1. Dead Rising Walkthrough overview


Welcome to the walkthrough for Dead Rising. This game is designed to be completed over multiple playthroughs and has no multiplayer achievements. Your stats can carry over from playthrough to playthrough (until the level 50 cap). The approach you will be taking, is to knock out the grindy zombie kill achievement first while at the same time leveling up, which increases your health, skills and inventory slots. Next, you will do a partial playthrough for collectibles and escort achievements. Next, tackle Saint and Transmissionary. Finally the long, boring Infinity mode.

First Full Playthrough: Zombie Genocider

The goal of this first playthrough is to unlock the Real Mega Buster. This is the best weapon in the game and unlocks once you kill 53,594 zombies and make it to the Helipad at the end of 72 hours. For this first playthrough, you will unlock a few achievements during the required time in the mall prior to being able to head to the maintenance tunnels to get your zombie killing quota. After getting the kills you will use the one game day left to get a few more miscellaneous achievements.

Partial Playthrough: Tour Guide/Frank the Pimp

You will collect PP Stickers, try on clothes, and kill a bunch of survivors in order to get to a cluster of female survivors that you can relatively easily get in your posse at the same time. You can also use the rest of your time in this playthrough for some other miscellaneous achievements.

Second Full Playthrough: Saint/Transmissionary with Overtime

On the second full playthrough, you will focus on completing all Case Files, escorting all Survivors, killing all Psychopaths, and getting every call from Otis. During this play through you'll unlock and complete Overtime Mode, which subsequently unlocks Infinity Mode. You will also photograph 10 Psychopaths and 50 Survivors.

Infinity Mode

Finally, you will tackle Infinity Mode. This is the best time to get "Indoorsman" and "Outdoorsman" as you will spend a lot of time standing around and eating every 20 minutes. There are two achievements that can only be earned in this mode and it will take fourteen real time hours to make it 7 game time days and unlock the second achievement. As with the rest of the game you only have one life, but the difference is you can not create a save to load back up, and if you make a mistake, you will have to start over at the beginning.

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