2. DayZ ControlsUpdate notes

The controls for DayZ is one of the biggest learning curves. The inventory system and how you interact with items will take some getting used to and can be quite frustrating at times. This game was originally developed as a mod for Arma on the PC so compressing tons of keyboard commands to a controller is not an easy feat. Because of this, many of the buttons have different functions depending on what you're holding, whether you're in your inventory or just walking around. I'll try my best to lay all these out with context.

These will be:

Movement: General controls when moving around (empty hands).

Weapons and Actions: Controls while holding a weapon or item

Inventory: Controls while you're on the inventory screen.

Vehicles: Controls for operating vehicles.



cn_start - Pause / Menu.

cn_back - Open Inventory.

cn_LS - Walk / Jog around.

cn_LSc - Sprint.

cn_RS - Look around.

cn_RSc - [Double Click] to change perspective if you're not on a 1st person only server.

cn_LT - [Hold] Raise hands (You MUST raise your hands before you can attack. The same applies when holding a melee weapon or gun.)

cn_RT - Attack with raised hands.

cn_LB - [Hold] Freelook. [Double press] to zoom in.

cn_RB - [Hold] Open hot bar / quick slot menu.

cn_A - Jump.

cn_B - Crouch / stand up. [Hold] to go prone.

cn_X - [Press] Interact. [Hold] Take item you're looking at to your hands.

cn_right - [Hold] to open gesture / emote menu.

cn_down - [Hold] to chat in-game with your mic.


Weapons and Actions

cn_LT - Raise hands / weapon. (You MUST raise your hands before you can attack with cn_RT)

cn_RT - Attack with melee weapon/fire your gun. (MUST BE HOLDING cn_LT)

cn_X - [Press] To interact. [Hold] to drop what you're holding. [Double press] To get into throwing stance (Hold cn_RT then release to throw what you're holding)

cn_Y - [Hold] To reload the weapon or magazine in your hands. [Double press] To eject a round or spent shell depending on your held weapon.

cn_RSc - To use iron sights when your hands are raised (holding weapon).

cn_right - [Press] To use scope. [Hold] To return to iron sights.

cn_up - Increase zeroing / range on your scope / sites while hands are raised.

cn_down - Decrease zeroing / range on your scope/sites while hands are raised.

cn_left - Changes fire mode between semi and full-auto if applicable.

cn_RB - [Hold] Open hot bar / quick slot menu.



Sometimes when interacting with items on the inventory screen you have to move them around to get them to work properly. For example, something is on the ground / in the vicinity that you want to equip. You will first have to take it your hands or your inventory and THEN equip it.

Things can sometimes glitch out when attempting to inventory an item from inside a container such as a backpack or clothing item. Simply take the backpack or whatever into your hands and you should be able to take the items out of it that way.

You can combine multiple stacks of similar items into one stack such as ammo to save inventory space. This also works with other items. So if you have two stacks of 9mm ammo, take one stack to your hands, then go over to your inventory and highlight the other stack then hit cn_B to combine the two.


cn_back - Open / close Inventory screen.

cn_Y - Equip item or split stack.

cn_B - Combine item or combine stacks.

cn_A - [Press] Put item into your hands. [Hold] (then use d-pad while holding) to move item into different inventory slot.

cn_X - [Press] To place item in your inventory. [Hold] To drop item on the ground.

cn_LSc - [Hold] To assign items to quickslot / hotbars.



You will most likely never use a vehicle in the game. Finding one is extremely rare, finding and hauling all the required parts to get it working is even rarer. On the off chance you do put one together or steal one from another group, these are the controls.

cn_RT - To start the car at first. Then [hold] to drive.

cn_LT - To brake.

cn_B - To shift up.

cn_A - To shift down.

cn_LS - Change the direction you're driving.

cn_Y - Toggle headlights.

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