Dead Space

Dead Space

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Dead Space Achievements

Most Earned

Marksman5 (5)Dismember 20 Limbs
Dead On Arrival
Dead On Arrival21 (20)Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting
Tool Time
Tool Time11 (10)Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter
Lab Rat
Lab Rat22 (20)Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting

Least Earned

Epic Tier 3 Engineer
Epic Tier 3 Engineer396 (150)Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting
Don't get cocky, kid
Don't get cocky, kid21 (10)Survive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining
Maxed Out
Maxed Out158 (75)Upgrade all weapons and equipment
One Gun
One Gun76 (40)Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter
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