens remaining limbs! So these are the locations:

  • - Shadow Gorge: The other arm will be on the path from Stonefather's Vale.
  • - Baneswood: Once in Baneswood, head for the Charred Path. Before the transition will be the remaining leg.
  • - The Scar: Right outside of the Dungeon is a leg.

Once you have found all of the limbs, return to Oren and put the humpty dumpty wannabe back together to finish the quest.

Ok, so let’s continue the story! Just before we go into the Lost Temple, we have to talk to Karn, since he has to tell us more about the sidequest for Muria, because we will encounter that in the next part.

The Lost Temple

Once inside, head down the hallway into a circular room. There you’ll be attacked by a pack of prowlers. Once they are all dead, climb the stairs and enter the door. Activate the golem to your left, and use it to clear out the crystals blocking your path. Once a path is open, roll the golem and place it in its socket to open the door. In the next room, you’ll encounter a new enemy, a Construct Sentinel. They like to fly around and heal other enemies. (Shamans Craft; Carven Stone: Dropped from a Construct Sentinel during the first encounter with them in the Lost Temple.) Once the room is cleared out, head to the north side of the room, and use the block and handhold to get over some crystals. Drop down on the other side and head down the hallway until you get to a dead end.

Here is a large room with an inactive golem on the far side of a water hazard. Use the right wall to get over to the far side. Defeat the tainted constructs guarding the golem and then activate it. Use the chain punch to reveal a switch. Use the vines to get back onto the original side. Push the switch to raise the bridge. Hop back on the golem and ride it back to the main room (quick tip, you can also fight enemies on your golem). Once there, destroy the crystals to reveal a socket. Place the golem in the socket to reveal a target. Use a chain punch to get a way up. Use the vines to climb to the other platform. Use your pistol to shoot a shadow bomb to get another ball. Roll the ball into its socket which will drop a gate and spawn some constructs. Once they are dead, grab an inert bomb, and throw it at the ball. Stand behind the gate that dropped, and shoot the bomb freeing the ball. Grab the key, and head back to the main room and open the locked door. Inside, use the vines to get to the other side. Kill the tainted constructs and then press the switch to drop the gate in the main room.

Head back to the golem, and once on the chain, jump down to find Mystic Stonebite #14. After going back up on your golem, detach the chain, and ride it through the newly opened gate. Clear a path through the Shadow Crystals on the left side of the room to reveal a chest with the dungeon map in it. Head east and fit the golem into its slot to lower a gate to a large open room. Once a short cutscene plays, you’ll be attacked by a group of six construct sentinels. Be wary as the minions they spawn will get increasingly more difficult. Once you emerge victorious, enter the door in the back of the room.

You’ll find the next door at the end of the room locked, so head to the door on the left. To reach the far end safely, wallrun from wall to wall to get to the far end safely. Once you reach a dead end, wall jump between the two walls next to the waterfall, to get up. Once you are at the top, enter the door to find a disabled golem. Activate the golem, and take it around the corner to a lift. Get off and climb up the wall to find another golem. Take this one and place it in a socket to raise the lift. Get on the golem on the lift and bring it to the next room and place it into a socket, lowering a gate. Bring the second one and take it past the lowered gate. Place it in the socket and use the chain punch to create another beam to jump to. Now head back to the first golem and place it in the socket closest to the gap. This will unlock the next door. Before you go there, get across with the chain to your golem and walk a little back in the hall to find Book of the deadpage #8. Now continue through the door.

In the next room, make your way across to a platform, clear out the enemies, and go through the door. Once through there, fight off some enemies and make your way up to find Power Stonebite #2. From where you stand now, shoot the bomb to clear the corruption and make your way on the beams to collect Book of the deadpage #9. Go back down and push the ball in the socket to go through the door. Now you’ll have to contend with a pair of construct champions and a host of tainted constructs. If you have Reaper form ready, now is the time to use it. Once they are dead, break all of the destructible objects in the room to stock up on supplies because it is time. What time you may ask. For Boss Time.

Construct Hulk


Ground Slam: He will pummel the ground at random times.

Hulk Smash: The Hulk does what he does best, and that is smash the ground in front of him when he takes damage.

Summon: When he collapses, The Hulk will summon three golems to defend him when he tries to recover.


When he slams the ground, several bomb plants will drop to the ground. Rush over to one and stick it to the Hulk. When it explodes, it will stun him for a bit exposing his core. Rush over and wail on it until he gets back up and performs his Hulk Smash. Just rinse and repeat, but be careful if he performs Hulk smash before you have stuck him, as it will explode all of the bombs, even the ones you are holding.

