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  • porschephiliacporschephiliac313,130
    18 Dec 2008 15 Mar 2009
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    Wow. That's all I can muster. After a measly 30 minutes or so, I was done. Thanks Dorito's, for aiding me in my Gamer Score Quest. I would have felt guilty paying for this game. Gamer score should not be that easy to earn. I though Avatar taught us that lesson. Anyways...

    Dash of Destruction, a free XBLA game sponsored by Dorito's chips, released yesterday to millions of X-box gamers out there. And of those millions, millions were sadly disappointed. The game is weak. In one of (omg!) 2 modes, you are a Dorito's delivery truck driver. I don't know about you, but I thought it was Domino's that delivered... but since Dorito's is jumping on the band-wagon, I'll take some. However silly that alone is, you are also being chased by a T-Rex. Who eats you. If you get eaten, there are several chances to finish the level. Instead of the normal 3 lives that has been the standard since Mario, you get more then 6 on average. As you progress through the truck campaign, you will encounter 6 different locales that have you delivering the goods. Also, you get vehicle upgrades and eventually more t-rex's start chasing you. Just when you start to think it's about to get hard, it's over.

    Then you get to play as the T-Rex, and eat the trucks. I found this the more entertaining part of the game. Again, as you progress through the same 6 locales, and getting more upgrades, and having to compete against another AI t-rex, you think, oh this is starting to get challenging. And then it's over.

    And then there is multiplayer. It's almost as if they added it just because they didn't want to be the only game that sucked that didn't have multiplayer. The single MP achievement can be done by yourself with 2 controllers.

    All in all, the cheezy graphics, the annoying music and sound effects, the horrible controls, and the 10-30 minute (including download) investment for 200 gamer score urges me to tell you to avoid it. However, since it is such an easy increase for your gamer score, might as well get it over with.
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    FFX BrotherhoodThis game was actually perfect for me and my girlfriend who isn't into gaming as much as me (:
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 04 Mar 11 at 03:52
    joe jirachi fanThis game was quite fun, especially considering it's free. Sure, it has no reply value, but when you were playing, didn't you feel the urge to order Dominoes? I know I did XD (funny, considering it's meant to advertise Doritoes, but I really did wanna have a pizza XP)
    Posted by joe jirachi fan on 31 Mar 11 at 22:42
    Posted by porschephiliac on 31 Mar 11 at 23:00
  • MykonosFanMykonosFan83,983
    21 Aug 2009 21 Aug 2009
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    General Overview: Dash of Destruction is a free Arcade game on the LIVE Marketplace, sponsored by Doritos. There really isn't much to this game at all. You can literally get all 12 Achievements in less than half an hour, provided you have a spare controller handy. The game's controls aren't terrible, though you may be picking things apart with them as the game progresses.

    Story: The Story. Well...there are two "stories" centered on two controllable in-game objects. One, a Dorito's Delivery Truck (Yes, you read that right), and a Tyrannosaurus Rex who apparently hungers for no food other than Doritos. As the former, your task is to deliver the chips to expectant households, all while trying not to be eaten by the aforementioned T-Rex. As the latter character, your task is simply to eat the Delivery Trucks making the rounds in town. And that's it. Seriously. Why the citizens of the town are concerned about ordering Dorito's while a giant T-Rex is destroying their cities is beyond me. Folks looking for a Tolkien-esque story will have to keep looking, I'm afraid. The concept of the story is humorous though, which I'm sure is what they were going for. Well, I'm hoping that, anyways. If by any means they feel this is epic I feel bad for them.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is like I mentioned in the above Story section. As the Delivery Truck, you use the left analog stick to veer around with a bird's eye view of the action. Left makes you drive left, up makes you drive up, etc. Dependent on how well you're doing, you can tap the A button for a boost. And that's as complex as it gets, for either character, really. Except as the T-Rex, the A button makes the dinosaur chow down on whatever is in his way, yet also provides a boost of sorts. As the game progresses, you'll obtain upgrades to the playable characters, giving them more boost opportunities, more speed, etc. This whole scheme arguably works well, but once you've played it a bit, you'll probably find a few nitpicks with how the controls work. However, they don't render the game unplayable by any means, so kudos to the developers for that. It's really simple and works. This makes an alright pick-up-and-play game for the nonexistent price tag, provided you find enough enjoyment in the game to want to replay it.

    Visuals: I'll be honest, this game looks like it could've been made for the original XBOX. The visuals are nothing outstanding, but they're not particularly bad either, for the type of game this is.

    Music: Nothing outstanding here either folks. The music will get you through the game, but nothing memorable is present. 5 minutes after I turned the game off, I tried to remember the music, and couldn't. If the game took longer than a half hour tops to complete, I could see people reaching to lower the sound.

