Dead Rising 2: Case West Reviews

  • BruteForce911BruteForce911346,567
    30 Dec 2010 30 Dec 2010
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    The long awaited Case West is finally upon us after we were teased with a trailer even before the main game was released. So was the wait worth it?

    The game starts off during Ending A instead of S and shows an undead TK attacking our Protagonist Chuck Greene(What doesn't make sense here is the that 3 zombies who were with TK are now missing). The hero of the first game who was Frank West then shows up and rescues Chuck from being bitten. The duo decide to attack a Phenotrans Facility to provide proof that the Company are behind the outbreaks in Las Vegas and Fortune City and also that Chuck was not the person who caused the outbreaks.

    The Facility itself is quite small but bigger than the town in Case Zero. I personally felt it was quite bland compared to the Vegasy feeling of Fortune City. Of course there are maintenance rooms where a couple of brand new combo weapons can be designed. My personal favourite is the Impact Hammer. The usual combos from the previous game are back but however I felt there should have been more new combination weapons instead of just 7.

    The survivors are also back this time but instead of escorting the survivors to the safe room, they are Phenotrans staff so because they know there way around they just simply run off never to be seen again. However most of the staff want weapons before they try to escape(One survivor wants a human liver and heart). This pissed me off because I enjoyed escorting the survivors in Dead Rising 2 and I feel this was quite a lazy move on Capcom's part in the amount of time they had to develop this game.

    So what is wrong with this game exactly? Just a couple of things. The story itself is quite short and leaves on a cliffhanger with lots of questions. You can't travel throughout the facility without being constantly fired at by the Phenotrans security staff. The structure of the cases are repetitive(Go here, blow up this,retrieve that) and instead should have included something which would have added some actual fun to the cases.

    However being a fan of the Dead Rising Series, I did enjoy the story itself even though it was quite short. The return of Frank West was something to be enjoyed however it appears he's aged quite a fair bit in a couple of years.The story was interesting as it progressed and as stated above the new Combination weapons are brilliant to use.

    In conclusion this is an enjoyable instalment to the series and if anyone is considering whether to buy this or not then I suggest you go for it. You won't be disappointed.
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    Pedle ZelnipUhm, spolier alert? The first paragraph of your review pretty much spoils the entire story behind DR2. Just because people are reading a Case West review doesn't mean they've necessarily played DR2. A "SPOILER ALERT" disclaimer might be a good idea.

    The review itself was otherwise pretty good, but it reads much more negatively than a 4/5 score would indicate.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 05 May 11 at 02:30
    CormacI think Blue Castle Games realised that in Dead Rising 2 they had taken any challenge out of escorting survivors and as such they just removed that part of the game from the equation this time around. Stupid move. You say the environments were bland, and they were, horribly so. If the game was rushed then they only have themselves to blame. Out of the four entries to the series this is by far the least enjoyable.

    I didn't take your advice as I bought this on day one but I most definitely was disappointed by it so I'd like to disagree with your summation and revview in general.
    Posted by Cormac on 24 Jul 11 at 22:54
  • Ultima22Ultima22869,280
    04 Jan 2011
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    Is Dead Rising 2: Case West an awesome continuation like that time you found five bucks in your wallet, or does it fall flat on its face like a fat guy trying to learn how to ice skate? Read on.

    Set literally ten minutes after DR2, this Arcade/DLC continuation assumes you obtained the "A" rating and thus re-introduces you to Frank West. And boy, has he changed. He's got the whole chains and shades thing going on. Whatever, I can't judge. Anywhoozle, you and 'ole Franky venture off to a Phenotrans factory thingy to uncover the conspiracy surrounding its drug, Zombrex, and ultimately find proof of Chuck's innocence of the events in Fortunate City (You know, that whole "Killing millions" thing.)

    If you've played the first game, you've probably played the second game. If you've played the second game, you know what to expect here. Almost nothing has changed, gameplay-wise. You must follow time restricted events in order to advance the story. Miss an appointment, and you can either venture on minus the story, or start the game over, while retaining your previously earned rewards and abilities. However, time-wise, this isn't as cramped as the previous Arcade adventure, Case Zero. You don't have to escort the survivors, they just need a good talking to, and you are provided a bit more time to explore and meander. And get killed.

    Oh, I didn't mention that? Yeah, there's a bit of a curve to this one. Not only are the standard zombies here, but Phenotrans' goons play a role here as well, including an enemy reminiscent of the Big Daddies from Bioshock. Guns are also a bit more commonplace here, as security forces are a plenty. Not only that, but the "special" zombies also return from DR2, in all of their vomitting glory. Thankfully you start the game at level 40, making you nearly fully ready to kick ass. You'll just need a boost here and there. Speaking of which, some new weapons can be crafted, including a gun that is worth the ten dollar price tag alone. Yeah, we're all cheapasses, but the 800 points is worth it here. You will not be disappointed with the value.So, with all that said, what does this mean for you, the customer?

    +Great continuation of story
    +Co-op with Fran West and Chuck Greene? Yes, please!
    +More time given to explore, not as cramped.

    -Continuity a bit skewed, based on the ending it follows.
    -The return of photography doesn't add anything new to gameplay.
    -Yes, the final Psychopath is still freakin' hard.

    I give Dead Rising 2: Case West 5 Dancing Disco Zombies out of 5.
  • KellissAmberleeKellissAmberlee129,237
    28 Dec 2010 28 Dec 2010
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    Two and a half stars.

    This feels much more like DLC than a stand alone game. Where DR 2: Case Zero felt like a self contained story this just sort of hangs there. It feels rushed, like after Capcom saw the phenomenal success of DR 2: Case Zero they were anxious to tap the market again (and at a higher price point, no less) but didn't put as much thought into the game. It's not that there are technical issues or bugs, at least, not that I encountered, but it feels like half a Dead Rising game.

