7. DayZ InventoryUpdate notes

The inventory system, like the controls, will be another of the biggest turnoffs for first-time players. Not only do you have to learn the way the inventory works, but you also have to take the janky controls and add them to the mix. This page will hopefully help you get an idea of what each section is used for and how the inventory functions. Here's an image to easily reference back to:

DayZ Inventory

You'll notice there are three different sections on the inventory screen. Vicinity, Hands, and Equipment. Each one of these has a different purpose, but all work together. You can switch between them by tapping cn_LB or cn_RB and navigate through your items using the D-Pad or thumbsticks. You'll be spending a lot of time in the inventory screen to manage your gear, use items, move things around, etc. When I'm stuck inside a building waiting for a rainstorm to go away or for the sun to come up I like to organize items in my inventory and check the status of my gear.

Remember to check back to the Controls page or check the prompts in-game to keep from hitting the wrong button. It's all part of the learning curve and you'll probably end up accidentally dropping your weapon or swapping items when you meant to inventory them when you first start playing. That's okay, we all learn from experience and I did the same thing.

Okay, let's get to it.



The Vicinity panel is probably self-explanatory. If there's an item on the ground in your Vicinity then you can open the inventory screen with cn_back and grab it from that panel. Sometimes this is easier than pressing cn_X on the item outside of the inventory screen. Especially when there are multiple items stacked on top of each other or near each other. As you can see in the image, there is Duct Tape on the ground near me so it shows up in the Vicinity.

This is also the way you search dead zombies, dead players, crates, and clothes. Crouch over their body, open the inventory screen and any loot they have will be in the Vicinity panel.



Anything that you're currently holding will be in your hands. A lot of things in this game have to manually be interacted with by taking it to your hands first. As you can see in the image above, I'm currently holding one of my weapons. In the Hands screen and below the weapon you will see the attached Red Dot Sight, the Magazine, and the Battery that's powering the Red Dot. If I wanted to remove the magazine from my weapon I would have to go over to the Hands panel, navigate down to the magazine, and then hit cn_X to put it in my inventory.

Same type of thing if I wanted to repair some of the gear if it was damaged, let's say my backpack for example. I would have to take the Duct Tape to my hands, then hit cn_RB to get over to the Equipment panel, highlight my backpack, then press cn_B to combine the Duct Tape and the Backpack. This will exit the inventory screen and you would then hold cn_RT to repair it. You can also do this by putting the backpack in your hands and combining it with Duct Tape that's in your inventory.

If you want to reload a magazine for a weapon you have to take the magazine to your hands, exit the inventory screen and then hold cn_Y to load the ammo from your inventory into the magazine. The manual labor this game requires you to do for realism is a pain in the ass at first, but you'll get used to it as you do it more often.



The Equipment panel is your gear and your inventory. Your inventory is actually just shoving items into your gear. Different clothing items, backpacks, vests, etc can hold different capacities of items. Certain equipment items also give you more hot bar slots as well.

If you look at the image, you'll notice the first inventory at the top (under all the gear) is Field Vest (15/30). This is the vest I'm wearing and the (15/30) is how much inventory space it has. 30 is the max capacity this vest can hold and it's currently half full. If you look at the items in the vest there are little numbers at the top right of each item. These numbers represent how much inventory space they take up. Also, note that the grenades at the top row of the vests do not count towards the (30) capacity. This is because all vests have 4 slots specifically for equipping grenades too. This saves loose inventory space. There are a couple of items that have unique slots like this. Another example is Assault boots which can hold a knife.

As said before each clothing item, vests, and backpack have different capacities. One backpack might only have (0/42) inventory spaces, but it will be smaller and weigh less. Whereas a Drybag backpack can have (0/63), but it's a bit bigger and makes you stand out more. It's all down to preference and what you need for your play style.

