6. Dead Rising Infinity Mode


Most of the information on this page comes from the videos posted by YouTube user BP42069 aka BPBPBPBPBPBPBP. I also made use of a website called "Dead Rising Survival Assistant," found here http://hoddans.com/tool/drsurvival/ This tool, created by XBOX user hoddans (not registered on TA with that Gamertag), is simple and amazing. At the top is a running clock that shows how long you have survived. It has a button to pause if you need a break. It has a button to press that automatically accounts for the time of the transition screens, and can be reset if you forget to pause or unpause or click the transition button. Also at the top is a drop down menu showing all of the food items available in this mode and tick boxes for the books that affect food values, that when ticked automatically change the value of the foods. On the left side is a auto-updating display of all of the characters that are anywhere on the map and the food they have and its value. On the right is a drop-down menu of all of the locations in the game and what static food is located there with its corresponding value.

This along with the first video from BP42069 are really all you need to get this achievement.


This mode and getting all of the achievements requires 14 hours of game play. The XBOX One should save your game state as long as you don't start a different game or app. Always pause before returning to the XBOX home screen if you want to take a break. If you are going to take very long breaks, make sure you set your XBOX to "Instant on" under Power Mode and "Don't turn off automatically" under Turn off after. You should be able to even turn off your XBOX as long as you don't completely remove power to it, but do so at your own risk.

Be level 50. It is highly recommended in other parts of this guide, but it is absolutely mandatory for this method, due to the inventory and health requirements.


Forget what you know about the game. Everything important is different in Infinity Mode.

Frank constantly loses health, one box every minute and forty seconds. With full health, Frank will last 20 real time minutes or 4 game time hours. The greenish bar below Frank's health bars that used to display his level and PP acquired is now yellow and slowly goes down. After it depletes entirely, Frank loses a block of health.

The door from the Security Room to Entrance Plaza is no longer welded shut.

There are no save points and therefore no check points. You can pause the game, but you can not save. If you die, you start over. There are no Cases or Scoops and no survivors to save. There are just encounters. These consist of Survivors who will come after you with simple weapons and aren't hard to kill and will drop small value food items and Psychopaths who are slightly harder to kill but drop multiple food items including at least one max health item. These are all unannounced as you have no radio or any external assistance (provided in game).

In addition to food dropped by people you kill, there is what's know as static food. This is found throughout the mall and is a one time pick up. This means leaving and coming back to an area does not respawn it. Also, any food that you have picked up and placed somewhere else, will be lost forever if you leave through a transition zone. It will remain as long as you have not touched it. There are no infinite food locations like the OJ in Colombian Roastmasters . You can not use blenders to mix two low value food items to make a mixed drink which is a max value item, however some Psychopaths will drop pre-blended mixed drinks.


Don't kill any more zombies than are necessary. It wastes ammo and time enroute to the next food/safe zone. If you aim to the side of one, or between two zombies and jump as you pass you will be fine a vast majority of the time.

Eat the smallest value foods first. This allows you to stockpile foods letting you camp in safe zones longer, minimizing the amount of time you spend moving throughout the mall and subjecting yourself to damage. Try not to eat before you have acquired all three books. If you have to, don't worry, you will just have to find food to make up the difference.

Put your books between your weapon and your food items. This prevents you from eating something after a weapon breaks or runs out of ammo.

Once you have the two Health books and the Survival book, all food will restore either three, six or twelve health blocks, translating to one, two and four hours of game time respectively. After you have acquired all three books, do not eat in your camp site without picking them back up.

Every time you go through a transition you will be shown the time which is a count up timer. The format will be, for example, 02:13:15 with the word Days over the 2, Hours over the 13, and Minutes over the 15. This is the time you have survived, so two days, thirteen hours and fifteen minutes. This means it is the third day at 1:15 PM as this mode starts at midnight.