    In every previous game in the franchise, saving survivors has been big part of the game. The player had to decide how much time they were willing to risk in locating survivors and bringing them safely back to the safe room. Because of that (and the very short scenes when meeting and upon arrival in the safe room) I felt some emotional investment in whether I could save everyone (not a lot, mind you, but some). In Dead Rising 2: Case West there are still survivors to save, but this time you simply find them, fulfill some small and easily accomplished quest and they find their own way out. It's hard to get invested in these survivors because they're lackeys for the corporation that caused the problem in the first place, not innocent people who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. You don't even have to decide if you're going to take the time to try and save them because you don't have to get them safely anywhere.

    The second major problem is that the deadlines felt completely artificial. I've never been a huge fan of timed events, but at least in the other games they made sense. Frank or Chuck had to accomplish whatever it was in 3 days because at the end of day 3 he would be trapped with hordes of zombies and no way out/the town would be razed to the ground with him in it. In Case West there is no final threat. You have to meet the timetable because Frank's source (who was obvious from the second he said he had a source) said so. But if you fail to meet a deadline you just fail to meet a deadline (and can no longer advance in cases. ETA: Actually, this time the game ends. Which is still not a motivator from a narrative standpoint). I suppose the urgency is supposed to be that the source will reconsider and not reschedule or something but compared to painful death that's not much of a motivator.

    Even the scenery isn't as interesting. It's bland corporate warehouse and more bland corporate warehouse.

    And why is Chuck Greene (as single player) randomly able to take pictures despite the lack of a camera? It seems to me that if you're going to make that an element of the game the default character should be West, Dead Rising 2 or no.

    It's even a shorter game than Case Zero. I immediately wanted to replay Case Zero and see what I missed. This time I might go back for some achievements, but certainly not for the story or game play.

    There's absolutely nothing new here or even a new take on something old.

    Bottom line, it's hard to get even minimally personally invested in Frank, Chuck, the survivors, or the story, such as it is. Unless you're a fan of the franchise and want to play every release they have, I'd definitely take a pass (and if you haven't tried DR 2 Case Zero, do that instead. It's a much better game at half the cost). If you must play this game, wait for it to go on sale. You won't be missing much.
  • ThinkMcFly88ThinkMcFly88190,308
    30 Dec 2010 30 Dec 2010
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    In his long awaited return, Frank West is back and looking to help Chuck take down the company responsible for the zombie outbreak.

    I will say that while Case: West is slightly larger and longer than Case: Zero, the $10.00 price point is a tad steep compared to Zero's $5.00 price. That being said, there isn't anything else negative I'd say about this addition to the Dead Rising lineup.

    The change of locale may certainly be a tad offputting going from the glitz and glamour of Fortune City to the zombie infested slaughterhouse setting of Case: West. But putting your desire for the flashing lights aside, storywise it is a sound move and if you look you still find a few colorful areas in the facility.

    Gameplay remains the same as far as battling zombies and creating weapons, with the addition of a few new toys for Chuck and Frank to play with (laser gun, anyone?). One main component that was changed by Capcom was the survivor interactions. Instead of helping them back to a safe room, this time around you either just need to locate them or perform a small task for them and they are able to escape themselves. While this may disappoint some, again, it makes sense storywise. These are employees of the warehouse you're in, not a couple on vacation who got caught up in the mess. They would know their way around far better than Chuck and Frank and that is reflected in their capability to get out on their own.

    Another welcome return is taking photos. There are 10 more PP stickers to find for all the Dead Rising shutterbugs. You don't get PP for every photo you take like in DR1 but you only need to advance 10 levels so that isn't a huge deal.

    While you may want to save a few bucks and wait for it to go on sale this is definately a must have for Dead Rising fans. It serves as an epilogue to DR2 and something of a prologue for DR3. You'll definately know where the story is headed after this.

    All in all this game is enjoyable and certainly worth a few playthroughs to nab all the achievements. I give it 4 out of 5 stars only because of the price. Storywise it continues a great overall narrative to the DR universe and brings a lot to the table. The gameplay is still solid and taping weapons together is still as satisfying as ever. Anyone who has enjoyed the other DR offerings are sure to enjoy this one.
  • joedahoc93joedahoc93100,123
    23 Jul 2011 23 Jul 2011
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    Overview: Continue the Dead Rising franchise in the form of Arcade games. Capcom contiues its strong narrative following Dead Rising 2. And everyones new favorite badass Frank West returns!

    Gameplay: If your reading this then chances are that you know how the gameply works. However some new features include: New combo weapons and the old camara from the original just a bit less of what it once was. The camara does feels very minimalistic. It's not much compared to original. Franks move set is just like the original, only better. Chuck still retains his moves as well. And the game starts off at a high level, which is pretty cool. Time mechanics are the same. But there are plenty of new enimies to kill. That never hurts.

    Story: A little short, but it is a steal for a downloadable game. The campaign has great voice acting (Franks voice is still R.J.). The cutscenes are great, but do get a little confusing towars the end, which does give off the impression that the development team may have been in a rush. Theres still plenty of people to save, however they know thier way around so you won't have to worry about escorting them around as much. Other then that, no other real differences in the story or formula. But for what it's worth the story does retain its great narrative throughout.

    Final Words: A great buy for a Capcom or a Dead Rising fanatic who would like to see Chuck and Frank join forces in order to make one of the most badass zombie-killing team ever! However, the game doesn't offer much more then a fan service for all the Dead Rising fans. But I would still recommend this game, even if it does use a somewhat tired fromula.