2. Dead Rising General hints and tips

Game Time vs Real Time

One minute in the game is five seconds in real life. Here are some conversions to make your time management a little easier:

7 Game Time Days = 14 Real Time Hours

5 Game Time Days = 10 Real Time Hours

72 Game Time Hours = 6 Real Time Hours

24 Game Time Hours = 2 Real Time Hours

12 Game Time Hours = 1 Real Time Hour

1 Game Time Hour = 5 Real Time Minutes

1 Cutscene = 0 Game Time Hours

Managing Saves

In this version you have 5 save slots. When you go to save, press cn_A to overwrite the current save slot, or cn_Y to select any of the 5 available slots. The text for the current save slot will be yellow. As you select each save slot, the text for the one you have selected will turn green.

Achievement Unlockables

Some achievements in the game will unlock items in the safe room when you finish a mode. A lot of the unlockables are clothes which are purely aesthetic. Listed below are the unlockables that will help you finish the game:

Real Mega Buster - Zombie Genocider - Kill 53,594 Zombies in one playthrough.

Laser Sword - 5 Day Survivor - Survive five days in Infinity Mode.

Overtime Mode - Unveil all case files and be at the helipad at the end of 72 hours.

Infinity Mode - Finish Overtime Mode.

Leveling Frank

Frank is the main character. He can gain experience, or in this game Prestige Points (PP) by taking pictures, killing zombies, killing psychopaths, saving survivors and unveiling case files. When Frank dies you have the option to Load a Save File or Save and Quit. When you Save and Quit your current level will follow you into the next playthrough but you will start the game with none of the items that you had in your inventory.

PP Bonuses

There are a few areas that have really good PP bonus for doing very little. Here are a few you can gain access to at the beginning of the game:

Paradise Plaza, Child's Play (P102)

- Spin the giant servbot's head by hitting it to match the swirly eyes with the frown for 10,000PP.

Food Court, Chris' Fine Foods (F103)

- Shoot all the plates on the wall for 1,000 PP each (x18!), and an additional 10,000PP once they're all broken.

Al Fresca Plaza, Flexin' (A104)

- Break a punching bag for 2,000 PP and an additional 10,000 PP once they are all destroyed.

- Run on a treadmill for 2,000 PP and an additional 10,000 PP once you've tried them all.

Wonderland Plaza -

After you kill Adam (the clown) you can ride the Space Rider for 10,000 PP.


Be on the lookout for dramatic situations. Some of these will pop a PP sticker above the head of survivors. You can potentially get thousands of PP for good photos. Camera controls are as follows. Pull and hold cn_LT to enter camera mode. You can use cn_LS to move and cn_RS to aim the camera. Use cn_B to zoom in, cn_A to zoom out, and cn_X to take the shot.

Eight Survivor Rule

Only eight survivors will be generated by the game at any one time. This is important when going for "Frank the Pimp" and "Saint." During "Frank the Pimp", male and inconvenient survivors must be killed in order to get eight manageable female survivors. During "Saint," speed is essential in order to get all survivors to spawn so that you can save them.

Leading Survivors

You have to get 50 survivors out of the mall for the Saint Achievement. Keeping survivors alive can be tricky. There are a few ways to improve your chances:

Use Waypoints - Hold cn_RT and press cn_Y to pick a point out in the distance that the survivor will try to move toward. Place a waypoint inside a bathroom if you want a group of survivors to stand around while you go find weapons or food. Survivors travel at different speeds so you can use waypoints to spread them out if they are preventing each other from getting through a tight spot.

Arm the Survivors - Some of the survivors will help themselves by accepting a weapon. Give them a weapon that is about to break or run out of ammo, because when survivors receive it, the weapon becomes indestructible and gets infinite ammo. Don't give them anything that you will want back, because when you finish the escort, the item is gone.

Feed the Survivors - Survivors can use food to replenish their health the same way you do. Keep them full to keep them alive but items that give you a small return will give survivors a larger health boost. Try snacks or chips and save the OJ for you if you need it.

Know your Survivor - Old survivors will run out of breath. Terrified survivors will move slowly. Unhinged survivors will scream and stand in one spot. Keep an eye on these types of survivors and assist them to keep them from getting over run by Zombies.

Lend a Helping Hand - Some survivors will allow you to hold their hand. This will make you and the survivor harder for the Zombies to attack. Move at a medium pace and the survivor wont let go. Some survivors will need you to support them with a shoulder or carry them on your back. When carrying a survivor you and the survivor can usually charge through a group of zombies without getting attacked. Safety in numbers.

Don't Leave Any Behind - If a survivor is left on the other side of a loading screen when entering a new area, the survivor will loose their health quickly. Make sure the survivors are close enough to doors or are up on the platform outside the safe room before going to a new area.

Answering Otis's Calls

Otis will call you when a scoop becomes available. Get to a safe place to accept his call because while talking to Otis you cannot use your weapon. Getting hit, taking damage, and transitioning to another area that causes a loading screen will all cause Otis to call you back and he will have to start all over. While you're driving vehicles you can answer Otis's calls without being interrupted.

Willamette Parkview Mall

Get to know the mall and stores in the mall. The guide will cover short cuts later but it will help that you have a good map when you are following the instructions. Also there is a map of the mall when you press Select in the game which will pause the game. Here is a great map scanned from the game literature that is hosted at Dead Rising Wiki.

Image 1

DLC Costumes

There are 12 Free DLC costumes that can be found at the Dead Rising Marketplace page or through the dashboard as a game add-on. Wearing a costume does not offer any boost to your character or gameplay. The DLC Costumes can be found in the blue lockers strewn about the safe room.

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