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    15 Nov 2016
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    Before we had the complete over-the-top hijinks we all know and love from the Dead Rising series we had a more grounded start off point for the series. Dead Rising was really a start off point for Capcom in the 360 generation really showed them pushing boundaries on the new hardware, and now with the re-master coming out this year as part of Dead Rising's 10 year anniversary, and the upcoming release of Dead Rising 4 I thought that now would be as good a time as any to revisit everyone's favorite photographer Frank West.

    Stationed in the small Colorado town of Willamette, we meet our hero.. I mean photojournalist Frank West who recently picked up a scoop that the town has been sealed off by the national guard. Upon entering the town you are met with the gruesome images of zombie attacks and the town essentially in ruins with the one shining beacon being the Willamette Mall. After being dropped off at the mall by your trusty helicopter pilot who promises to be back in 3 days time to rescue you from whatever is going on it's time to find out what's actually going on. After getting yourself familiar with the malls layout, doing a little bit of window shopping, and using whatever you may find laying around to keep you alive it's time to make the most out of the zombie apocalypse.

    The gameplay of Dead Rising revolves around a timed mission system that will have you going all around the mall rescuing fellow survivors, fighting residents of the mall who have gone crazy all while trying to figure out what's really going on with a zombie outbreak. You will be called via walkie-talkie from a local security officer named Otis who does his best to inform you of any strange activity going on around the mall for you to help out with. All of the missions are based on an in-game clock so it becomes a thing of micromanaging how you want to proceed with your plans all while trying to keep things in line with your rescue in 3 days. Dead Rising also let's you play as an open world sandbox game if you just avoid all of the case files and calls from Otis you can just see how long you can survive while trying on clothing options in the mall and checking out the 70+stores it has to offer... some of which may be a nod to other Capcom brands if you keep a keen eye.

    Many games just get a remaster tossed it's way to get some more dollars thrown at it. Dead Rising is a game however that I feel actually benefits from having a re-mastered version fixing numerous problems found in the original release. Text on items is now actually readable compared to the very small blurry text, and increased loading times are just a few parts that benefit from the upgrade. During my time playing roughly 12-ish hours I never ran into any glitches or major game crashes.

    With the greatest selling point for Dead Rising being it's charm it is hard not to recommend to someone who never played the original or for people who want to relive their memories in the Wllamette Mall. The game is still highly enjoyable and obviously a great starting point for anyone interested in trying out Dead Rising 4 being released in December of this year
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    NegativeCreep08Is the survivor AI still bad enough to make you want to put your foot through the tv screen? That combined with the save system were the main reasons I hated the original.
    Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 21 Nov 16 at 23:26
    amillentOh the AI is still absolutely terrible and have no idea how to fight for themselves. However they do have multiple save files now to help out and give you more backup saves for harder situations.:D
    Posted by amillent on 22 Nov 16 at 20:03
    mike cupcakedid they add options for the control scheme? I couldn't adapt to... what was it, aiming on the left stick in the original?

    thanks for the review
    Posted by mike cupcake on 30 Dec 16 at 11:49
    amillentHey Mike sorry for the later response just got off Work! They did add in a few preset controller layouts but sadly each of them are all sort of wonky so kind of a smack in the face.
    Posted by amillent on 30 Dec 16 at 23:59