Once the boss has been taken out, climb up the stairs and claim your victory loot. Once you are done, use the Maker’s Key on the gatekeeper to clear the dungeon. The gatekeeper will take you back to Tri-stone. Turn in any side quests (Muria and Alya) you may have left and then speak to the Elder.

To Move a Mountain

Complete To Move a Mountain

To Move a Mountain
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Part 4 The Foundry

Once you have taken care of business in Tri-Stone, exit the area through the back of the Maker’s Forge, and talk with the Gatekeeper. He will remake the broken bridge to the Foundry. Once on the other side of the gorge, you’ll find Karn who will join you in this dungeon dive.

Once inside, look up and see the big kettles/buckets/cauldrons moving from left to right, wait until you see Resistance Stonebite #1. After that, head up the first hallway and through the door at the end. After a series of rooms, you’ll end up on a circular platform. Have Karn give you a toss to the other side. Climb the wall and use the handholds to go around the corner dropping onto a beam. Wait for a cauldron to pass you and hop onto it. Shimmy across to the right and then jump to the far platform when it is safe. Wall run across the gap to go the rest of the way. Follow the passageway around the corner and right into some tainted constructs. Once they have been dealt with, pull the lever to open the door.

Once you are in the next room, a gate will slam shut behind you, and a gate will lower to the left of a skull door. To the right of the skull door is a golden beam. Weigh it down to open the large door and let Karn through. He will run on through and hold up the opposite door. Hop off the beam and follow him. Climb up the set of stairs and behold the Guardian in his uncompleted glory. It seems that to get him moving, you’ll need three heartstones.

Look back the way you came in, and take the opening on the right. Kill the tainted constructs inside, and at the intersection, continue to the right until you reach a large room. Walk over to the east side of the room, and Karn will toss you over the gate. Dive into the pool of water and look for a ledge to climb up to get out of the water. Here there will be a ball. Ignore it for now and follow the passageway to a new pool of water and dive down. At the end of the tunnel, wall climb up and stand on the pressure plate which will lower the gate and open up the next room. Karn will hold open the door, so step off the plate and roll the ball into the next room. Place it in front of the ramp, make sure to align it perfectly, and use a charged push to launch it into its slot. This will raise a golem from the water.

Take the golem and backtrack through the tunnel you came from clearing it of crystals as you go. At the end of the tunnel, there should be a socket for the golem and a target to use its chain punch on. Climb onto the chain, but only go across half of it. Climb the set of vines here and use the poles to get to the north side of the room. In the next room, wall run across till you get to a handhold. From here on, be careful as lava will pour out at set intervals. Once you safely make it to the other side, head through the door. The next room will throw some tainted constructs and even a tainted champion. Once they have been taken care of, exit through the opposite door and find a chest with the skeleton key that you need. Head back to the skull door and open it up.

Climb the staircase until you reach the top and then enter the door there. Approach the cliff to have Karn toss you across. Eliminate the constructs and drop down the ledge on the right of the dungeon map. Climb back up and head through the door. Inside the next room is a demon chest. Break it open to get the hookshot… I mean Death Grip.

The Spectral Touch

Collect Deathgrip

The Spectral Touch
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Before we use the Death Grip to get back to Karn, you want to drop yourself from the ledge (the one where you normally jump over to get to Karn). Use Death Grip to enter a cave underneath the ledge you just dropped off. At the end of the hall, go up, and you can find Book of the deadpage #10.

Head back to Karn and follow him back to the Guardian. Head over to the east side of the area. Kill all of the tainted constructs and use death grip to grab a bomb to toss it at a switch on the other side of the room. Cross the bridge and enter the next room. Once in the next room, head to the left across the beams and pull the lever. This will raise a beam behind you. Wall run up to it and use the grip hooks to get to the wall vines behind it. Work your way across the roof and pull the lever at the end. Now continue into the next room.

Throw the lever to send the lift down, and then go through the doors to find your first Heartstone. Have Karn throw you up onto a platform and use the various beams and handholds to get to the central platform. Step on the pressure pad and have use Death grip on Karn to have him toss you to the opposite side of the room. Use death grip to fly over to the handholds and wall run around the corner. Shimmy down the pole to get to a lower platform, and wall run to get to a golem. Ride the golem back to the socket on the floor. Use its chain punch to create a path to the heartstone. Knock it down and have Karn bring it back to the Guardian.

