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Posted on 01 November 17 at 01:30
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Dead Exit is a game that at first didn't seem like much to me, but boy has my opinion changed on that. As I've played I've obviously noticed flaws, but they very rarely felt intrusive to the point where it hindered my experience. The atmosphere grew on me as well. So did the sound design, and even the graphics. I'd go as far to say I started out hating this game but I'm loving it now. All the card combos I devised, all the lucky pulls, and of course the occasional anger at an "event" ruining all of my plans. It is incredibly addicting, and with three modes to offer, it won't get old soon.

Dead Exit is a card game at its core. Each mode focuses on you collecting "sets"; which are one survivor, one "food", one "fuel", and no matter how many sets you have you'll need a vehicle to round it all off in order to escape. Each of the three modes offered is fairly different however. In city escape, you'll simply need to need to collect an amount of sets that you control, using an amount of bases you control. In survival, you're up against AI raiders and you'll need to collect a set to survive each week. In war, you're up against AI raiders and you'll need to use your cards to overrun the raiders (the game claims having more sets will work too, but doesn't explain further). The difficulty settings are fully customizable so you can play the game how you want it.

The game is balanced fairly well, although when certain cards are used together they can become harshly overpowered. The game is mostly fair, as when you're overrun by zombies or win it is generally because of something that is your fault, and rarely by a random event. Some cards were designed around eliminating the hordes of zombies around you, while some were designed to bamboozle other players or AI and turn tricky situations onto them. Only problem is that sometimes cards you need to survive simply won't show up. This is rare enough that it isn't a serious problem, but it is something to note.

There isn't a set story here, although the atmosphere around you does tell a tale. The playing field may sometimes have things on it, and AI/other players are represented by mannequins on a skyscraper in a ghost town somewhere. I don't know what it means, but boy is it creepy.

Graphics and Sound
There isn't too much to see here, although what there is isn't half bad. Graphically there are the cards of course, with that are nice and easy to read (provided you don't have a tiny screen), some effects which are kind of subpar but not terrible, and the background you play in of course, which I've mentioned above. In the sound department there is the constantly playing background music, and the effects of course. These rank in at just "ok", and I think this is the type of game you'll want to turn on Spotify for while you play.

In my opinion, the major flaw of this game is the achievements. All of the difficulty achievements are non-stackable, and there are plenty of online achievements. There is also a super grindy achievement (scrap 1000 dead), so you'll be playing quite a while to get all of the achievements. It is certainly a bad list, and one that won't add any enjoyment whatsoever to a playthrough

Despite its many flaws, Dead Exit is really addicting. There are plenty of ways to combine cards to create a fantastic strategy, and when everyone just comes out in your favor it creates a brilliant experience. I had a ton of fun with it, and it was far better than I had anticipated.
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