Going back to the items in the vest real quick, the number at the bottom of those items such as the ammo is how many of that item is in the stack. So the first one is 25 rounds of .45 ACP ammo. The 2nd item is a magazine showing it is loaded with 15 shots currently. You can combine stacks of ammo or other stackable items by taking one to your hands and combining (cn_B) with the other stack in your inventory.

At the top of the equipment panel is your currently equipped gear. From right to left, top to bottom these are as follows:

  • Left Shoulder Weapon Slot
  • Right Shoulder Weapon Slot
  • Vest Slot
  • Upper Body Slot
  • Belt Slot
  • Lower Body Slot
  • Backpack Slot
  • Hat / Helmet Slot
  • Face Slot
  • Eyes / Headstrap Slot
  • Gloves Slot
  • Shoes Slot
  • Armband Slot

The two shoulder weapon slots are where you'll equip your bigger weapons. You can see the rifle in the image takes up 27 inventory slots so instead of putting it in my vest I have it equipped to a shoulder weapon slot. You can put big weapons and melee weapons here, but not things like pistols or knives, hatchets or machetes.

The vest slot is where you'll equip any vests you come across. These can be Stab Vests (doesn't have inventory), Field Vests, Ballistic Vests, Plate Carriers, etc. I think the best vest you can find for this slot is the Tactical Vest in my opinion. Something is better than nothing though.

The upper body slot is self-explanatory and you will always spawn with something in this slot giving you (0/20) inventory. The best in slot gear here, in my opinion, is the BDU Jacket (shown in the image)

The belt slot is where you can equip one of two belts in the game. The regular Belt or the Tactical Belt. Both of these can have attachments added to them if you find them. This includes a Canteen, Pistol Holster and Sheath. Belts are rare but are great items to help save inventory space once you find the attachments for it.

The lower body slot is self-explanatory and you will always spawn with something in this slot giving you (0/20) inventory. The best in slot gear here, in my opinion, is the BDU Pants (shown in the image)

The backpack slot is where you'll equip any varying backpacks you find. Sometimes zombies will have one equipped and you can kill them for it. You can also craft a makeshift backpack by combining a Burlap Sack and Rope. There isn't really a "best in slot" backpack because it depends on your play style, but I personally love using a Drybag Backpack colored green or black.

The hat/helmet slot is where you can equip anything from Cowboy Hats and Baseball Caps to Hockey Helmets and Tactical Helmets. The best in slot gear here in my opinion is the Tactical Helmet because it has a built slot for attaching Night Vision Goggles.

The face slot is where you can equip ski masks, surgical masks, a bandana, etc. The best "gear" in this slot is personal aesthetic preference. I generally like to use something that has camo to blend in or a gas mask to look intimidating.

The eyes/headstrap slot really has one single purpose and that's for wearing an NVG Headstrap if you find one. Things like glasses and goggles serve no purpose other than aesthetics.

The gloves slot is where you wear any gloves you come across. Something is always better than nothing in this slot. If you don't have gloves then sliding down ladders will cut your hands causing a bleed or if you skin an animal without gloves your hands will be bloody and contaminated requiring a wash. The best in slot gear here in my opinion is Combat Gloves.

The shoes slot is self-explanatory and you will always spawn with something in this slot. I do recommend finding some better boots later down the road and do note that after long periods of running/walking in the same pair of shoes or boots they will be damaged. You can always repair them with Duct Tape or a Leather Sewing Kit if you need to. The best in slot gear here in my opinion is Assault Boots because you can equip a knife to them which saves inventory space.

The armband slot is used when you're playing with friends or in a group of survivors. To craft armbands you have to combine a knife or bladed weapon with a Raincoat. Whatever color the Raincoat is is what the armbands will be. This can help you identify who's who in the middle of a battle or from a distance. Be careful though, just because you and your friend are wearing pink armbands doesn't mean there isn't another group out there wearing the same kind. Generally, I like to just remember what my friend is wearing and stick close together.

With all of that I'm not going to move on to the next page which is going to be a collection of tips and tricks from my personal DayZ experience and knowledge.

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