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14. Story - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Alternative Solution

Leave the train, then loot a green crate from the glass compartment before moving on. Take note of the nearby Upgrade Bench and Store. As there won't be any emergency supply rooms in this chapters, feel free to use up all Power Nodes in your inventory.

Enter the hallway and you bump into an Exploder. Don't bother shooting as it disappears into the vent. Check out the restroom to your right for a green crate. Continue towards Cargo Room while grabbing a green crate in the alcove on your left. Enter Cargo Room, head to the cargo lift, face the wall vent and look up at the large pipe to pick up a Medium Med Pack.

As you use the cargo lift, you might spot in the distance a Pregnant closing in on your position. Be prepared to face two Lurkers bursting out of the Pregnant if you fail to dispatch of it quickly. Soon an Exploder joins in. Grab the contents of 2x lockers nearby if you have enough breathing room. Move counterclockwise on the walkway until you see a sign displaying "Be careful with Stasis". To your right are 2x lockers, to your left is a Power Node.

Move to the next corner while ignoring the middle walkway for 4x lockers and a green crate. Continue making your way counterclockwise until you reach a console. Next to it are 2x lockers and 2x green crates. Activate the cargo console and ready your weapon. Once the cargo appears, take a few steps onto the middle walkway leading to the opposite side of the room. Don't go any further when a large tentacle appears. Expect two Slashers and a Pregnant soon. You can save ammunition by luring the Necromorphs into the tentancle's smash attack, using Stasis if needed to slow them down. One single smash attack is enough to crush several Necromorphs into a bloody pulp, even on "Impossible". It's safe to destroy the tentacle in order to move the cargo once they're all dead.

Make your way across the walkway you're standing on with the cargo in tow. Upon reaching the center of Cargo Room, another wave of enemies spawn: two Enhanced Slashers behind you, two Slashers and a Pregnant ahead of you. Release the cargo and use Stasis on the Enhanced Slashers, then run past them to where you activated the console. This way you make sure to have all enemies in your sight. When everything is dead, continue where you left the cargo. There are two ways how to deal with the second tentacle: a) run past it and grab the cargo with Kinesis while dodging the smash attack or b) simply kill it. Either way, pull the cargo with you until it can't go further. Upon reaching it, the cargo will be transported to Hangar Bay. Soon after, two Slashers ambush you, one jumping down from the ceiling, the second one closing in from behind. Three more necromorphs join the party: a Lurker, an Enhanced Slasher and a Pregnant.

Run towards the cargo lift you used to travel down one level while avoiding the smash attack from the tentacle. Careful, sometimes a Slasher ambushes you at the cargo lift. Follow your locator and use the now accessible elevator. Step outside, ignore the door leading to Flight Lounge ahead of you and take a quick detour to the room on your left for a green crate. Once you're done, enter Flight Lounge. Enter Security Panel Access to the left for a green crate, then make a save before you go to Flight Hangar. Approaching the door leading to Flight Hangar triggers a quarantine lockdown and three Slashers spawn. Stay near the door and quickly pick up a Medium Med Pack and ammunition. Moreover, three Slashers (one of it an Enhanced one) appear. Ready yourself for another Enhanced Slasher, jumping down from the ceiling on top of you. After killing this one, quarantine will be lifted. Make sure to collect everything in this area before moving on. Entering Flight Hangar prompts a cutscene and completes the objective.

Around here, this unlocks:

Legend Teller

Collect 150 Logs

Legend Teller
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Before working on your next objective, move as close to the shuttle as possible. Look into the ditch between the shuttle and you, you'll see a trophy called "Peng Treasure" but DON'T PICK IT UP YET. For visual reference, see video below (courtesy of Pestilence):

If you want to attempt the lengthy duplication glitch in this playthrough, I'll recommend making a save beforehand - in case you mess something up or the glitch prevents a door to open later on, therefore making it impossible to finish the game. Further explanations are put in spoilers. Skip these to continue with the walkthrough.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Putting the Peng Treasure in your inventory unlocks:

There's Always Peng!

Find the Peng Treasure

There's Always Peng!
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Follow your locator while looting a green crate on your way to Control Room. Run past the console around the corner for 2x lockers. Activating the console turns the whole Flight Hangar into a Zero-G area. Jump down on your right for 3x wall containers. Turn around to grab a green crate in the distance.

Upon reaching the cargo, five Lurkers spawn. Feel free to use the nearby explosive cannisters to get rid of them. Once they're done, head to the left of the cargo for 3x wall containers. Then turn around for 2x green crates, next to two "Gravity Pads". Pull the cargo with Kinesis along the rail until it stops at a revolvable platform. Activate the nearby console and move the cargo onto the holding track. Activate the console again, thus enabling you to continue transporting the cargo towards the shuttle. As you reach the second revolvable platform, two Enhanced Leapers appear. Try to group them together and use Stasis. Move around the left-most "Gravity Pads" for another explosive barrel and drop it on the Leapers. Use a timed explosive for good measure if you have a suitable weapon equipped.

Activate the console to turn the revolvable platform and place the cargo on the holding track. Activate the console again, thus providing a path to finally transfer the cargo into the shuttle. Be on the lookout for two Lurkers . Once the cargo is in the right spot, your objective switches to a different task. Before you complete that, explore the other side of Flight Hangar for a Large Med Pack, a green crate and 3x wall containers. This part of the hangar will be rendered inaccessible if you activate gravity prematurely. When you're done, follow your locator back to a console and activate it. This triggers a cutscene and you're prompted to return to the shuttle. Follow through and approach the shuttle to trigger another cutscene.

Backtrack to the gravity control console and make your way to Control Room A while snagging ammunition on your way. Be ready for a Guardian and two Pods once you open the door. Loot the contents from 2x lockers before moving on towards Control Room B. Entering the room triggers a cutscene. Grab the Diamond Semiconductor, Power Node and contents from 2x wall containers before activating the nearby console. When the shuttle enters Flight Hangar, then your current task is done. DON'T SAVE until the door unlocks. If you make a save while the door is still in standby mode, it may stay this way forever, effectively leaving you stuck in this room.

Follow your locator to make your way to the shuttle. Your welcoming committee are three Enhanced Leapers. Once you've dealt with them appropriately, enter the shuttle's cockpit. Another cutscene ensues. This also concludes the chapter, netting you:


Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting

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