2. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (PC) General hints and tips

Believe it or not, there are tips for mindlessly killing zombies. So let's get right to it and cover what you need to do.

1) BE ON TIME FOR CASES - When doing a survivor, psychopath or general story mission, make sure you are not late as you could fail the mission and possibly, start the entire story all over again. This is mostly recommended for your first playthrough as you will level up a lot from doing this and you have to level up to survive the apocalypse.

2) MAKE COMBO WEAPONS OFTEN - Never underestimate the power of a simple baseball bat with nails in it, even just that one weapon (and many others) are necessary to defeat psychopaths which when defeating them, give you lots of PP (Player Points) which let's you level up faster.

3) SAVE SURVIVORS - Although this isn't necessary, it once again gives you lots of PP although, some survivors require tasks to rescue them, so just keep that in mind.

4) REMEMBER STORY MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENTS - Now if you are planning on 1000G this game, then you may want to keep in mind the 'Alpha vs. Omega' and 'Purewal Memorial Cup' Achievements. For both of these, ONLY CONSUME ORANGE JUICE as this is your best healing item. This is because it can fill Denyce right up and you can still get the Purewal Memorial Cup Achievement, so try to remember these achievements on your first playthrough.

I think that covers all the necessary tips in order to 1000G this game, OH WAIT...

5) DON'T USE GAMEBREAKER DLC - If you did buy this DLC, make sure you don't use it when going for achievements as this disables achievements so I would recommend first getting every achievement then using if you are still playing this game.

Ok, now that DEFINITELY covers all the tips for this game, so let's get to the achievements for our story playthrough.

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