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13. Story - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - End of Days

Step out of the tram, grab ammunition hidden in the glass compartment and stomp a green crate tucked away in the corner near the lounge entrance. From here, loot 2x wall containers, the content from a green crate and snag 2x ammunition. Take note of the nearby Store and use the cargo lift to leave. You can use the Upgrade Bench but keep one Power Node for later. Collect a nearby text log (#43/47, "Unitology Article") and the contents from a wall container before moving on to Residential Hall.

Upon entering a cutscene starts. Snag ammunition on your way to Mess Hall and enter. Stomp a nearby green crate, then check the bar for an opening to pick up ammunition. Continue and destroy a green crate before looting a wall container. Use the cargo lift to your left to travel down one level. Ready yourself for two Dividers. Gather everything in this area (3x green crates, Power Node, Credits) before you pick up the Crew Key from a floor container. Go back up via cargo lift to leave Mess Hall and ready your weapon for a Guardian before entering Residential Lobby. Shortly after, an Enhanced Slasher spawns. Empty the wall container to your left, then take the first door your left for a wall container. Leave and step through the second door on the left to enter the elevator to Sleep Block A. Go for a wall container before you enter Sleep Block A Commons.

You find Small Med Pack, ammunition and a green crate in this area. Head into the restroom and pick up ammunition from a stall and the contents of a nearby wall container before you go back into the lobby. Make a save, ready any rapid-firing weapon and enter Sleep Block A Bunks. Take out the large tentacle and go all the way back to where it grabbed you while looting 2x floor containers and ammunition next to a toppled-over bunkbed. Enter Storage Room and use Kinesis on the switch. Snag ammunition hidden behind a metal crate before leaving and ready yourself for an Enhanced Slasher. Follow your locator to Sleep Block A Commons and you'll encounter a Pregnant and a Slasher. Near the Oxygen Recharge Station is an Enhanced Slasher playing dead, take it out before continue scavenging for items.

From where you entered is a wall container to the right. Check the restroom for a Small Med Pack, ammunition and a wall container. Leave and open the door to your right for another wall container. Once you're done, head towards Sleep Block B Bunks. This triggers an Enhanced Lurker, popping out of the nearby ceiling vent. Pick up the loot from a nearby floor container and check the dead end near the door for a green crate before moving on to trigger another Enhanced Lurker, closely followed by a crawling Pregnant. As soon as you approach the corpses, a Twitcher drops from the ceiling. Sometimes the Enhanced Lurker gets stuck in the wall. Ignore it if that's the case.

Quickly loot a floor container left of the nearby Storage Room, then enter for a Power Node, ammunition and a green crate. Replenish your oxygen at the station in the lobby before moving on to grab a key item, tucked away between a few bunk beds as well as ammunition. Keep in mind that a Twitcher drops down from the ceiling vent if you choose to explore this area again, soon accompanied by an Enhanced Lurker.

Backtrack to Main Commons and you'll be greeted by an Exploder once the door opens. Don't bother shooting it as you'll encounter it in Residential Hall again with an Exploder friend. Move on and you bump into a pile of Divider parts before entering Commons. Ignore the door to your left leading to Executive Security Hall and take the cargo lift to head towards Sleep Block C. Quickly grab the contents of a wall container to your left as an Enhanced Slasher is waiting in the dark nearby, guarding another wall container. Ignore the elevator ahead and go to Zero-G Basketball Court instead. Nab the items from a locker and a wall container but most importantly a Level 5 Suit schematic (#XVI/XVI). Go through the nearby door and you find a text log (#44/47, "Z-Ball Rules") next to a wall container. Make a point to read it as it explains how to work on the next achievement.

Enter the basketball court for a key item which in turn spawns three Enhanced Lurkers. Go into the previous room for more cover and breathing room if you need to. Once they're dealt with you can safely play a few rounds of Zero-G basketball. It says in the rules to shoot the ball into the active (illuminated) basket. The higher the level, the more difficult it becomes to score as mobile lids cover baskets for a second. Therefore it's key to time your shots right. It's safe to ignore multipliers and stay on one platform. For visual reference, see video below (courtesy of Pestilence):

Completing all difficulty levels in Zero-G Basketball rewards you with prizes of varying value (highest being a Power Node) and unlocks:


Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball

6 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.

