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Dead Space™ 2
Type Game
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Visceral Games
Discovered 13 Aug 2020
Last check 12 May 2021
Last on sale 04 May 2021
Release date 25 Jan 2011

Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for another blood-curdling adventure in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Space™. After waking from a coma on a massive space city known as “The Sprawl”, the lone survivor of a horrific alien infection finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare. Battling dementia, hunted by the government, and haunted by visions of his dead girlfriend, Isaac will do whatever it takes to save himself and dominate the gruesome onslaught. With an arsenal of tools to dismember Necromorphs and new determination, an engineer will bring the terror to space. The nightmare returns in 2011.

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Included in
EA Access

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Online Pass

The Dead Space™ 2 Online Pass grants you access to online multiplayer features.

Dead Space™ 2: Hazard Pack

A collection of powerful new suits and weapons built for the most demanding jobs on the Sprawl.

Dead Space™ 2: Severed

Gabe Weller tries desperately to reach his wife as his security patrol in the Titan Mines falls apart.Removal of the title update will cause the additional area(s) provided by the DLC to be unusable. If this is encountered, please connect to Xbox LIVE and re-download the latest update.

Collector's Edition

The Dead Space™ 2 CE Online Pass grants you access to online mulitplayer features and bonus content including the Zealot Force Gun and Zealot Suit.

Rivet Gun

A versatile tool for any Engineer on the Sprawl, the rapid-fire pneumatic Rivet Gun makes short work of any job.

Dead Space™ 2: Supernova Pack

Gain the upper hand with this collection of stress-tested tools and suits approved by the CEC for deep space operations.

Dead Space™ 2: Outbreak Maps

The Dead Space™ 2 Outbreak MP Map Pack grants you access to 2 all new Multiplayer maps - The Concourse & The Academy!

Dead Space™ 2 Martial Law Pack

Stack the odds in your favor with this collection of battle-hardened weapons and tools.

Online Pass

The Dead Space™ 2 Online Pass grants you access to online multiplayer features.