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10. Story - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 - Into the Void

Before you leave the tram station, loot 2x containers (wall, floor) to your right. Follow your locator but don't enter RIG Room yet. There's a floor container to your right in an alcove and a Power Node next to the door leading to RIG Room. Turn around after picking up the Power Node and check the wall right of the door for three large pipes. On top of them are Credits (see picture).

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Enter RIG room and head into the compartment to your right. Grab some ammunition, a Small Med Pack and the contents of 2x lockers. Go to the other compartment to find an Upgrade Bench and 2x floor containers. Use it to upgrade whatever you deem necessary but keep one Power Node for an upcoming emergency supply room. Call the nearby elevator once you're done.

The elevator holds an interesting surprise for you - no, it's not a Necromorph (yet). Travel to Deck B and be prepared to get ambushed by four Slashers. The first two are a few seconds apart, the second pair drop into the elevator at the same time. Kill them, then leave the elevator. Straight ahead is an audio log (#35/47, "Temple And Elizabeth"). Head left and quickly grab the items inside the 2x floor containers. Turn around, take a few steps and a Slasher loudly announces itself. Soon a Pregnant accompanied by another Slasher joins. Moreover, a third Slasher will drop down from the ceiling - most of the times directly on top of you, if you remain stationary too long. Loot their bodies when they're dead, then explore the rest of the area for a locker, ignoring the ramp next to a save station. Completely dismember any human corpses, you'll be thankful later.

Enter Mineral Processing Area, follow your locator but don't rush towards a text log (#36/47, "Processing Room Problem"): a Slasher is waiting nearby. Once dealt with it's safe to go for said text log and 2x floor containers. Turn left, head past the hole in the wall to collect a Small Med Pack nearby. Enter the Zero-G area through the hole to you previously ignored. Floating high above you is a green crate.

Follow the instructions given in the live audio message. Upon destroying your first boulder, a Leaper pops out of the vent which is soon joined by a second one. A Lurker appears after destroying the second boulder, quickly followed by another one. Check the other side of the energy beam module for the last two boulders and a green crate.

Before you deactivate Zero-G, open the nearby emergency supply room and loot everything inside. Using the console triggers a fight consisting of several Necromorphs. A Pregnant and an Exploder spawn to your left while simultaneously to your right two Slasher hop into the chamber. Get rid of them quickly as the second wave consists of two Slashers and three Exploders, jumping into the fray almost immediately.

Now, the next step is to got to Mineral Processing Control. Pick up ammunition straight ahead and loot 3x floor containers. Lastly, grab the glowing item on the floor. Enter the hallway to the elevator and immediately turn right for a Power Node. Follow your locator to the elevator. On your way a Leaper drops down from the ceiling. Travel to Deck D. When the ride is over, snag 2x ammunition from the shelves on either side. Take the path to your left, not the one straight ahead. Immediately take care of the two Infectors before they start giving birth to new Necromorphs. Watch out for the bombs made of organic material.

Gather everything inside this room, in particular an audio log (#37/47, "Kyne's Hostage") and a Gold Semiconductor. Head to Equipment Maintenance Bay. Use the save station before pull the gondola towards you with Kinesis on the gondola cabin. Don't activate it yet: use Kinesis to move the body hanging from a ledge to reveal a Medium Med Pack. Check the other side as well for a Small Med Pack. Now you can start the gondola ride. Be mindful of the Pods popping up on either side of the bay. Normally only you have to take care only of two Pods before you have to focus on the other side.

Step out of the cabin and collect 2x ammuniton, Medium Med Pack as well as the contents of 2x floor containers nearby. Make your way to Repair Room. To your left is ammunition, hidden next to an explosive cannister. Grab this one as well, you might need it in a second. Once the NPC starts repairing, lots of Slashers will drop down from the ceiling, several seconds apart. Be ready to fight the fourth Slasher jumping right into your face once the third one is dead. Same applies to the fifth and sixth Slasher, soon joined by a Lurker appears on the left wall. Before you move on to Maintenance Storage Room towards your objective, loot everything the Necromorphs dropped including the items next to the NPC.

Inside Maintenance Storage Room is the S.O.S. Beacon. Grab a Level 4 Suit schematic (#XIII/XVI), a Power Node and the other items inside this room as well. Your new instructions are to attach the beacon to an asteroid and launch it into space. Backtrack to the gondola and take another ride. This time you're attacked by Pods and three Lurkers simultaneously. If you feel overwhelmed, make use of the explosive cannister lying around. Seconds before the gondola docks, two Slashers burst out of the walls.