After the cutscene plays, head over to where the scaffolding fell, and use death grip to get across. Enter the pipe. Once in the next room, kill off the stingers, and then enter the pipe on the left. Weigh down the pressure plate to let Karn through, which lets him hold open a door for you. Once in the next room, have Karn toss you over the gap and then use death grip to cross the next gap. Activate the hulk, head to the south, and place it in the slot in the elevator. Launch the hulk’s chain to the switch over on the other side of the room. Head over to the raised platform in the center of the room, and then pull the lever to raise the elevators. Once you let go, the elevators will start to descend. Quickly climb the pillar on the left, and once at the top, cross the hulk’s chain to the middle, and then jump over to the wall vines. Cross over to the set of vines on the right side of the room, and drop onto the platform below. Pull the lever to raise the three bridges. Drop into the water and get out at the entrance of the room. Head back to the golem, and use it to clear out the shadow crystals blocking the other exit. In the next room is the next heartstone.

Use the golem to clear the room of enemies and shadow crystals. Once the room is safe, have Karn throw you up to a ledge with a chest containing a skeleton key. Now dive into the pool of water and climb the wall vines on the other side of the room. While climbing the wall, make sure to take note of the three balconies overlooking the water. Jump off each one of these to get the Triple Lindy achievement.

The Triple Lindy

Complete 3 different high dives in the Foundry

The Triple Lindy
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Once at the top of the wall, a small cutscene will take place. Now drop into the water on the opposite side of the wall and head to the northeast section of the room. Use the death ring to climb up to the handholds above you. Follow these around the corner to the right, and jump the gap at the end and use the death ring to get to ledge above. Kill the enemies here, and then throw the switch to reactivate the machinery below.

Once it’s back on, drop back down below and head back to the golem. Wheel it over to the crusher, and then pull the switch to destroy the golem but saving the ball. Roll the ball over to the locked door, and use the key to open it. Drag the ball inside and defeat the mini-boss that appears. Once that is taken care of, place the ball into the socket, which will open a path to the heartstone. Knock it down and Karn will catch it. Now head back to the Guardian. Once the second heartstone is in place, water will pour onto some lava, allowing access to the other side of the room.

Cross the newly cooled lava. Ignore the golem for now and have Karn throw you over the wall. Pull the switch to lower the gate, and now go grab the golem to destroy the shadow crystals. At the end of the hallway is the final heartstone. Place the golem into the socket, and use the various blocks, death rings, and handholds to get to the ledge above the heartstone. Deathgrip over to it and knock it down for a cutscene…. AND BOSS TIME!!!!

Corrupted Custodian


Ground Slam: Get too close to the boss and he will pound the ground.

Clap of Doom: Stay in front of the boss for too long and he will bring his hands together to make a Death Pancake.

Hurricane Spin: The boss will spin around with his arms out

Swipe Slam: The boss will take two swipes at you followed by an overhead slam.


Your main advantage in this fight is that while the boss has some devastating attacks, he is fairly slow. He will telegraph his attacks with the exception of the hurricane spin. After each of his attacks, he will stop for a few moments. Use Death Grip to quickly get over to him and perform a quick combo to deal some damage.

Once you put the boss down, a cutscene will play. Once you regain control, head back through a ruined Tri-Stone and head out to the Stonefather’s Vale. Talk to Alya and Thane on the way and maybe to Muria if you're low on potions, because prepare yourself… For Boss time!

The Guardian

The Guardian has gone berserk, and it’s up to Death to put him down. This will not be an easy feat due to its sheer size. The fight will take place in two phases.

Phase 1: Hop onto to Despair and start circling around the Guardian. Notice that his right arm if full of shadow bombs. That is your target, though the only time you can target him is after he drops his hammer. While the hammer is stuck in the ground, run to the side and shoot the bombs. This will stun the boss, allowing you to use Death Grip to reach the heartstone. Wail on it until it breaks to start Phase 2.

Phase 2: With one arm now disabled, the Guardian will now use his left arm to shoot a giant shadow bomb that will home in on you. Dodge it until it starts to glow. At this point, get the Guardian in between you and the shadow bomb. When it explodes, it will stun the Guardian. Climb up his arm to the heartstone and hack away on it until it is destroyed, and a cutscene will play.

Heart of the Mountain

Complete Heart of the Mountain

Heart of the Mountain
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Dust to Dust

Defeat the Guardian

Dust to Dust
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The path to the tree of life is now open. Head on through the Verdant Hollow to the Tree, and a cutscene will play ending Act 1.

Tree of Life

Complete Tree of Life

Tree of Life
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Before we continue, make sure to notice an achievement which you won’t get by just following the story. You might have noticed by now that the weapons and armor you pick up or buy have several colors. Make sure to save 1 slot on each item for a purple weapon and armor. If you have a purple weapon/armor in each item, make sure to equip it just for an achievement.

Mass Ruckus

Equip elite items to all slots

Mass Ruckus
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