    Conclusion: It's a free game with a chip sponsor. You can't have been expecting much. Mike Borland, who designed this game, shows up through out the game to deliver some mildly entertaining text, while apparently promoting human engineering over nature's way in animal design. The game doesn't offer much in terms of re playability, except the multiplayer, which may prove entertaining for a bit with a younger sibling. But outside of the free price tag, and what is possibly the easiest 200/200 GS I've ever seen, there really isn't much of a reason to get this game.
  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108317,147
    29 Jun 2009 29 Jun 2009
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    Story:Well you are either delivering Dorito's chips (yea they suddenly starting delivering chips) or you are a giant T-Rex trying to get the guys delivering chips (if the dinosaur wants some chips why didnt he just ask instead of eating everyone.)

    Sound: Annoying music and some just flat out bad sound effects make you want to mute your tv after 5 minutes.

    Gameplay: Within a half an hour of playing this you should have all 200 GS. Thats really the only reason anyone played it (and because it is free). You start out and you have 2 modes to play in. The people delivering the chips or the dino trying to eat them. Each mode has 6 locations that arent really different or fun/exciting in any way. You get upgrades for completeing them which arent that importent. Also dont worry about dying since they give you enough lives where you would have to be blind to not be able to beat it. T-Rex is kind of cool eating trucks and at the end you are facing off against other dinos but then its over like that.

    Multiplayer: They added it but I doubt you or anyone will ever play it. Theres one online achievement and the only way to get that is with a second controller.

    Achievement: Like I said within 30 minutes you will have all 200GS. One easy multiplayer achievement and beat both modes and you will have them all.

    Download for free then dont ever look back.


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  • kingrich06kingrich061,571,158
    04 Sep 2009
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    Dash Of Destruction Review

    Just for the record no matter what you say about this game, you have to just remember this game was FREE. This game is just a commercial for Doritos chips and you shouldn’t expect too much.

    Game Play. 2/10
    The game has two game modes. One is you’re a driver of a Doritos Delivery truck and your goal is to pickup and deliver chips while dodging a Raptor / Godzilla type monster. The other mode is you’re the monster and you job is to destroy the trucks. At first its just you and the monster later on you have to rush against opponents with the same goal. There are several maps that unlock over the course of game. There is no online co-op/versus mode but you can play those modes locally.

    Graphics 2/10
    A top down view, the graphics are basic as they come but still recognizable as you maneuver the maps. You can tell there was very little effort put into the graphics.

    Sound and Music 1/10
    If you thought the graphics were simple, the game music is even worse. It gets to the point where you will want to mute the sound.

    One of the easiest games you will come across in your life. You should finish the game within 15 minutes.

    360 Achievements
    There are no glitched achievements for this game. Contrary to what one of the achievement description says, you need to play the game locally not online.

    Two good things about this bad game. One it was free and the second the game is easy to complete. There is no replay value what so ever so chances are this is a one day game that you will forget about. Downloading this game does give two free gamer pic which would remind you more of Jurassic Park than this game.
    20 May 2010 20 May 2010
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    Review according to (FREE) download for the Xbox Live Marketplace:

    So, if you live in the United States and you watch TV, you've probably seen-at some time or another-a Doritos ad in which a T-Rex picks up a Doritos delivery truck and starts pouring the crates of chips into his mouth. Yeah, that ad? This game is based off of it.

    It's actually a pretty fun game; a bit corny yes, but still a fun game.

    First off, you get to play as the dinosaur. You're started off on a level and the basic idea is for you (the dinosaur), to crush all of the Doritos delivery trucks before they can get to their destination. After each level, an interesting person will give you an upgrade for your T-Rex until you've beaten all of the levels and are completely bionic.

    After getting to a certain point in the game, you will have access to a second mode. In this mode, you get to play as the delivery truck. The basic idea of this mode is for you (the delivery truck), to make it to your destination(s) without being smashed by the dinosaur(s). Your truck will also receive upgrades from this very strange Doritos employee.

    Dash of Destruction is a pretty fun game all in all. The only few problems are that there's no online versus, just splitscreen; and there's pretty much no replayablity.

    This game has easy achievements, and considering that this is posted on an achievement based website, that should matter a lot.

    Free 200GS? Short-lived havoc-oriented fun, with lack of replayability? Hey, you could be doing worse things with your life... If you have one. ;)
  • VursusVursus259,457
    12 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010
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    Release Date: December 17 2008 (Universal)
    Platforms: XBLA
    Developers: NinjaBee
    Genre: Racing // Dinosaur on a Rampage
    Publishers: Microsoft Game Studios
    This game has pretty much one purpose, that being to gain a quick 200 GS and a completed game to your count. Other than that, there's little else that will entice you to this pizza eating dinosaur game for 30 minutes of your life.

