Dead Space Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to the comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough for Dead Space. Here we’ll be guiding you on your way to obtain the full 1,000 GS without story spoilers.

Unlocking all 1,000 GS is fairly easy, especially if you opt to use cheat codes and an exploit (called duplication glitch). “Don’t get cocky, kid” might prove to be a challenge because it’s partly luck-based and the game control’s adjustability doesn’t play nice by today’s standards. By the way, using cheat codes won’t affect achievements.

All achievements except the ones tied to completing a chapter and playing through the game once are missable. You can’t backtrack to areas from previous chapters and there isn’t a chapter select option. But fret not, this walkthrough mentions where to find all important items and when to work on specific achievements.

As mentioned before, there won’t be any story spoilers. However, this walkthrough touches upon Dead Space’s technologies, enemies and weapons in General hints and tips. Same applies to upgrades, saving in-game money and ammunition. The page also lists cheat codes and a short overview of Dead Space’s controls. It’s recommended to read at least the introductory paragraphs even if you want to jump into the game straight away.

Cumulative achievements lists achievements you unlock over the course of your playthrough, e.g. weapon-related kills, technologies, collectibles.

Story walkthrough – Chapter [...] provides a detailed guide for each of the game’s chapters, also pointing out which enemies and items to expect.

“Impossible” difficulty presents a short summary of things to keep in mind for this specific run.

The next two paragraphs lay out a roadmap for your playthroughs.

First playthrough: choose “Medium” difficulty to unlock “Impossible”. It's prudent to get all but two achievements out of the way (“One Gun” and “Epic Tier 3 Engineer”). This ensures you don't have to worry about them on your "Impossible" playthrough. You'll also unlock the "Maxed Out" achievement if you don't mind using the duplication glitch. If you decide against it, keep working on it on New Game+. Always have one weapon capable of instant damage (Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle) at hand.

Second playthrough (assuming you got "Maxed Out"): play on “Impossible” difficulty. You'll concentrate entirely on using and upgrading your Plasma Cutter. See "Impossible" difficulty for more information.

Every chapter has a video walkthrough included. Its difficulty is set to "Impossible" but gameplay itself remains unaffected aside from tougher enemies. Credits go to Zevik.

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