Using hoddans' Dead Rising Survival Assistant with a mobile browser may cause the pause button to appear to pause time, but then advance as if it were never paused

There is a glitch that will cause the game to hang on the loading screen if you attempt to enter or exit the Food Court essentially for the duration of day 5 (04:05:00 to 04:23:59)

∞ Mode

You will start to the side of the bench in the Security Room where the save point was. Go out to the room where the vent is and get the RMB. Now head through the door to Entrance Plaza and to The Sinister Read (E201) and on the Bookshelf behind the cash register grab the Health 2 book. Go back through the Security Room, through the vent to the roof. Immediately waiting for you is Otis. Kill that jerk for running off during the main game and grab his Raw Steak. Go into the warehouse and in the path from the open area to the elevators is Susan, already dead. Go get her Cookies and then go back to Entrance Plaza via Paradise Plaza. Go up the Escalators and kill Paul from a distance, watching out for the few zombies that are around and any RC cars he sends toward you. Pick up his Orange Juice, Well Done Steak, and Squash. Now go downstairs, through Al Fresca Plaza and into the Food Court. Quickly Keep left and head into the seating area and then climb up the boxes to the rafters where Carlito can be found. He will be in the same place as he was during the main story Case 1-2 "Backup for Brad." RMB him and the get his Well Done Steak, Yogurt, and Snack then go back down to That's a Spicy Meatball (F102) to cook Otis' steak. This leaves you two inventory slots for the remaining two books. Go into Wonderland Plaza and upstairs to Sir Book-a-lot (W204) for the Health 1 book, then on to the North Plaza to the empty room next door to Crislip's where the three hostages were during 72 Hour mode. Go inside and close the door, and on the floor is the Survival book. Grab that and eat your squash, now that you have all three books.

These books make every food item worth three times as much, meaning everything originally worth 4 or more blocks will now restore full health.

Now out to Leisure Park for your first camping area. Note the time on your transition in, it should be around 1:30 AM (00:01:30) and you will stay out here for 24 hours. Start by hugging the right wall to get to the red car from Zombie Genocider. Come back out to the park with it and run down the three Hall Family Snipers. This protects you from damage extending your survival time. They each have a Golden Brown Pizza, Orange, and Cookies. Now go to the covered picnic area and jump on top. You should be able to manage without assistance if you jump right at a corner post, but you can also use the Zombie Rider skill or the red car. Once on top, set up your camping area. Drop all books and foods that won't roll, in to piles. You should have a stack of books, a stack of three Well Done Steaks, an OJ, a snack, a yogurt and cookies. Now jump back down and gather the three pizzas, oranges, and cookies and one sniper rifle from the Halls. Go back to the roof and drop the pizzas and cookies. Jump back down and go pick up the three Cookies and the Snack over by the benches in the flower garden area and return to the rooftop. Once back on the rooftop, use the Rifle to look at the Clock Tower and verify the time with hoddans' tool. You should now have roughly 45 hours of food and you have probably been outside about 2 hours, check the clock tower to verify.

Stay on the roof and as frank loses three blocks of food eat a snack and so on through all of the snacks and cookies. At this point, the time should be about 10:00 AM (00:10:00) or slightly earlier depending on how much damage you have taken, and you should only have three oranges, a yogurt and your seven max food items. After the oranges and yogurt it should be around 6:00 PM (00:18:00). While eating these foods, practice seeing how close you can get eating food before the progress bar completely depletes but don't push it too much, especially when you are using full health items with your last health block. Now let your health get down to one block and watch the thin progress bar. Drink the OJ before it depletes, seriously DO NOT push it on this. It should now be a little before 10:00 PM (00:22:00). Go ahead and eat one of the remaining items just before your health depletes again and it should be just before 2:00 AM on day two (01:02:00) and you have full health and 5 more full health items. Wait here until you unlock:


Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now head to the food court and through to Al Fresca Plaza. Isabela is in Al Fresca so kill her and take her Milk, Cookies, and Energizer. Head into McHandy's Hardware (A105) and find the Cookies behind the counter. Drop all of the food and go get the three Pies and Milk at Colombian Roastmasters (A108) and the Cookies in Riverfield Jewelers (A103). Camp here for a few hours, eating the three cookies and three pies at the appropriate times. After 7:00 AM on day 2 (01:07:00) (Check the clock in Flexin' (A104) if need be) pick up your food and head into the Food Court. You should have eight full health items. The five from before and the three you got here in Al Fresca. In addition you have the three books and the RMB to fill your inventory.

When you enter the Food Court find Rich up in the rafters where Carlito was and kill him for his Milk. This will be your next long camping area. Drop all of your food and then go gather everything in the Food Court. There is a Milk and Yogurt at Frozen Dreams, a Baguette at Meaty's Burgers, and two Corns at Central Tacos. Bring those up to the camp site and go back down to the front and get the four Wines from Chris's Fine Foods and Two Zucchinis from That's A Spicy Meatball and go camp. The time should be somewhere around 8:00 AM on day two (01:08:00).