    Storyline: 2/10
    Well, although it's clear the storyline had a great deal of effort put into it, it's not really that amazing to be honest. You play as a dinosaur on a rampage through various towns eating dorito's (thanks SpocKirk for correcting me), no joke. What were the developers smoking right?

    Length and replay value: 1/10
    This game whacks you in the face with little of both, however, it's free so you can't really complain too much I guess. The storyline will last you about 30 minutes at most, even a moose could finish this game in under an hour. And as for replay value, unless you have ungodly amount of tolerance, you'll stop playing promptly after you get the game finished.

    Gameplay: 2/10
    Well, the gameplay in this game is extremely basic, you either play as a dinosaur or a dorito's delivery truck and hunt down some dorito's. Or alternatively, you can play multiplayer and race for dorito's against another friend as dinosaurs, that really is about it.

    Graphics and Audio: 4/10
    Sadly, I think this category is probably the best for this game. For some strange reason I actually quite enjoyed the simplicity of the graphics in this game, and the destruction has reasonable effects to it. The audio also wasn't absolutely terrible, however, it definately wasn't the next 1812 overture.

    Achievements: 1/10
    As for achievements, the only game that is easier for achievements in existance is Avatar: TBE. The advantage for those of you hunting gamerscore, is that you won't be challenged in doing so.

    Overall Score: 10/50
  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,241,849
    16 Oct 2010 16 Oct 2010
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    Story: There are two campaign's one where you play as the hungry dinosaur that like's doritos, the other is where you are the doritos delivery truck trying to avoid the hungry dinosaurs, the story is't amazing but it's a easy, simple game, to complete.

    Multiplayer: This game is local multiplayer so if you have already finished the campaign you can still have a go with your friends in multiplayer.

    Controls: The controls are easy it is designed to pick the game up and learn them within a couple of minute's with the left toggle to move and the A button to lunge forward as the dinosaur, and to use the boost as the truck.

    Graphics: There not amazing (But it is a kids game and it's free) so you can't really complain.

    Achievements:This is one of the easiest games to finish, sorry but avatar beats everything. 11 of the achievements are realated to the campaign and 1 to the multiplayer which you can plug in another controller and complete within a couple of seconds.

    Summary: It is a easy game, FREE as well, Not the best of graphics nor music for that matter and it hasn't got that much replay value but you can still get about an hour tops out of the campaign then there's the multiplayer which may add more time but if like me your in it for the achievements a quick and easy game to finish.
  • Qurban MusaQurban Musa2,785
    18 Jul 2013
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    Dash of Destruction

    It’s been a whole twelve months since the last free arcade games hit Xbox Live, when Carcassone, Undertow and Yaris and Aegis Wing were all given away. After winning the Unlock Xbox competition, Mike Borland has seen his gaming idea turned into an achievement whoring reality. Released on 17th December, Dash of Destruction is a Christmas gift to all Xbox 360 owners in the shape of a top-down action game, complete with advertising from Doritos to keep those development costs down.
    The incredibly short game consists of twelve levels in which you race around cities as either a Doritos delivery wagon or a T-Rex; the wagon delivering and the T-Rex eating the wagons. The controls are fool-proof due to core mechanics being so basic, and controlling whichever ‘character’ you’re playing as feels like skating across an ice rink. Whether you succeed or not in the mission comes down to luck and the camera rather than judgement. In latter levels, competition comes from either another van or dinosaur which can be either overwhelmingly efficient, or pace around the map with no sense of purpose.

    As the player progresses, various attachments are added to the character, although these are utterly uninspired which either make the player faster or allow for faster turn speeds. Neither are going to revolutionise the experience, as player success comes down to luck of where the delivery vans spawn. The predictability of it takes away any sense of achievement, no matter what the easy gamerscore says.
    Online multiplayer sees players choosing from two different game types and ultimately plays the same as the single player, so is shamelessly repetitive. Despite the majority of Live users now owning the game, don’t expect to find anybody online after a week or two of release. For the present though, competition is rich as completists strive for the most difficult achievement in the entire game – winning a single online match. ‘Seriously. 3.0’ if ever there was one.

