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Skulls can be found all around the Island. If you find a skull and place it at it's altar, you will unlock developer mods that will allow you to create more powerful weapons, some of which make the game ridiculously easy. These are not required for any particular achievements, but they will make your life easier on Banoi. This section will tell you how to get the skulls and where to drop them off at. It also includes a video to help out. One final note about these weapons--they incur a lot of damage from very few uses, and they are very expensive to repair. For the ones that are knives, be sure to throw them, rather than use them (throw them at the zombies, as if you were playing with Logan), so that you can still get their effect, but not incur any damage to them.

Skull Locations :

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Orange Skull - The Orange Skull is under the first set of stairs inside the supermarket in Act II.

Orange Skull Altar - Located in the sewers. Look for flood gates, and a ladder that goes up to a small platform with a door. Once you reach the top of the ladder, go into the door on the right. The altar will be on your left once you enter that room.

Unlocks - Electro Body

Stats -

  • Damage +10,000%
  • Shock Effect Rank 1
  • Critical Chance +1%
  • Critical Damage +500%

Green Skull - The Green Skull is located at the bottom of the Resort Map, west of Bunker 06. Look for a capsized boat on the shore. From there, go to the right of the nearby rock hill and jump behind the bush onto the rocks, and walk up and to the left. There will be a metal chest and the skull with a flag and a green arrow.

Green Skull Altar - The altar is in the supermarket in Act II. It will be directly to the right after entering the main market. There are shelves full of teddy bears, and one of the shelves will be the altar.

Unlocks - Homerun Baseball Bat (This weapon is excellent to use against Boss infected, and the final boss)

Stats -

  • Damage +1%
  • Impact Effect Rank 5
  • Critical Chance +25%
  • Critical Damage +10%
  • Critical Duration + 500%
  • Critical Physical Damage +350%

Purple Skull Location - Enter the sewers from the entrance in front of the police station and go through the first gate to access the skull.

Purple Skull Altar - In Act II during the quest Uninvited Guests one of the burners in the kitchen will be lit. The lit burner is the altar.

Unlocks : Plaguebearing Military Knife (Use this weapon by throwing it at special infected; When you do, it won't incur any damage, and it also causes special infected to vomit, which prevents them from attacking you, buying you time to dish out any damage you can on them. Great for Thugs and Rams. This weapon is useless against Bloaters)

Stats -

  • Poison Effect Rank 1
  • Critical Chance + 100%
  • Critical Damage + 10%
  • Critical Duration + 1000%

Note : After you complete Uninvited Guests, this altar will not be accessible.

Blue Skull - This skull is also found in the Univited Guests area. Across from the kitchen will be a bathroom. The skull is in a corner inside of a glass case. After smashing the case you will be able to grab the skull.

Blue Skull Altar - In the resort area, look for Bunker 06. It will be surrounded by zombies, and you will have to rescue a survivor named Jose Garcia. After rescuing him, you can travel through a manhole in the bunker. Inside the manhole there will be a metal door, and a bunch of propane tanks. Place a tank in front of the door, and shoot it, causing the door to open. The altar is on the wall underneath a big blue arrow.

Unlocks : Mindblowing Knife (This weapon will explode the heads of any regular infected that are in close proximity of where it's used. If you throw it at a regular infected, or slash a regular infected, all nearby regular infected will have their heads explode as well, instantly killing everyone. Very useful against groups of infected, just be very careful about throwing it, so as to prevent it from being glitched through the ground or something if thrown improperly)

Stats -

  • Brainblast Effect Rank 6
  • Critical Chance + 75%

Brown Skull - Act I. Use the portal in bunker 02, which will lead to a suicider. After killing the suicider, the skull will be on the floor.

Brown Skull Altar (I suggest watching the video for this one) - Walk along the beach to the west of the Lighthouse until you see a rocky cliff. Climb the cliff and the altar will be at the top near a flag.

Unlocks : Left Hand Of Glova (the animation is similar to Bioshock's electric Plasmid, and it can instantly kill, but it will consume your entire stamina bar when used just once, each time)

Stats -

  • Damage + 300%
  • Impact Effect Rank 6
  • Critical Chance + 10%
  • Critical Damage + 300%
  • Critical Duration + 700%
  • Critical Physics Damage + 200%

Credit to http://deadisland.wikia.com/wiki/Skulls

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