There is no clock inside here so verify your time with your "Survival Assistant" when you enter and be as meticulous as you can on pausing and unpausing while in the Food Court.

Start eating when appropriate. You should get seven hours from the lower value food items, leaving six full health items. Start with the wines, because they can break, after that eat what you want. After drinking your fourth wine, you should be at full health and the time should be around 6:00 AM on day three (02:06:00). Before you have to eat again you should unlock


Spend at least 24 hours indoors.

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After you drink the two milks you got here you should be full health, with eight full health items and it should be around 2:00 PM on day 3 (02:14:00). Head across Leisure Park avoiding the convicts. They don't drop any food. Go into Paradise Plaza and kill Kent. Go half way up the stairs beside Kids' Choice Clothing (P113) and jump onto the blue awning and find a place to camp in view of the bird statue clock and drop your food and books. Go back down and get Kent's Coffee Creamer, Well Done Steak, and Pie and bring them back up with you. Now eat his items and at 11:00 PM on day three head back through the Food Court to Al Fresca.

Once there grab the three OJs in Hamburger Fiefdom (A101) and the Milk in Flexin'. If you managed to get inside Flexin' without breaking windows or letting zombies in, you are relatively safe here. Camp here or go back to McHandy's. After you eat what you gathered here it should be around 3:00 PM on day 4 (03:15:00). Now head directly into Entrance Plaza.

When you get to Entrance Plaza you may be low on ammo. If you are, avoid Sniper Carlito and go directly through the hallway to the Security Room and get another RMB and then return. Take out Sniper Carlito from a distance and set up camp behind the counter at Robsaka Digital. This is similar to McHandy's where zombies come, but very slowly and are not really a problem, but do require vigilance. Drop all of your food and go gather everything from this location. There is an OJ in the middle of the hall, a Grapefruit in Rafael's Shoes (E107), a Snack in Gramma's Kids (E105), and OJ in Kicks for Her (E208), an Apple and Yogurt inside In the Closet (E214), a Snack in Women's Lib (E204), and an OJ in Emerald's (E217). After bringing this to the camp site go back and get Carlito's Well Done Steak, Snack and Corn. After the lower value food items it should be the beginning of day 5. This is when the Food Court Glitch begins, thankfully you have no business there and can't even accidentally go there. You still have a Well Done Steak and three OJs to consume. After you do so the time should be about 4:00 or 5:00 PM on day 5 (04:16:00). You have enough food in your inventory to get to the end of day six, so you just need to get 24 or so hours more of food.

Now slowly make your way to Colby's Movieland. Go through the Security Room. Kill Chris for his Melon and wait an hour or so, then eat it and go through to the warehouse if it is before 7:00 PM Natalie will be here. Kill her and get her Corn. Wait until you are down three blocks, then eat it and go into Paradise Plaza and kill Lilly for another Melon. Go up to the blue awning for a couple of hours, eat the melon and then head to Colby's. Once inside, go to Theater 2 and drop your food on stage next to the Coffee Creamer and Pie. Now go to the concession stand and get that Coffee Creamer and the two Snacks; go back to Theater 5 for a Cabbage; and Theater 3 for a Coffee Creamer and Baguette. Return it all to Theater 2 and close the door. It should now be late on day five depending on how much damage you have sustained. A good estimate is about 8:00PM (04:20:00). After Eating all of the low value food items it should be early on day six, meaning you have unlocked:

5 Day Survivor

Survive for at least 5 days.

5 Day Survivor
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

After drinking the three coffee creamers, the time should be around noon on day six (05:12:00). Depending on damage taken, all the food you need and more is in Paradise Plaza. Go on in and set up camp on the blue awning again and gather everything in the mall. This includes: OJ in Kids' Choice Clothing; two OJs and a Pie in Colombian Roastmasters; and an OJ and two Baguettes in Jill's Sandwiches. You should have about 36 hours left to survive and 52 hours worth of food. All that's left to do is eat until you unlock

7 Day Survivor

Survive for at least 7 days.

7 Day Survivor
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

If you care, let yourself die to unlock the Laser Sword in the Security Room, which you earned by lasting five days. Otherwise, you have completed the game.

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