4. Day of the Tentacle Remastered Maniac Mansion

As mentioned in the Hints & Tips page, there are 2 missable achievements that require you to play the prequel game, Maniac Mansion. Maniac Mansion is another Point & Click Adventure game where you have the choice of 3 out of 7 playable characters. In order to obtain both achievements you MUST select specific characters and it is recommended to use the "save game" feature as there is a bit of timing required to successfully gain these achievements.

The storyline for this game has Dave, and your choice of 2 out of 6 other playable characters, as they attempt to enter the Edison's Mansion to rescue Sandy Pantz, Dave's girlfriend, from the mad scientist, Dr. Fred, who has been brainwashed by a sentient meteor into preforming experiments on human brains. Besides Dr. Fred, other characters living in the Edison Mansion include Nurse Edna, Dr. Fred's wife, Weird Ed, their son, green tentacle and purple tentacle. There are actually a total of 5 different possible endings for this game, but as each playable character has a different set of skills, specific combinations of characters are needed in order to reach the different endings. It is also worth noting that if all your characters get captured or are killed, it's game over.

Now the GOOD NEWS!!! We're not required to complete a full playthrough nor reach a specific ending to earn our achievements. So while the storyline is fun and has replayability, in order to see each of the five endings this walkthrough will ONLY cover the information needed to earn the achievements.

Playing through Maniac Mansion can be done at ALMOST any time during the storyline of Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and, in the main storyline portion of this walkthrough, I have suggested playing this the first time Bernard visits Weird Ed's room. However, just in case you're playing this game-within-a-game at another point during the main storyline, below is exactly what you need to know in order to find and access Maniac Mansion.

As Bernard, in present day, visit Weird Ed's room and Use Computer. Weird Ed's room is located on the third floor of the mansion, entering the doorway on the right.

Manic Mansion

If at any time you are lost as to what item is where, use the What Is command and scroll around the screen to find the proper item.

Commands are written in Bold and items/objects you interact with are in Italics.

Select "Start Game".

Select "Dave", "Syd", and "Razor" as your playable characters.

Start Game.

Games History Major

Play Maniac Mansion

Games History Major
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Playable Character DAVE (Default)

Walk to Left to front of mansion.

Pick Up Door Mat.

Pick Up Key.

Unlock Front Door with Key and enter Mansion.

Open Door (only door in entryway of mansion) and enter Kitchen.

Walk to right and get captured.

New Kid select Razor.

Playable Character RAZOR

*NOTE* If at any point you have a cutscene with Weird Ed saying he's hungry or the doorbell rings, avoid the Kitchen and Stairs, so you don't get captured or killed.

Walk to Left and enter Mansion.

Walk to Kitchen.

Walk to Right.

Open Door and enter Dining Room.

Walk to Right, all the way through the Dining Room.

Open Door and enter Pantry.

Pick Up Fruit Drink.

Exit Pantry, walking back through the Dining Room, the Kitchen and back into the entryway.

Walk to Stairs, and proceed upstairs.

Walk to Left.

Open Door and enter Art Room.

Pick Up Bowl of Wax Fruit.

Exit Art Room.

Walk to Steel Security Door (blue door).

Walk to Right.

Walk to Stairs, all the way upstairs.

Walk to Left.

Give Bowl of Wax Fruit to Green Tentacle.

Give Fruit Drink to Green Tentacle.

Walk to Left.

Walk to Stairs and proceed upstairs.

Walk to Right.

Open fourth Door and enter room.

New Kid select Syd.

CREATE A SAVE GAME HERE - This next portion requires proper timing so you don't get captured.

Playable Character SYD

Walk to Left, to front of Mansion.

Use Door Bell.

New Kid select Razor.

Playable Character RAZOR

Wait about 10 seconds (Ed needs to leave his bedroom and head downstairs) then exit the room you are in.

Open Door to the left and enter Ed's Bedroom.

Pick Up Hampster and exit Ed's Bedroom.

Enter room to your right (room you were previously in).

Wait about 10 seconds (Ed needs to return to his Bedroom) then exit the room you are in.

Walk to Left, heading back downstairs continuing Right, down the Second Staircase, continuing Left through the Steel Security Door (blue door), and down the stairs to the entryway.

Walk to Kitchen (door on the left at the bottom of the staircase.

Open Microwave Oven.

Use Hampster in Microwave Oven.

Close Microwave Oven.

Turn on Microwave Oven.


Cook the hamster in Maniac Mansion (Don't try this at home, kids!)

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

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