Keep on backtracking but be mindful of one Slasher playing dead in front of the elevator. Use it to travel to Deck C and steel yourself for low visual range. Go to the center of the area to trigger a few Necromorphs, namely Lurkers and a crawling Slasher. Once the area is clear, grab the contents of 2x floor containers on either side of the elevator, tucked away in alcoves. Ignore your locator and head into a large room instead. This triggers an attack from a Slasher to your left. This area contains 3x green crates on a cart near the elevator, a Store plus an audio log (#38/47, "Supervisor's Choice") and a floor container. Buy the newly acquired Level 4 Suit from the Store and everything else you need to stock up on. In the far left area of this chamber is an Upgrade Bench. You don't come across any supply emergency rooms, so upgrade everything to your heart's content but be mindful of one Slasher which drops right on top of upon using the Upgrade Bench. Ignore the nearby cargo lift, take its power unit and carry it with Kinesis to the hazy area. Once you step inside, two Exploders spawn. It's best to back off a little into the large chamber and take them on from afar.

Pick up the power unit again and keep left until you enter a room. Inside is a wall slot for the power unit. Once power is restored, use the now functional cargo lift and follow the hallway until you come across a ramp to your right. Ignore it and refill your Stasis on the nearby station. Collect a nearby text log (#39/47, "Mining Timeline"), a Gold Semiconductor and contents of 6x wall containers. Head up either ramp and walk through a door. You enter a Zero-G area with a large asteroid. In order to release the asteroid you have to destroy the Gravity Tethers holding it in place. Use Stasis to slow their movements and shoot the fuses emitting a blue light in order to destroy the tethers.

Walk around the Gravity Tether and look upwards. Quickly grab a green crate floating high above you as two, sometimes three Enhanced Leapers are about to spawn. Once they're dead, sabotage the tether. Head to the center of the asteroid chamber and look upwards. There's another green crate floating high above you. We have to attach the S.O.S. beacon before we destroy the nearby Gravity Tether and therefore releasing the asteroid into space.

It's time to head for the asteroid. You have to time your jump onto it right as you have to avoid the moving parts of the holding mechanism. It's an instant death if you get caught in it. You're in the clear when the ship's computer announces that you're entering a vacuum. Take out two Lurkers before attaching the beacon onto the asteroid.

Take note of the nearby Gravity Tethers but don't destroy them yet unless you feel confident you have enough air left. Refill your air meter by carefully approaching the asteroid's surface exposed to the inside of the ship. I recommend the area where the rings from the holding mechanism are attached to the ship. Once your air meter is refilled, destroy the two Gravity Tethers outside, on the ship's hull. Keep a lookout for a green crate floating in midair near one of the tethers. If you need a visual reference, check out the video posted at the beginning of this page, starting at 31:40 min.

It's your cue to head back inside and destroy the last Gravity Tether once the ship computer announces that the asteroid is no longer tethered. Backtrack to the cargo lift and take out the crawling Slasher on your way. Use the cargo lift to return to the hazy area. As you can see, it has turned into a nightmare. You have to backtrack to the chamber with the Store and Upgrade Bench, taking the power unit with you. Carefully navigate through this area by waiting until the flames die down and reveal a passage. It's faster and safer to grab the power unit with Kinesis and shoot it in the general direction you're heading instead of holding it with Kinesis all the time.

Once you successfully reached the chamber, insert the power unit back into the wall slot. This renders the nearby cargo lift functional again. Time to use it and move onwards to the next objective. Keep your weapons ready as you will be greeted by two Swarmers. Make your way to Mining Control. Empty 2x floor containers and collect a Power Node. Activate the console, then ready your weapon during the live audio message as a quarantine procedure will lock the door and four slashers (two normal, two enhanced) will enter the room through vents.

Backtrack to the chamber with the Store and Upgrade Bench, then continue to the large elevator. Once there, travel to Deck A and ready your weapon for an Enhanced Slasher dropping in on you. When the ride is over, several living parts of a Necromorph welcome you. Don't underestimate them and take them out quickly.

Follow your locator to reach the tram station. Step inside the tram car, then activate it. This concludes chapter 7 and unlocks an achievement:


Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting

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