    One feature which adds a minute, yet welcome bit of soul to the game is the ‘commentaries’ by the competition winner, who pops up on occasional loading screens with stereotypical ramblings, mainly insinuating that the sole reason for playing the game is for the gamerscore. It’s a welcome touch that makes the player feel on the same level as the developers, who acknowledge that this will be treated as a throwaway ten minute distraction compared with this season’s AAA titles. Dash of Destruction feels like a third rate GBA release.
    And that in all is all Dash for Destruction will ever be, a brief distraction from a never-ending chain of blockbuster epics. Those hit hardest by the credit crunch could probably squeeze an evening or two’s play from the online mode with a group of friends, but then again after making them play it excessively they won’t want to be your friends; I wouldn’t. Turns out it’s not just the best things in life which are free.
  • The Saxton HaleThe Saxton Hale31,775
    04 May 2011
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    The graphics in Dash of Destruction are really not that good. Especially for a December 2008 release, It would have been nice to see more effort put in to not only make it an above average game graphic wise but try to make it look good for 2009. Objects look nice however, The game is very colourful. However they are not top of the notch graphics. But the graphics are good for what the game strives to be. A blatant Doritos advertisement.



    There is nothing really amazing about the sound in Dash of Destruction, the grunts of the Dinosaurs are alright and the screaming of innocent people driving Doritos delivery trucks is satisfying every time you eat one. The sounds of you stomping on buildings as the T-Rex is nice but it's basically generic but then again, I doubt they were trying to make the sounds in this game as realistic as possible when making it. The boost sound when used as the Doritos delivery truck gives a cartoony feel which is nice considering that the game is looking for a cartoony type of style. The sound is not amazing but it's alright at best.



    The gameplay is quick and thoughtless. Like Eat 2 Doritos delivery trucks, Eat 4 Doritos delivery trucks, the only added challenge is either Delivering more bags of Doritos against more AI Doritos delivery trucks and Eating more Doritos delivery trucks against AI T-Rex's. There isn't much variety and the arenas really all feel the same. However, you feel like a great sense of power smashing whatever is in your path as the T-Rex. Besides that though the game gets and feels repetitive really quick.



    The multiplayer is basically unneeded in this game. Although it is a nice gesture to try to extend it's replay ability by adding in multiplayer, But it's Local only and unless you genuinely like this game I really can't see anyone playing Multiplayer except for the one achievement. Beside if you did subject anyone you like to play Multiplayer with you, Maybe you're not such a good friend after all.



    Achievements is really the only good thing about Dash of Destruction. Considering you can easily get all 12 of the Achievement easily in less then an hour, provided you have an extra controller handy. The achievements are quick and easy to obtain which is a good thing considering that if the achievements were hard to obtain, This game could have possibly been one of the, If not the most hated games in the Xbox 360 library. This is a perfect game to get a quick 200 gamerscore and never play it again.


    + Since it's Free there is really no reason not to download it.
    + Nice and easy achievements.
    - Stale and repetitive gameplay with no variety.
    ? Can we get more "Achievement games" like these?

    Final Score
  • KisaMagicKisaMagic29,349
    24 Jan 2009
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    Ummm this will be short.

    It free first off.
    It easy for anyone to play.
    You get to eat cars as dino.
    And you can eat your friends too, in Multiplayer.

    Other than tat.
    Nothing new nothing overly special. Reminds me a lot of neopets game.

    The controls are pretty much very simple and easy to master. You can get all the achievements in about under an hour worth of play and it fun time killer when got nothing else to do.
    The only other thing you need to know about this game is that it made for kids, and those of us who want cyber dinos to destroy towns with.
    So go out and eat some of the those poor delivery guys.
  • L33isB345TL33isB345TThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    22 Jun 2009
    2 11 0
    A short review for a short game- The game is basically for boosting your Gamerscore. The game constantly tells you about getting some more gamerscore. Basicallly your either a T-Rex or a Doritos truck either eating eating the trucks before they run out of doritos, and deliver the doritos as a truck but avoiding the Dino. It took me about 10 minutes per "campaign" to get me a simple 190GS. But you need at least 1 other controller to get the other 10 to get 100% on this game. All in all, this game is old,boring, and just not that fun. Unlocking 200GS is, but the rest isn't. You will probably download this and then uninstall it after your done gettin' all 200GS.
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R202,337
    19 Apr 2009
    5 18 3
    First thing to notice about this mini game to have been found free on the marketplace is that the plot is a bit crap(pardon my language). There really is no wonder to why the game was free and having a T-Rex chase a van of Dorito's crisps around a few roads while wrecking buildings, so it can have spikes and armor put on it is ridiculous. The graphics are not too good, but that may explain why it was free for a day. The achievements are easy and when you can play as the helpless truck driver, trying to escape the T-Rex you feel small, but as the T-Rex the game is more entertaining and which achievemnts around every corner every few minutes, the 200 Gamerscore is something easy to get. If you got it, then easy G's but if not, there really is no point in buying it because it is not too good and something else will be better around the corner on the marketplace