5. DayZ Temperature, Blood and HealthUpdate notes

On the last page we covered Hydration and Hunger. Now we're going to cover Temperature, Blood, and Health and on the next page we'll cover Illness & Disease. Like I stated previously, you'll want to keep these stats in good standing as much as possible. One stat falling to a critical level could lead to other stats draining and eventually death.



The world of DayZ is always cold so you must maintain a healthy body temperature. Having your temperature drop too low can result in Hypothermia, becoming sick, and being more prone to infection. Temperature will be the least of your worries compared to the rest of your core stats, but there are still some things to be aware of.

As long as you have a good pair of pants, coat, and shoes/boots that are dry you should be fine. There are a lot of factors that can lower or raise your temperature and it's a low temperature you should be avoiding.

DayZ Cold

The most dangerous factor you need to avoid is getting wet. Being wet in freezing cold weather is not a good combo. It will rain often in DayZ and you can tell it's coming by the sky getting filled with grey clouds. If it's going to be a big storm you'll also hear thunder and see lightning before the rain hits as well. You can be out in the rain a little bit and be okay, but staying in it too long will lead to your clothes getting drenched which causes them to be heavier and causes your temperature to drop drastically. Seek shelter and stay put immediately when it begins to rain. If you're in a town with buildings and houses close together, you should be fine sprinting from house to house, but don't stay out in the rain too long. You should also avoid swimming at all costs. Always find a bridge or something to cross water if you have to.

In the event that your clothes get soaked or drenched from being out in the rain too long or swimming you need to get inside a building, take your drenched clothing item to your hands and then hold cn_RT to wring it out ASAP before your body temperature drops to a critical level. This will take the item's status from "drenched" to "damp". You can't wring it out anymore once it reaches damp. As long as you stay out of the water it will go from damp to dry pretty quick. You can wring out your shirt, pants, hat, bandanna if you have one and armbands. Things like shoes, vests, and backpacks can't be wrung out when wet but will dry over time.

There are certain gear items that protect you from rain/swimming more than others such as a Raincoat or a Drybag Backpack for example.

Other than being wet, the only other factors that will decrease your temperature is being out during night time and being in a windy area. Though as long as you're wearing gear and you're dry it shouldn't matter.

Your temperature will increase from sprinting, being inside a building, using a Heat Pack item, having cooked food in your pants, and sitting too close to a lit fire. I've never had an issue with a high temperature. I've only seen my temperature get red a single time because I was sitting too close to a fire when cooking meat. All I had to do was move back a little bit and it went back to normal.



Your blood level is extremely vital in this game and should be one of your top priorities after a fight and sometimes during or you will not live long. You lose blood by gaining a bleed effect from being attacked by zombies, bladed weapons, gunshot wounds, and walking into razor wire at player bases. Bleeding effects can stack. The highest I've had at one time 4, but I'm sure it could go higher. The more bleeds you have the faster your blood level will drain.

DayZ Bleeding

All players start with a maximum blood level of 5,000 and a random Blood Type. The are many side effects of blood loss that get worse the more you lose. These are:

  • 5,000: Standard blood level. No effects.
  • <4,000: You can be knocked out easily by blunt force trauma. (Including zombie melee attacks)
  • <3,500: Vision color and hearing begins to fade.
  • <3,000: Your blood icon will flash red and you will randomly fall unconscious.
  • <2,500: Death

If you have a bleed status effect you need to take care of it as soon as possible. This can be done with Rags or Bandages by taking them to your hands and holding cn_RT. Rags take longer to dress your wounds but can easily be crafted from clothes you find. Bandages will dress your wounds extremely quickly, but you can only find Bandages at Medical buildings and very rarely at military bases.

If you have multiple bleeds you will likely lose a considerable amount of blood when using rags due to how long it takes to use them. They're better than nothing though and your blood will come back over time. I always make sure to have my Rags or Bandages on my hot bar so I can quickly switch to them when bleeding. Every second counts to take care of your wound before you bleed out.