Your prizes are stowed in lockers between shower room and basketball court. Don't forget to grab them and be prepared to get ambushed by an Enhanced Slasher. Backtrack to Recreation Hall and take the elevator to Sleep Block C. Carefully enter the Sleep Block C Commons as three Pods are lying in wait for you. Kill them, then loot 2x wall containers, enter the restrooms for ammunition and a wall container before moving on to Sleep Block C Bunks. Use a Power Node to unlock the Emergency Supply Room. Collect everything inside here before you continue your journey. Go for a floor container outside as well. Skip to the next paragraph in case your inventory isn't full/you want to backtrack: be ready to take out an Infector quickly while being pummeled by an Enhanced Slasher. The vicinity of the Store is full of corpses and adding a live Infector to this equals a ton of problems.

Move the bunkbeds to create a path and find a nearby Ruby Semiconductor. Mark your way back with the lanterns lying around since you need to navigate your way out of this bunkbed maze later while being chased b a Hunter. Continue and stomp 2x green crates on your way to the last Nav Card. Loot everything here before actually picking up the Nav Card as this triggers the aforementioned Hunter and also concludes your objective. Use Stasis on the Hunter to buy yourself some time and make your way back to the commons room, moving the bunkbeds around to both create a path for you and block the Hunter's way at the same time. Don't fool yourself into thinking these measures keep the Hunter away from you. There are still enough vents in this room it can burst out from. Enter the commons room to be greeted by a Lurker and a Slasher, both of the Enhanced variation. Soon you're joined by the Hunter and another Enhanced Slasher. Two more drop by a few seconds after. Leave Sleep Block C Commons as soon as the lock is bypassed. While waiting for the elevator you might get ambushed by the Hunter and another Enhanced Slasher if you're unlucky.

Meanwhile, you receive a live message hinting that Executive Security Hall in Sleep Block B can be accessed now. Follow your locator to backtrack to Sleep Block B Commons. If you didn't backtrack earlier to empty your inventory, then you'll encounter an Infector as you approach the Store. Continue following your locator and enter Executive Security Hall to initiate a cutscene. Go for a green crate before using the elevator afterwards. Ready your weapon as no less than four Pregnants are your welcoming committee in Executive Sleep Block.

Loot a wall container next to the hallway you came through, then head into the first room on the right for a floor container and a green crate. Check the next room on this side for another floor container but ignore the green crate as this contains a few Swarmers. Step outside and check the room on your half-left for an audio log (#45/47, "Captain's Report"), a wall container and a Ruby Conductor stuck between the bed and armchair. Leave to explore the last room which is on your left for a wall container and a text log (#46/47, "White's List").

Follow your locator to Executive Shuttle Bay and snag the contents of a wall container. Make a save at the nearby station before entering the chamber. Go left, loot a wall container, then return to the entrance and take the right-most path to come across 2x green crates and a Large Med Pack. Look for a double wall vent with ammunition in front. Head towards Control Room and position yourself in front of a trolley. You spot Credits in the distance, so grab them with Kinesis. Turn around, enter the shuttle and insert the Navigation Cards you've collected. Step out of the shuttle and go inside Control Room. Snag 3x ammunition before activating the console.

In doing so you spawn the Hunter which promptly attacks you in the room. Use Stasis on the Hunter and run outside, taking the left path to where you found ammunition in front of double vents. Lure the Hunter to the shuttle engines. Most likely a Twitcher pops out of the nearby wall vent while you're waiting for the Hunter to follow you. Another Twitcher pops out of the wall vent next to Control Room. Deal with them before luring the Hunter back to the engines. Stasis the Hunter, then quickly run back to Control Room to activate the console farthest away from you to initiate another engine test sequence. You might see another Twitcher bursting out of the floor but once the Hunter is burned to a crisp, it won't bother you anymore.

Use another console after the cutscene. Pick up the Power Node the Hunter dropped upon death before leaving Executive Shuttle Bay. Follow your locator but take a quick detour to a glass compartment on your right (where you met a NPC) to snag a Large Med Pack before you continue. Right as you step outside Executive Security Hall, you see an Infector about to give birth to another Necromorph. Quickly interrupt this process with the weapon of your choice and take the cargo lift afterwards. Continue backtracking to the tram station. Upon activating the tram, you complete the chapter and unlock:

Keeper of the Faith

Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting

Keeper of the Faith
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.

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