Dead Space Walkthrough

12. Story - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Dead on Arrival

Grab the contents from a floor container and nearby green crate before continuing. Use the Upgrade Bench to your liking as this chapter doesn't have any emergency supply rooms. The next area has a Store and a floor container as well as a green crate. Go through the round door, then empty a wall container and enter Zero-G Ore Storage. Grab a green crate floating in midair, below the green orb closest to the chamber's ceiling. Head down to the Oxygen Recharge Station to collect the contents of another green crate nearby.

Before you force the storage door open, gather all six radioactive orbs in one spot near the storage door. This way you don't have to waste precious time looking for remaining orbs while you're in a vacuum and pummeled by Necromorphs. Destroy all six fuses surrounding the door with a melee attack to open the door. Once it's open, grab the radioactive orbs and jettison them into space. Keep an eye out for a Leaper and a Lurker bursting out of vents. Two Enhanced Leapers appear a few seconds later, watch out for them as well. The same applies to two Lurkers.

After the last radioactive orb is blown into space, the ship's computer announces the successful removal of the radiation hazard and opens the airlock. Jump towards the faintly illuminated circular part on the ship and head inside. As you open the the second door, the game introduces to a new kind of Necromorph: a Twitcher. Go for a floor container to your right.

Head into the next area towards Cargo Room and ignore the Twitcher for now. Grab the contents from the nearby 2x floor containers, then stand right in front of the large object resembling an escape pod with a dead body inside. Hug it and snag ammunition. Back off a little while keeping a close eye on the escape pod's right for more ammunition. To reach it, use Kinesis grab. Turn around and find your way blocked by huge containers.

Use Kinesis to move the large container to your right, thus creating a path to the other side of the room. Before you head left, move another large container in front of you to gain access to ammunition.

Make your way through the container maze for your first combat encounter with a Twitcher, closely followed by two others a few seconds later. Still in the container maze, turn left and move another container with Kinesis to reveal a way to a green crate and ammunition. Leave the container maze behind with your weapon ready, then approach the two lone crates - a Twitcher breaks through the wall behind them. Move the two objects blocking your way, step through the door and bump into another set of objects blocking your way. Loot the nearby 2x floor containers on either side of the ramp. Snag the contents from a green crate too. Walk across the ramp, stomp another green crate, then grab the contents of a floor container to your right. Follow your locator into the next area.

Empty a floor container on your right. Thoroughly stomp all three corpses in this area as two Infectors will spawn once you try activating the elevator. This also destroys the currently inserted power unit. When the Infectors are dead, replace the broken power unit with a different one nearby to render the elevator functional again. Ride it, then step out and ignore the ongoing death struggle ahead. Go right, then right again into the room with 2x containers (wall and floor). Position yourself right of the naked flame to grab ammunition with Kinesis. Follow your locator into the next room and you're greeted by a Divider and two Exploders. Kill them, then follow your locator to the end of the room, thus spawning two more Exploders.

In this area is a shooting range where you can get an achievement, if you beat all five levels with a perfect score. Activate the console, shoot all red silhouettes and avoid hitting any blue ones to unlock:


Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery

1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.

For every 1st time completion of a difficulty level you get a prize. Level 4 awards a Ruby Semiconductor, level 5 a Power Node. For visual reference, see video below (courtesy of Pestilence):

Next to the shooting range console is also an audio log (#41/150, "Emergency"). Grab the item from a locker before you head back into the larger area with the broken Gravity Panels. Left of the Upgrade Bench is a Power Node and in the center of the room is a green crate. Move towards Infirmary and witness a very gruesome scenery, giving you a glimpse of what to expect if you're not careful inside the next area. Refill your Stasis at the nearby station if you need to. Enter Infirmary to see an overzealous Twitcher slashed into pieces by malfunctioning lasers. To your right is a floor container. Grab ammunition and a Large Med Pack schematic (#XV/XVI) with Kinesis before moving onwards. Ready your weapons, then use Stasis on the lasers when they face towards the right wall. Run left past the lasers towards a wall vent. This triggers a Twitcher, popping out of said vent. Immediately stasis it, then get as close as possible to kill the Necromorph. Getting close is very important as the lasers behind you still move even when stasis'd. When the Twitcher is dead, loot 3x floor containers in this room, using Stasis on the lasers if needed be.

Step into the next area and immediately run right as a Twitcher and three Exploders are about to spawn. Once they're all dead, gather a Power Node and 2x ammunition. Use Kinesis to grab a green crate stuck between debris and fire.

Explore the rest of this area. Before you go through to Barracks, collect items from a floor container and ammunition stuck under a trolley next to it. Make a save, then go ahead and prepare yourself for messy fight with an assortment of the most common Necromorphs you've encountered so far. Prioritise Twitchers if they close in on you, then Exploders once they appear. Use the pillars for cover if you need to dodge projectiles from Lurkers.

Check every sleep pod for loot and pillars for wall containers. This room has a Store in case you need to sell/store items. You can sell/stowe away most of the ammunition but keep enough to take down a Brute. In front of the Store is also a text log (#42/150, "Orders").

Somewhere around here you should have accumulated enough Credits or items to sell to buy all remaining weapons. To unlock the specific achievement, all weapons have to be in your inventory/safe at the same time. This unlocks:

Full Arsenal

Own every Weapon in the game

Full Arsenal
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Leave Barracks and follow your locator to Engine Room. En route, pick up ammunition and loot a floor container. Grab the contents from 5x floor containers and a green crate, then backtrack a little to make a save before leaving for Lower Engine Room. Snatch the items from 2x wall containers mounted on either side of you before using the elevator to travel up one level.

Carefully position yourself behind the large metal cylinder on your left, it's your only cover against the scorching fire erupting from the engines. Get caught in them and a good chunk of your health is gone. Worst case: you're instantly dead. This depends on your playthrough difficulty. Move the object forward with Kinesis and stick close to it until you see a fuse on your right. Wait until the fire dies down to break it. Hide again behind the cylinder and move onward, rinse and repeat for the next two fuses. Refrain from running back once all fuses on the left side are broken. You won't make it without using the cylinder as your mobile cover. Go past the elevator and repeat the previous process for all three fuses on the right side. After all six fuses are broken, you gain access to a key item and fulfill your objective.

Head through the opening between the two engines and go down the ramp while looting 6x floor containers. Head through the door for a wall container on your left before moving on. Ready your weapon and steel yourself. Kill the Brute after the horrifying cutscene and leave Lower Engine Room. Go right and continue along the hallway while emptying 2x floor containers to either side of a burning trolley. Insert the power unit to repair the elevator and gather the contents of a nearby wall container. Use the elevator to leave for Lower Deck.

Go right through two round doors to leave the military ship. Jump across and head through another round door to re-enter the main ship. As you progress towards your objective, a Twitcher runs into you.

Continue and enter the tram to conclude this chapter and nets you:


Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting

2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.

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