How much blood you lose per bleed stack is also dependent on where the wound is located on your body. This is the following:

  • Hands/Feet = 36 Blood Loss Per Minute
  • Arms/Legs = 216 Blood Loss Per minute
  • Head/Chest = 360 Blood Loss Per Minute

After you've stopped the bleeding by bandaging your wound your blood will begin to slowly recover naturally as long as your Hydration and Hunger are at good levels. You can also speed up the blood recovery process with a Saline Bag or a blood transfusion. Both of these methods require an IV Starter Kit and the blood transfusion method requires that you know your blood type and receive blood that's compatible with your type. You can learn what type of blood you have by finding a Blood Test Kit. Once you test your blood, your blood type will permanently be shown above the Blood icon as can be seen here:

DayZ Blood Type

You can also find Blood Collection Kits and collect some of your own blood to use later with an IV Starter Kit.

So let's talk about that blood type a little more. If you do a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type or non-compatible blood then you will have a Hemolytic Reaction which will damage you and your blood levels will drop even more. Never accept a blood transfusion unless you know the type and know that it's compatible. Here is a blood compatibility table I've taken from Google so you know which types are compatible:

Blood Compatibility Table

Note: The O- blood type can donate to anyone. The AB+ type can receive from anyone.



Like Blood, your health is one of, if not THE most vital core stat. This is your life and will be affected the most as it's tied to all other core stats as well as any punishment you endure while surviving. Losing health is tough because it affects your movement, determines how much more damage you can take before death and can NOT be recovered quickly with items like the other stats can. Health can only recover naturally and how fast it recovers is based largely on your blood level.

All players start with a maximum Health of 100. Reaching 0 health will obviously result in death. Since DayZ is a game about survival it should go without saying Health is the easiest stat to lose, unfortunately. There are many things that can negatively affect your health, these are the following:

  • Scratches and bites (from zombies and predatory animals like wolves)
  • Gunshot wounds (from gunfights with other Survivors)
  • Impact trauma (from getting hit by melee weapons or taking fall damage)
  • Bleeding/loss of blood (from having bleed stacks as a result of any of the above)
  • Starving/dehydration (from not being able to find food or liquids)
  • Prolonged exposure (from being out in the rain too long)
  • Sickness (from having one of the many illnesses in-game)

Your health icon will change based on how much health you have. This will help you judge whether you've got some fight left in you or if you should hunker down somewhere for a bit.

  • Full White Health Icon: 100-81 Health
  • White Health Icon Missing Top Layer: 80-61 Health (Slightly injured)
  • Yellow Health Icon: 60-41 Health (Moderately injured)
  • Red Health Icon: 40-21 Health (Seriously injured)
  • Flashing Red Health Icon: 20-1 Health (Near death)

There's really no guaranteed way to not lose health other than being as careful as possible, but things happen. Just make sure you're prepared to handle any threats or situation you get yourself into.

Alongside Health is also an invisible Shock stat. This is a stat affected by the amount of trauma your character has recently gone through. Losing blood, being shot, being attacked by Zombies, etc will contribute to your shock stat decreasing. Your Shock stat also starts off at 100. It will reset itself quickly over time or can be instantly reset back to 100 with an Epinephrine Auto-Injector which can be found at Medical buildings and sometimes rarely at Military bases.

Like the Blood stat, if your Shock drops too low you will lose consciousness temporarily. This happens if your shock stat decreases below 25. So if you take 75 points of shock damage from varying sources you'll soon be lying on your back. Because this stat regenerates quickly it won't take too long to recover from being unconscious. Once you're above 50 you will wake back up. If you get swarmed by zombies you'll probably be knocked out by shock and beat to death while unconscious so try not to fight more than 1-2 at a time. Just be wary after being in a fight and taking care of your wounds that there might be some trauma damage that you can't take care of right away. Give yourself a minute or two to recover.

Now we will move on to the different Illnesses and Diseases.

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