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3. Story Walkthrough part 1 - Cumulative/Collectables

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Set your game to easy; we are going to try and squeeze as many achievements out of our first playthrough as possible; we don't want to be worrying about anything other than completing the objective when we do our Impossible playthrough.

Firstly I want to list the cumulative achievements that can be worked on from the the start of the game:

Cumulative Achievements


Dismembering limbs will be one of your most common actions throughout the game. This is not a normal shooter where aiming for the head is advised, in fact 'never' shoot anything in the head, it does the least amount of damage for every enemy. Instead you are to aim for 'limbs', this doesn't always mean arms and legs however, during later encounters you will find many enemies with differing extremities to relieve them of. You are working towards no less than '1,000' dismemberments, don't worry however there are two important things to bear in mind that'll make this a whole lot easier:

Firstly; all of your dismemberments will carry on to your next playthrough.

Secondly; you can dismember all the limbs from any dead body you find, whether you killed it or not. Press cn_RB to stomp the limbs off bodies while they are on the ground.

Dismembering '20' limbs will unlock:

Marksman in Dead Space
Dismember 20 Limbs
  • Unlocked by 151,799 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 151,989

Dismembering '500' limbs will unlock:

Surgeon in Dead Space
Surgeon25 (20)
Dismember 500 Limbs
  • Unlocked by 99,236 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.23) 151,989

Dismembering '1,000' limbs will unlock:

Butcher in Dead Space
Butcher55 (40)
Dismember 1000 Limbs
  • Unlocked by 79,240 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 151,989


There is an achievement for hitting '50' enemies with your Stasis, due to the cheat code we have, this should be very easy (cn_Xcn_Ycn_Ycn_Xcn_Y). If you are playing without codes; there is a good place to grind this at the beginning of Chapter 5, see below.

Using Stasis on '50' enemies will unlock:

Freeze in Dead Space
Freeze21 (15)
Use Stasis on 50 enemies
  • Unlocked by 79,795 tracked gamers (53% - TA Ratio = 1.37) 151,989

Melee Kills

Also in this playthrough, you want to kill '30' enemies using melee attacks. The easiest way to do this is to sever a Necromorph's leg then carefully use cn_RB to stomp it to death. Killing '50' enemies with melee attacks will unlock:

Brawler in Dead Space
Brawler16 (10)
Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack
  • Unlocked by 56,895 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.63) 151,989

Weapon Kills

You have to get at least '30' kills with each weapon in the game: the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Ripper, Force Gun, Line Gun, Flamethrower, and Contact Beam. Don't worry about the Plasma Cutter achievement here, you should try to kill with pure melee at first, then buy the 'Pulse Rifle' as soon as you can in chapter 1. Also don't sell the weapons once you are finished with them because you need to have them all at once to get the full arsenal achievement.

Killing at least '30' enemies with the 'Pulse Rifle' will unlock:

Autofire in Dead Space
Autofire13 (10)
Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle
  • Unlocked by 87,018 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 151,989

Killing at least '30' enemies with the 'Ripper' will unlock:

A Cut Above in Dead Space
Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper
  • Unlocked by 67,905 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 151,989

Killing at least '30' enemies with the 'Force Gun' will unlock:

Pusher in Dead Space
Pusher16 (10)
Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun
  • Unlocked by 57,420 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.62) 151,989

Killing at least '30' enemies with the 'Line Gun' will unlock:

Eviscerator in Dead Space
Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun
  • Unlocked by 77,468 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 151,989

Killing at least '30' enemies with the 'Flamethrower' will unlock:

Live With The Hot Ones in Dead Space
Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower
  • Unlocked by 50,087 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.74) 151,989

Killing at least '30' enemies with the 'Contact Beam' will unlock:

Full Contact in Dead Space
Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam
  • Unlocked by 49,764 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.74) 151,989

Owning all weapons in the game at once will unlock:

Full Arsenal in Dead Space
Own every Weapon in the game
  • Unlocked by 71,227 tracked gamers (47% - TA Ratio = 1.46) 151,989

Pack Rat

Store '25' items in the safe - As soon as you have at least 25 items, go to a store. You have to select 'move' on each item and store them into the safe. Storing 25 items in a safe at at once will unlock:

Pack Rat in Dead Space
Pack Rat14 (10)
Store 25 Items in the Safe
  • Unlocked by 78,312 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.39) 151,989

Legend Teller

There are '168' Audio Logs to collect throughout the campaign. These are quite easy to find, and you only have to find '150' of them for the 'Legend Teller' achievement. If you are good at hunting down collectibles, or you just generally take a little extra time to check the corners etc you will have no problems with this. Otherwise here are some video guides (courtesy of Roosterteeth) showing the locations of all 168:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Levels 5 & 6

Levels 7 & 8

Levels 9, 10, 11 & 12

Collecting at least '75' Logs will unlock:

Story Teller in Dead Space
Collect 75 Logs
  • Unlocked by 103,274 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 151,989

Collecting at least '150' Logs will unlock:

Legend Teller in Dead Space
Collect 150 Logs
  • Unlocked by 86,109 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 151,989


There are also '14' weapon schematics and some medical schematics that can be found throughout the campaign. Again, you do not need to collect them all, in this case you only require '8' for the 'Merchant' achievement. I have mentioned the locations of all the weapons schematics throughout the chapter walkthrough.

Now let's get to the individual chapters on the next page.

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