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***Don't forget to check out the Long-Term/Multiplayer/Miscellaneous sections of this walkthrough as they contain crucial information on certain achievements and when to obtain them.

Act I

Okay so let's begin!

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Set up a new game with Sam B and load up the Prologue. Very straightforward, so you shouldn't have any difficulty with it. As soon as you complete it and load up the first Chapter of Act 1, you can go ---> Start Button ---> Game Lobby. It will come up with a list of games you could jump into. Choose a game to join and get a nice 10G to start you off. Why is this achievement not in the multiplayer section of the walkthrough? Since it is probably the easiest achievement in the game and probably the first one you should get so I wanted to make that clear by leaving it in here.

Staying in the Co-op game or backing out into your own game is of personal preference, however I will say that I ran into a glitch in the early stages of the game where I completed a lot of quests in co-op and was about to finish Act 1, but then after dropping out and reloading my own game I found that none of the progress I had made in the co-op game had registered and I was back on the first mission. It might also be a good idea to just host your own game, so that you can still play co-op (the game is much more fun with others) while keeping your quest progress in sync with your save data. Whatever you decide to do, start tackling the story missions one at a time and make sure that you take advantage of the weak zombies the game throws at you in low levels by bashing them with your bare fists. A good trick is to spam LB until they fall down and then start punching them in the face until they die. Repeat 25 times for a relatively easy achievement.

You will have most likely received your first mod plan by now (which also counts towards your progress for the collectibles achievements). It is the Nail'd Mod and requires a Baseball Bat or a Stick and 2x Nails. You should have gotten a baseball bat as a quest reward by now, and if not you can just roam around a bit and look for one (or a Stick). Find 2x Nails if you haven't already by checking boxes/suitcases and when you have your items just head over to a Workbench, marked by an icon of tools on your map, and create yourself your first modded weapon!

Go ahead and keep doing missions. At this point you obviously don't need to restrict yourself to using fists only anymore. Use a variety of weapons which you created and scavenged to kill the undead and you will find yourself soon netting an easy 25G. If you are really eager on getting this one ASAP then a good idea is just to go on the beach and follow the shoreline, picking up any weapon you see. There will be a variation of weapons and it will help you get this achievement faster however I guarantee you that you'll have killed zombies with A LOT more than 10 different melee weapons by the end of the game without going out of your way.

You'll find yourself hitting the lvl 10 mark around this point, give or take a few achievements. When you do though, you will be compensated.

You should have obtained some more Mod Plans by this time, and they will probably consist of the Shock Mod and the Torch Mod. The Shock Mod will be obtained by doing main story missions, whereas the Torch Mod can be obtained doing a side mission for James Stein at the Lighthouse. Sooner or later you will find the components to one of these mod plans just by natural progression and looting. You will have probably created a Shock or Torch modded weapon by the end of Act 1, and if not there is nothing to fear! You still have 3 other acts in which you will obtain even more elemental mods and their components.

It is natural in a game like this that you will be doing a fair amount of walking. How nice that you can actually get an ACHIEVEMENT for doing so. This is another one of those achievements that you will gain naturally and you don't have to go out of your way to do it.

It is also natural that you will be doing a fair amount of driving in a game like this. Early on in the game, hitting a zombie with a car is almost a guaranteed insta-death. You should be getting "Karma-geddon" somewhere near this point. If you want to speed up the process, you can drive from the Lifeguard Tower to the Lighthouse, and repeat this process until you unlock the achievement.

After netting that vehicle-related achievement, you should also be close to covering 10 km of distance driven due to that and the missions involving driving. Check your progress on the achievement and if you are close to 10 km, you can just use the same process as you used for the Karma-geddon achievement. You will be driving a lot throughout the game, so if you could always wait and unlock it naturally

At this point, you will probably be on the verge of finishing Act 1. On completion of Act 1 you will get another achievement.

Act II

Keep progressing through the game and doing missions. It's good to stick with the main missions but it never hurts to perform some side missions for the extra XP, gold, item rewards, and progress towards the "Busy, busy, busy" achievement (more info in Long-Term achievements). You should start exploring the map more at this point to make progress towards the "There and back again" achievement (more info in Long-Term achievements). I was able to hit lvl 25 before the end of Act 2 following the main missions and doing roughly 75% of the side missions.

I must sound like a broken record right about now but... keep doing missions! Act 2 is pretty straightforward. You will have 4 (will be decreased to 3 eventually) safe houses in this area full of quests. Start finishing the quests at Saint Christopher's Church, then move onto the Warehouse and finish those quests. Your other two safe houses will be the Square (directly south of the Warehouse) and the Town Hall. Keep progressing through this act, and you will get:


*At this point you should be close to finishing some of the Long-Term achievements and starting to attempt some Miscellaneous achievements you haven't already obtained. You should also have the fully upgraded tackle skill soon, so if you haven't been putting points into your Combat tree, GET ON IT NOW. Check the other sections of this walkthrough for more specific details on Long-Term/Miscellaneous achievements.*

After starting Act 3, you come to a very important part of the game in terms of achievements. If you don't want to rely on multiple playthroughs for completing 75 quests and you have been completing say... 75% of the side quests given to you, you will receive "Busy, busy, busy" sometime near this point (between Act 3 and Act 4). Don't stress if you haven't obtained it, as you will have a whole other Act left and three playthroughs of the first Act to accumulate more quests.

You should also be paying attention to vendors selling parts that you can use to make modified weapons. Before you glitch your way to 50, you should also net "I want one of those", and even "Gesundheit" and "Guns don't kill but they help". More info on these achievements can be found in the "Long-Term achievements section of this walkthrough

Alright so you just spent 2 hours tapping the living crap out of your A, B and X buttons, what now? Well for starters, you should probably go outside and get some fresh air like I did if you feel like your head is going to explode from boredom and mental fatigue, but after you're past that step, you should start exploring green areas of your map that you haven't explored before if you haven't reached a progress of 57/72 for "There and Back Again".

It is crucial that you attain 57/72 before completing Act 3 if you don't want to have to worry about it on a second playthrough. I highly recommend getting this out of the way on your very first playthrough. You should also have around 2 or 3/5 orange weapons looted for your "Rootin, Tootin, Looting" achievement progress. I also suggest grinding this out before you move on to Act 4 so you don't need to return to this part of the game on a second playthrough.

It really saves time if you can get things done the first time through, and Rootin, Tootin, Lootin is no exception. The last achievements you should have considerable progress towards is "Guns don't kill but they help" and "Nearly there". Additional information on all these achievements can be found in the Long-Term achievements section of this walkthrough.

Complete Act 3 when you're ready and done with some/all of the achievements I mentioned above.

Make sure you are 100% ready to start Act 4, as you cannot return to the other areas afterwards.

Act IV

Once you decide you're ready to start Act 4, you will arrive at a prison. This area is very straightforward. Do the same thing you have been doing all game, complete quests and do whatever side quests you feel like. This Act is pretty short, and you will be at the end in a fairly short amount of time, depending on how many side quests you do.

Before you start the final quest, make sure you have uncovered all 15 locations in the prison, which should have unlocked

The final boss fight is pretty easy. Try to make sure you have your fury ready to go before the fight, as it deals a ton of damage to him quickly. His attacks will hurt, but he's bulky and slow. (He's pretty much a slightly faster version of a Thug.) Just try to avoid his attacks, and you will finish the fight without much of a problem.

After the you finish the boss fight, you will see the ending cutscene and unlock

Congratulations! Now it's time to clean up any miscellaneous achievements you missed.

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