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    13 Jun 2014 13 Jun 2014
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    Hello & welcome to my review of Darwinia+. This is my 4th game review for TA.

    Game Information

    Darwinia+ was originally a PC game that was released back in 2005. It was known as Darwinia back then. 5 years later it came to the Xbox 360 but with a small name change. Just add a +.
    Darwinia+ is a Real Time Strategy game that is unique because I've not played anything like it before & I've played over 1000 games across different gaming platforms.
    Darwinia+ takes up very little room on your Hard Drive/USB (68MB) but has so many things in it & it takes longer than your average arcade game to complete.
    Darwinia+ is published & developed by Introversion Software. Darwina+ is the only game on the Xbox 360 by this company.
    Darwinia+ has an age rating of 7+ & is available in most regions

    I recommend you try a demo/trial of the game if there's one available if your looking for something different or your a Real Time Strategy fan.
    I've got to admit this game is overpriced for a 200G arcade game. I picked it up back in 2010 when it went on offer but it's never been on offer since. If it ever goes on offer again or the price gets reduced or it's getting removed from the marketplace I recommend that you should get it because it's a hidden gem.

    Rules & Gameplay

    This is not your average Real Time Strategy game if your used to building a base. Example Command & Conquer. You have certain objects on the map with you can interact with. The main one is a powered up gate which you train you units from. You have a limit on how much units you have & the different unit classes work in different ways. The enemy's are a completely different units to anything you command.

    Your goal is to save the computer program Darwinia from a computer virus & repopulate the Darwinians civilization. Darwinia+ has a tutorial which will explain things in more details.

    Darwinia+ has multiplayer modes as well. You can do these with bots or over Xbox live. You have 5 different game modes. Domination, King of the hill, Capture the statue, Rocket race & Blitzkrieg. Each map in each map is different in some way & there's over 20 maps.

    Game Settings

    Darwinia+ has your basic settings you should be familiar with. Screen settings, Sound settings, Invert axis, How to play, Controls & Credits. You also have the option to reinstall awarded content. You have this setting because this game awards you avatar awards & gamer pictures.


    Darwinia+ is an easy game to complete. Don't let the higher than normal TA score put you off. The game is not that popular online so the online achievements have higher values. It helps if you know somebody who has the game otherwise you will need to do a boosting session which is rare to see for this game these days. The multiplayer game modes are a little bit time consuming because you have to play a full game on each map in every mode. So that achievement has higher TA score to.

    Pros & Cons


    Easy 200G if you have somebody to do the online with
    Takes up little game size (68MB)
    A unique Real Time Strategy game


    Can be boring at first
    It costs to much (Time of writing)
    Takes longer than your average arcade game to complete (15-20hours)


    At first I did not like the game. That's because the first hour off playing I did the online stuff & the tutorial. After a couple of missions into the story I was hooked. I started to enjoy the game. It's a unique game that I'm glad that I've played. It only took me nearly 4 years to play it since I bought it lol.
    I wish I played it much sooner than I did. I recommend that you play this to if you own it & maybe let me know what you think about this game.


    I know my reviews aren't the best but I like reviewing Arcade games that that I've played which nobody else has reviewed on TA.

    If you vote negative please state why in the comments & I will try to improve this review. Thanks for reading my review.